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((Continued From Ready Yourself! ))

Debrah slowly stalked out from the trees and towards the sound of water lapping against sand, she had taken off running from the industrial complex. She had ran for a long while, mainly keeping a look out for her sister. As much as she was terrified she had to be calm until she found Deliah.

Then you can break down and start crying, I promise.

The voice resounded in her head again, pushing her forward. It kept her sane as she continued to move forward to where her twin was. But as she ran more thoughts pervaded her mind. She would have to kill, or at least defend herself. And in the end, what would happen if her and Deliah were the only ones left?

You’ll have to worry about that later! Keep moving.

Debrah nodded to herself as she broke the barrier and came onto the beach. The ocean air making her hair flow behind her, it reminded her of when she and Deliah would go to the beach and spend all day just talking and swimming. That was too long ago and had become almost a whisper of what it should have been. Deliah had grown so far apart from Debrah, and it drove her crazy.

“It’s all my fault...” Debrah whispered as she watched the water slowly come forward and then roll out to sea.

Movement caught her eye and she quickly turned to look towards a group of people, she pulled her gun out and held it pointed to the ground. She had to remain calm, she had to maintain the appearance of someone who had the situation under control. This was progressively become harder by the minute as she struggled to maintain her grip on sanity without her sister around.

A large foreign person (by the looks of it) stood talking with others, out of the corner of her eye she could make out the for of two vanishing shapes into the forest. She struggled to remember if she had seen any of these people around before. For now, she could use a group to stick with and then when she found Deliah they could run off together and hide, be as safe as possible. With that thought Debrah slowly moved closer to the group, she could feel herself shaking and sweat began to wet the strip of cloth she was using to keep her hair out of her eyes.

“I-I’m not playing...Are you?” Debrah said as she got all the more closer to the group, trying at the same time to maintain some sort of barrier between herself and these people.

Only Deliah can touch you, only she understands.

Debrah meagerly smiled and slightly waved with her free hand. In truth Debrah didn’t know if she was playing or not, only that she would defend herself if she had to. If any dared tried to hurt her or Deliah. They would pay with their lives and their families would have to watch them die on national prime time television. A spectacle for the entire world to see, the good ‘ol wholesome american blonde who was considered such a good girl blasting some poor sap’s brain all over the place.

NO! Debrah, stop!

Debrah cringed and stopped thinking about such things before turning her attention back to the group.

“Have you seen my twin sister? She looks exactly like me, her name is Deliah” Debrah said, the frailty in her voice could be clearly heard as she played with the onyx bracelet circling her wrist.

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((Minor little problem here, guys. Whitney and Matthias left and went to the botanical gardens.))

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Andi laid where he was for a few moments, still crying, not moving an inch.
He wished he was at home, in his warm bed, his dad listening to crappy spanish programming downstairs loud enough that he could hear with his door closed, with the fan, and his iTunes running, because he could never go to sleep without some sort of constant noise.

Moreover, he wishes that he could just sit with his dad in the living room, and crack jokes to each other, making asses of themselves, and having fun.

"Sorry about that, you can't see him just yet," said Siouxsie as she just came walking by.
"You're just in my head..."

I feel like I'm going insane...

Siouxsie smiled and knelt down towards Andi.
"What's that got to say about your state of mind, I wonder? Either way, the fact of the matter is that you know why I'm here... to remind you of what it is you will be leaving behind if you die here..."

Andi finally started picking himself up off the floor.
"Now, get up and get to the hospital, you can rest there, instead of looking like some myspace emo faggot right here."

Andi cracked a smile.
"I thought I was insane enough being friends with you, now I'm imagining you're here."
"Yup. Your entire world is now one big looney bin," she said with a smile, "Now get walking, you have me and your dad worried sick."

And so with that last little bit of psychotic motivation, he made his way to the hospital that was marked on the map.

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Debrah sighed and turned away, they had all left besides the boy with the Shotgun. She wasn't feeling very lucky so she wasn't going to make a mad grab for it.

"I guess, you don't want to help anyone" Debrah scowled, hate lined her words. Venom in her eyes as she turned and looked at him.

"If she dies...Then I'll kill you" Debrah softly spoke as she walked away.

