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It almost felt nostalgic, kissing. It was something that he had done often with Eva, but the feel was different compared to her. Raine's lips were softer, more inviting than Eva's. Ridley decided to push thoughts of Eva out of his mind and looked at his girlfriend. Her eyes were closed, which was something that he used to do as well, but he had grown prone to keeping his eyes open while kissing.

Their lips separated, and the two were left to stare at each other. He said nothing, and elected instead to hold her close. It was as if that kiss was all that he needed to feel sure about them.
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Raine rested her head against Ridley's chest, wrapping her arms around him. Everything in her life had been crap and she knew it. She remembered Ridley's words that he wasn't the greatest guy. What Ridley may have not guessed or understood about her was that he was the greatest thing to happen to her life so far.

It was warm, being in Ridley's arms. Though the cool breeze gave her goosebumps, she knew that Ridley would keep her warm. Her lips still tingled from her very first kiss. Would she even be able to sleep tonight?

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