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Bridget just looked at Sarah with an expression of dissapointment and frustration, like a parent with a troublesome child or a teacher who'd just found out their star pupil had been the one graffitiing all the desks. She didn't need to tell her off, as soon as their eyes met Sarah's gaze fell to the ground, telling her all she needed to know.

She felt like she was about to start tearing up, barely shooting Trent a glance as she began to walk away. She knew Sarah would follow close behind, but the brief headstart she had would be a welcome one. She needed to calm down, it wasn't Sarah's fault after all. She should have left her out of this, gone off on her own and done it by herself. After all, like they said, 'if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself'.

The red haired girl couldn't stop herself from clenching her fists though. She'd hoped Sarah would be able to do whatever it took to survive.

Maybe she was giving her too much credit.

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Wait a minute.

What was happening?

One minute the girl appeared, and the next she was gone, without so much as a whisper of an explanation; just a look of resentment. Disappointment. Trent was used to that kind of look. Those eyes that said: "You've fucked up, kid. Big time."

Turning to Sarah, he saw that familiar reaction - one of gut-wrenching regret.

He'd seen it in the mirror so many times.

His teachers accusing him of cheating on his homework. His step-dad shouting at him for not getting the washing done. His mother staring quietly into her glass as she poured herself another sherry.

Those were the times when he honestly hated looking at himself. Hated that face of his. Hated everything he'd done with his life so far, and everything he hadn't.

His friends were the ones going up in the world, getting the grades they needed and following their dreams.

What dreams did he have now?

What dreams did he have back home?

Nothing came to mind, and it depressed him. So much so that he didn't want to ask why that girl had walked away so quickly, and instead closed his eyes, wanting to hide from the gaze of the girl sat behind him.

"...Thanks for the help." He muttered under his breath.

"Now leave me the hell alone."
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As Bridget began to walk away Sarah could already feel tears pushing at her eyelids. A part of her mind hesitated to follow, to maybe take a different, longer route home and avoid responsibility for a while as much as to give Bridget solace.

She looked so disappointed, and Sarah could feel the strangling guilt rising in her chest. It always seized her when she knew she'd hurt somebody, she was familiar with it by now, but she never felt any better for it.

Standing, she soaked the first tears up with her sleeve, taking a single step towards her bag before she heard Trent's voice and she turned her head to listen.

Thanks for the help. Now leave me the hell alone.

She looked at him for a few more moments as his words bored into her and tears began to streak down her face. His words made her feel worthless, no matter how much she tried to help she just seemed to cause people more pain. She kept going, throwing the bag over her shoulder as she cried freely. She took one more glance at Trent as she walked away, hoping stupidly that his eyes would tell him he hadn't meant what he'd said.

She stumbled as she left the area, falling to her hands and knees as her bag dragged down on her. She pushed herself back up and kept walking, keeping Bridget in sight but maintaining her distance as she tried to dry her tears and sniffle as she willed her nose to stop running.

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Eventually, their footsteps faded into the forest, leaving Trent all alone once again.

As he sat there, down in the dirt, with the stench of the bodies nearby beginning to strengthen, his mind quickly turned to his next course of action. Packing up his things with little fuss or haste, he was soon ready to venture back out into the wild, and see what the next few days would have in store for him.

With a little luck, he might just find the person he'd been searching for.

((Trent Savage continued in The Lost Boys))
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