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((Continued Elsewhere))

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Siouxsie wasn't entirely happy with the fact that she was in the presence of the women who had abandoned Andi so many years ago. Andi always said to people that his mother was dead, because that's how it always seemed. And then she just comes strolling into the house of the man that she left behind, out of the blue.

Kathie held out her hand, hoping for a handshake, after having been introduced to Siouxsie.
"You must be a friend of Andi's, right?"

Siouxsie didn't take the look of disgust on her face, when she went up to Kathie and gave her a great slap across the face.
Siouxsie's mother was in the kitchen, watching everything, but even with that, a welcome yet awkward silence filled the room, as if to say that everyone saw that coming.

"Can't say I don't deserve that..."
"Name's Siouxsie, I'm Andi's best friend."

The two exchanged a few looks.
Siouxsie was obviously filled with anger and disgust, while Kathie respected the girl, and her will to protect her friend.

Kathie then walked over towards Daniel.
"So... I take it you've seen the news?"
She knew where Andi was, just as well as he did.
"Yeah... he's in that god-forsaken program, or whatever..."

Kathie sat down next to him.
"I saw it on T.V. recently... I've been keeping track of you and Andi for some years now, and... I saw that..."

Kathie obviously wanted to cry, but kept holding it back.
"I never spent time with him... except for those three great years."

Daniel had no sympathy for her in the least bit.
"Until you decided to leave us."
"I had my reasons... but now I bring myself to the matter in mind."
She took out of her purse a picture of a young blonde.

"Who's this?"
"She's the reason I left, my daughter, Kristey..."

Daniel looked at her with shock. After Andi was born, the couple had never made love, and yet he just realized that she left because she was pregnant, putting two and two together that she was having an affair.

"She's... also in the program..."
Daniel and Siouxsie's contempt suddenly turned into a small hint of sympathy. Sure, they had lost Andi, but she's losing TWO people to this program.

"But... that's not the worst part... after I heard what happened, I went through her things... kind of thinking that, most likely, she won't make it... and, found out that... basically, she's trying to kill Andi."

She told the two of Kristey's personal writings of revenge, hatred, and cold-heartedness towards the boy, she believes, had the life that she wanted.

It all came as a shock to the two of them, this whole situation got a whole lot worse.

***Back to Andi***
Andi was slowly recovering from his fatigue. A little self-motivation can go a long way. He checked his map to see where the hospital was.
"The central part of the island..."
He figured that if any place was helpful, it would be a hospital. Food, maybe some clothing, and sharp objects would most likely be available for the taking, and that's what could help him survive.

He started walking faster, realizing that he could make it to the hospital in ten minutes if he hurried.

((Continued in What Do You...?))

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La Skellette!

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Jonathan found himself smiling a bit, everyone had left him, he was alone. The sun setting, the entire aura of amazing ness that overwhelmed him, he had spent quite awhile on the Shore (although it seemed like nothing), how metaphorical though that he'd finally be granted the peace of solitude at the darkest hour? How odd is it that Jonathan Michaels succeeds in the darkness when others simply run away in fear because of it.

June 18th, 2005

A sixteen year old Jonathan Michaels found himself wandering the Miami Beaches during the summer, the tourists had started to flow out in the way that can only be bestly described as they way shit flies out of an old woman who OD'ed on laxatives. It was a non stop barrage and Jonathan Michaels paired next to his three brothers and Blonde Bimbo #5 (i.e. the girl who he happened to fuck right before he left the hotel) was quite uncomfortable, crowds scared him.

Being a part of something, yet being miniscule scared him. He didn’t like that feeling of loneliness and as he was about to ask his oldest brother for a joint he was greeted with the bickering that was unfolding.

“Dude, I wanna go to the fucking bar, we got the babes! We can like go straight up in there and four way that place up!” said Steve his eldest brother and then it was Jim whom he found interrupting Steve.

“Man Steve, you don’t wanna go in there to fuck you wanna go in there to get fucked up!”

“Will both of you just shut the fuck up already...”, said Adam, yes Adam the voice of wisdom in the fucking retarded group of friends that claimed to be his brother, Jonathan waited for Adam to say how messed up an idea going into a bar was, you know being that Jon was under aged and all (and it was Jon’s money)...instead Jonathan was greeted with this.

