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So this idea came up in chat and it seemed popular so I thought I'd make it a thread.

Basically, rank the characters you've written for SOTF/Mini in whatever way you deem fit, and if you're feeling up for it maybe even talk about why you ranked certain characters where you did (like what you liked/disliked about them when writing, or if you liked them at the time but don't anymore, or whatever).

I'd post mine right away (since I have a lot >_>) but this is being posted from a phone and I doubt I have that much time on my hands. Everyone else though, go nuts!

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Brendan Wallace is a coward.
Clio Gabriella wanted to go home.
Paige Strand needed to run.
Jacob Charles had to put back his pieces.
Aston Bennett was better than you.
Ma'afu Tuigamala made the ultimate mistake.
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Janie Sinneave wanted to ride in the clouds.
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Maxim Kehlenbrink did nothing wrong.
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Ezra Landau - "Pretty sure the point of life is to indulge and be pretty." - Philosophy
Hayden Lockwood - "Come to the march this Saturday and I'll show you a good time." - Pride
Allegra Varley - "Bet you I can jump from here to that boat." - Risk
Truann Coleman - "Please stop saying that." - Rage
Anya Van Doren - "Dunno why I did it. Dunno why it's your business." - Duplicity

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January 3rd, 2017, 6:29 am #2

As I posted in Discord:

Asa Rosen (TV2) > Rachael Langdon (V5) > Claire Monaghan (V5) > Noah Whitley (V6) > Nadia Riva (V6) > Taylor DeVasher (TV2) > Alba Reyes (V6) > Louisa Bloom (PV2) > Sophie McDowell (V5) > Brigid Paxton (PV2)

Asa seems to be my most successful character and most well-received. Rachael was my personal best for V5, while Claire was one of my favorites to write. Noah, Nadia, Taylor, and Alba all have short stories (especially all except Taylor since they're ongoing), but I feel good writing them, so they're in the mid range.

Louisa, Sophie, and Brigid all had issues during their stories, and while there were things I liked, I was fairly unsatisfied at the end. Louisa has an edge since I wrote more with her, and while she wasn't perfect, I probably liked her the most of the three. Sophie and Brigid being the bottom are why I'm bringing them for SC 2, since I did little with them I liked, and they need a lot of work.

Feel free to debate these.
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Nadia Riva
"You don't think I'm pretty enough to be a model? And you're telling me while wearing that face?"

Noah Whitley
"You look like you could use a laugh, and I have just the joke for that."

Alba Reyes
"Woo hoo! Three holes in one! That's a new record!"
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Girl #007-Rachael Langdon
"I really am going to die, aren't I? Oh god, what am I going to do?"

Armed with a Solar Powered Scientific Calculator
Stabbed with a sword by Marcus Leung.
Girl #018-Claire Monaghan
"You know, I always thought I'd be seen by millions. Fuck Murphy's Law."

Armed with a Shotgun Flashlight (1 Bullet) and a bulletproof vest

Girl #035-Sophie McDowell
"People often find inspiration in the darkest times. I guess I can too."
Killed by a grenade thrown by Summer Simms

Armed with a lead pipe.
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19:10 Laurelena: When octopi eat hamsters, the resulting laughter is a mix of colorful idiocy and dainty ice skating

18:10 Mimi: "how many nipples does Miss Piggy REALLY have?"

16:57 Mimi play Fergaliscious
16:58 Mimi Omg
16:58 Mimi feral-liscious
16:58 Mimi that's
16:58 Mimi blowing my mind

16:57 KamiKaze Laurie, if you ever become a mod, let it be known that one day you will critique someone's profile who had a girl killing her family friend because he raped her, and the person will insult you by calling you a talking Oshawott doll.

21:42Acidic i AM ANAL WART MAN


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Rachael Langdon
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Rachael Langdon and Claire Monaghan
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Rachael Langdon

Claire Monaghan
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Claire Monaghan
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January 3rd, 2017, 7:47 pm #3

Unless something has drastically changed for the worse since last I caught him in Pregame, I mean.

More thoughts when I'm back from my thing in a few hours.

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January 3rd, 2017, 8:02 pm #4

Ooh, I can talk about myself!

About half of them I put in italics because I'm not 100% sure how good they are yet.

