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[Lili Williams continued from Drawn To The Blood]

Lili paced the hallway outside of the Art room, waiting for Kizzy to make her way outside. After refusing the offer of a gun - a nightstick she could handle, but with a gun she'd probably only end up putting her own eye out - she began to patrol the corridor. She'd begun to fidget again, finding herself unable to pick a spot to sit and meditate among the dust and blood and creaking of the asylum. She'd been in the building once before already - in fact, the room she went to was visible from here - and even then she'd had to distract herself by, of all things, pitching suitcases up at a glass chandelier. Then Darius had shown up, and the sequence of events that brought her right back here started.

She tried singing her songs to herself, but forgot the lyrics. Words spilled into each other like letters in a bowl of alphabet soup, floating in thick broth inside her head. Spot the rot, oh spot the rot, spot the rot we...pray? Nothing was making sense. Not to say that the songs had made sense in the first place, but being where she was, when she was, and how she was, sense was the first thing she needed to find, especially after the last thing Ben had said to her before they split up for a little while. Loosilly? That doesn't even sound like much of a name, now, does it? It all just made Lili want to stop and take inventory, but her legs were carrying her back and forth so many times now that every footfall scattered her thoughts further and further and further away into the dark.

"Hmmm," she buzzed, "Hmmmmmmmm."

With a sudden jerky movement, she flung her hand out and caught the wall, stopping herself in place.

Okay, Lili, time to take some inventory.

You've spent the whole week wandering around an island that you named after some shitty alternative rock album from the 90s. After several attempts at finding purpose and something to do, you wound up here, with a girl named Kizzy or something like that. Only took you abandoning one of your friends, carrying a corpse across a bridge, and running around in the rain for a few hours to find out, but now you've found something good. A nice, warm place, of safety and light, with friends and no blood and no tears. This is good, Lili. Lili is good. I am good. Yes, me. Not Lili. Not her. Me. I am Lili. No more separation. We are the walrus. Goo goo g'joob.

She chuckled to herself, moved so her back was against the wall, and slid to the ground.

I have to find Ben - the other Ben - and apologize to him. Tell him what happened. He won't believe me, and he might well think I'm going crazy, but I have to get to him. Then, I find Asuka or Amanda, somebody, anybody else from home, and I give them a warm big hug. Gotta get my affairs in order. Gotta get my shit together. And after all that, of course, I'll say something to my M-

Kizzy popped out of the art room, supplies in hand. Lili jolted to attention, fighting the urge to raise her hand in salute, but Kizzy just went back into the room again. Lili relaxed a little, remembering why they were at the art room in the first place. Kizzy had probably just forgot something, like the markers or the paper or-

Or her whole bag, and the gun.

Lili sighed as Kizzy stepped out of the room again, shook her head, and followed her back down the hall.

[Lili Williams continued in Minus Something]
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