“I know this bitch down on eighth street, real quiet and had a fucking shit load of coke and I’m not talking fucking frosted flake coke, I’m talking about fucking straight from Colombia coke and she’s quiet, so a bit of sweet talk and she’s mine for the taking.”

“Really?” asked Steve.

“Man homie you know how they be, small, quiet, and free.” Adam said with a smile, before taking Jonathan’s wallet and running off with the blonde. Jonathan was left there empty handed and simply sighed, sun was setting on the beach and he was alone.

My shadow side so amplified
Keeps coming back dissatisfied
Elementary son but it's so…

My love affair with everywhere
Was innocent why do you care
Someone start the car
Time to go…you’re the best I know

Jonathan sighed visibly on the western shore, all the goodness and regret that had enveloped him only a few hours before seemed to have gone away, only replaced with a dull feeling of numbness that now enveloped him, he felt as if he had shot himself in the foot right now, he wouldn’t feel the pain. It would just leave him a bloody curled mass, he pointed the SAIGA-12 at the floor only to have a lack of self confidence take a hold of him, but as his head turned and he quickly looked outside a thought enveloped him.

And that thought was simple: The moonlit water looked magnificent today, it was a good day for a walk.

July 4th, 2005

Jonathan found himself tumbling all in the waters of the Atlantic, a girl slipping her hand into his pants as the water flowed in and out, there was hot making out as Jonathan grasped her closer, as he managed to stare to catch glimpses of her as she took her clothes off and they continued to make out naked in the ocean. As they got into the rhythm of love making a primal feeling overcame Jonathan and he was in awe about how weird and magical it was to be having sex in the ocean.

The salt water slipping into his urethra was ignored for one moment as he and the woman both climaxed, the fireworks went off and Jonathan just looked out in the sky and for one moment there was just the blinding fireworks, himself, and this beautiful girl. For one moment and despite how cheesy it sounded, Jonathan Michaels felt infinite.

My what a good day for a walk outside
I'd like to get to know you a little better baby
God knows that I'll really tried

My what a good day for a take out bride
I'd like to say we did it for the better of

Jonathan continued walking up and down the beach, the gun being dragged in the sand, the wet sand, forming some sort of maze. He looked out into the ocean, it reminded him of himself, conflicted, tranquil, beautiful, yet indecisive and sometimes monstrous.

“I suppose that’s everyone in the world though...ah fuck it, it made me feel a little bit better about my self...”

Yet at this moment, the one thing that was on his mind was a different memory, a memory of how he used to try and make sand castles with the wet sand only to find them crumble miserably, he would cry to his brothers, cry to his mothers, but they would just tell him that they couldn’t make anything form out of wet sand. That it just lacked the potential. Maybe Jonathan was like the wet sand and he just lacked the potential to be good.

August 8th, 2005

Jonathan Michaels smirked as he and the girl whom he had been fucking on a regular basis stood on the beach, summer vacation was almost over and he was about to go back into training. Passing her the joint Jonathan smiled at her and she gave him a tender smile back.

“You know for someone so small you’re certainly a big personality Jonathan.”, this caught Jonathan off guard as was made obvious by his stuttering.

“W-W-What do you mean?”

“I mean your a preemie baby who they thought wouldn’t live past one year and your the youngest featherweight champion ever. You do things regardless of potential, you do things on a whim.”

“Like dump weird philosophical bitches?” Jonathan said with a small smile, she simply returned it and kissed him on the forehead, Jonathan then noticed her attempt at a sand castle, she had put sand in the bucket and then put a little water in it.

“You can’t sculpt with wet sand.” Jonathan said immediately.

“Nah, if you get just a little it’ll be a perfect castle.” and sure enough when she took the sand out it was perfect, Jonathan stood in awe before they said their goodbyes, she had to get to Yale and Jon had to go for training

With a smile on his face Jonathan decided to leave the shore behind.

You don't form in the wet sand
You don't form at all
You don't form in the wet sand
I do Yeah

You don't form in the wet sand
You don't form at all
You don't form in the wet sand
I do

((Continued in It's Not Sane))