Bradley Floyd (V6) > Kiziah Saraki (V6) > Yagmur Tekindor (TV2) > Harun Kemal (V4) > Chuck Soileau (V5) > Sunil Savarkar (V4) > Michael Fischer (v5) > Augustus MacDougal (V4) > Alex Tartaglia (Program)

So, in order:
  • I'm super proud of how Bradley turned out.
  • I'm proud of Kizi too (because, yeah, I think I've gotten a lot better at writing character voices lately), but so far it's a more lowkey pride right now, and while I have vague plans for her, I'm not sure how well they'll go. If it goes well, she'll probably go ahead of Bradley.
  • Yags I like because he started off as a joke in chat and became a pretty decent character. He also gave me the confidence to do more character voice stuff with Bradley and Kizi.
  • My writing's improved a lot since Harun, but I remain pretty proud of his postgame.
  • I'm proud of Chuck's character, but yeah, I did nothing with him, so he may go up the list depending on how SC2 goes.
  • Same with Sunil, but less so.
  • I thought Michael was okay, but his more interesting attributes, I think, are being explored elsewhere.
  • Dougal is the first one I'm lukewarm on. Looking back, his profile was a bit of a poorly-assembled mess, my attempt to make him a character with more of an out-of-school life missed the mark, and yeah. Condor generally improved on him in every way.
  • And I think I wrote a guy called Alex once. I liked the posts I wrote with him ingame, as minimal and non-existent they were, but he was a pretty dull character.
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January 3rd, 2017, 8:08 pm #5


How can I rank characters who haven't had their stories completed yet?

As such I can't and won't rank Penelope and Isabel. Others can feel free to rank them compared to my characters that have completed stories but I won't do so myself.

Madeline Wilcox (V5) > Sara Corlett (V5) > Naomi Young (TV2)

Maddie got super far and was well liked, Naomi didn't make it anywhere and her writing was pretty mediocre before then anyway, Sara was in between the two.

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Marceline Carlson
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Richard Smith
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Ming Robinson
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Amber Yates
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G013: Penelope Fitzgerald
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G005: Madeline Wilcox
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17:32 Mimi: Everyone has their place in society. His is with tractors.

19:26 Harbinger: Manhunt is like victorian porn
19:26 Monad: Isn't that bad like, quality? Or isn't as bad as they say in terms of nastiness?
19:26 Kilmarnock: Aside from Piggsy's shadowy schlong.

22:45 Medic SPIRAL
22:45 Courtney Hey Medic
22:45 SpiralAgnew IN FRONT OF MK
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22:46 Outfoxd FUCK YOUR DREAMS
22:46 Outfoxd OoO
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22:47 Guest13519 He'd probably like getting punched in the dick though.
22:47 Courtney Only if by androgynous looking girls.
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22:48 Courtney Ask him.
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21:42 Flarez: MurderWeasel - You can tell what kind of site we're on because we get confused on which particular infirmary massacre we're discussing.
21:42 MurderWeasel: Welcome to chat and SOTF!

21:21 Espi: I want to have at least one non-white person perversion.

20:44 Raft: Um.
20:44 Raft: Can't tonight Ricky. I'm promised to another.
20:46 Kilmarnock: YOUR ANUS IS MINE


22:00 Sansa: Vagina. <3 OTP till the end of time.

18:30 Outfoxd: that would be the slow inexorable path of evolution mocking you

20:00 Naft: Jokes on you
20:00 Naft: Turtle replaced my mind with a turtle on a hamster wheel


23:33 Zarina: I tried to buy condoms discreetly once
23:33 Zarina: I ran into my mom at the register


14:56 Slam: but then I wonder where's the romance without a schlong

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January 3rd, 2017, 9:12 pm #6

Memetic Craig Hoyle > Ivan Kuznetsov > Cody Patton > Liam Brooks > Sean Mulcahy > Actual Craig Hoyle > Felicia Carmichael >>> Jessica Sanders

Finally got a girl I like writing in the form of Coleen. She's not done yet so she's not going on the list but at this rate she might edge out Sean.
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Jerry Fury - The man, the myth, the legend
Coleen Reagan - The girl who half-loved the world
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V5 Roster:
Cody Patton : That bitch.
Sean Mulcahy : The world was kind to reprieve him of his fear...
Jessica Sanders: She hoped it would be quick...
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20:17Sideliner:Toben and Ricky are like a sibling version of the Joker and Batman, only Batman is just as much of a mass murderer. He just hides it better.
19:58LaurelsHow does your dick smell like Fritos?

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January 3rd, 2017, 10:46 pm #7

Only gonna do characters who I controlled for their island durations, and I'm not really considering pregame in these. Otherwise, I'll have at.

Great Tier:
1. Jeremy Frasier (V6) - Admittedly he was probably the worst of my three kids come the start of V6 but I'd say that I was able to turn that around by World Belongs to the Mad and I was able to turn him into the best of my three around Noland the Liar. Happy with what I did with him, happy that I was able to turn him into what he became, and I'm happy that I was able to do the majority of the things I wanted to do with him since before the game began. Although I still wish I didn't get hit with him when I did I was able to turn that around and win BDA, so there's not really much that I can fault with him.

Good Tier:
2. Alvaro Vacanti (V6) - I was debating whether to put him in this tier or to place him above into the great tier but I feel that he fits better at the top of this tier. He was basically my "baby's first player" character and despite hiccups (Coming Out The Closet, the Irene kill) I'm just generally happy that I was able to do basically everything I wanted to do with him. The reason he's here though and not in the above tier is that he sorta waned off near the end of his story - I had him repeat himself too much and he really, really needed to die when he did, otherwise he probably would have become a lot worse.

Decent Tier:
3. Jasmine King (V6) - Yeah to be honest she was sorta just fodder. I did have long term plans with her but they were more a case of what would happen if she made it further rather than when her story hit a certain point. She also got the most drag out of threads, with me having to bail on two threads before I felt like I could due to OOC reasons and probably having the least interesting interactions out of all my cast. Still, I like the oneshot + her death, and she sorta did teach me how to use parallel structure, so I can thank her for that, at the very least. Maybe if there is a next time for her I'll make her a little less one-note a character, and maybe take her island story in a different direction.

Meh Tier
4. Michael Robinson (TV2) - Hey, kids? Here's a good piece of advice: don't adopt someone as your first character. I'd say that there is some good in his story (I hit my stride with him in Red Sun, and apparently Toben thinks Michael's one of the best deaths of TV2 so hey, there's that) but he's sorta bogged down in the issue that I didn't really know what to do with him or how to write his voice and his arc turned out to actually be pretty inconsistent in places.

Bad Tier:

Shit Tier:

Feel free to disagree/tell me why I'm wrong/etc. These are just my own thoughts.
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G???: Anna "Roxanne" Herbert - "...It's a god-awful small affair..." - 0%
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G???: Teresa Rojas - "..." - 0%
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B???: Jonathan Meyers - "..." - 0%
PREGAME - Past: 1 | Present: 1
THEME: Kate Miller-Heidke - Caught In The Crowd
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Ashley Tanner - The Tattooed Jackass - "We got the music, we got the drinks, I think we have a recipe for some rock n' roll."
Yuko Hayashibara - The Tomboy - "Yo, homeboy, come over here. I wanna play some ball."
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B003: Jeremy Frasier - ?Yeah. No regrets.? - 57%
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B013: Alvaro Vacanti - ?Thank... you...? - 41%
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V6: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
THEME: The Megas - The Haystack Principle

G030: Jasmine King - "I win." - 11%
Kills: 0 | Equipped with: Brass Knuckles
PREGAME - Past: 1 | Present: 1 2 3 | Sadie Hawkins: 1
V6: 1 2 3 4 5
THEME: Luck Ganriki - golden sneer

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January 3rd, 2017, 11:04 pm #8

I'm not including characters who haven't concluded yet (so no V6 kids or Rebecca Clark).

Alexis Allwell (TV1)>Kelly Peterson (V5)>Jessica Murphy (V5)>Emily Barnes (PV2)>Louis Johnson (PV1)>Dan Liu (V5)>Amanda Clearwater (Virtua)>Nick Simmons (SC1)>Benjamin Latimer (SC1)>Benjamin Latimer (PV1)>Nick Simmons (TV1).

Just a quick ranking, some of these characters I haven't read any of in years and have forgotten big chunks of their stories.

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January 3rd, 2017, 11:29 pm #9

Michael Mitchellson (V5) > Anzu Sakamoto (TV2) > Harold Porter (V6) > Erik Lowell (TV2) > Daniel Whitten (V5) > Alice Gilman (V5) > Ashley Sydor (PV2)

If I were to include Asha and Cass, they'd probably both be higher than Michael, but idk in which order. Scattered thoughts on the rest:
  • Michael is the longest lived of all my kids, and my only real problem in hindsight was the series of pacing mess-ups that sprung out of inactivity (looking at you, Adam/Eve/Steve.) Also - I'm still proud of his death, but I'm not so much a fan of his death post. Mostly on the prose side of things.
  • Anzu was an incredibly fun character to write and I like her a lot in general, but I really regret the way I handled her after Caroline died, which was enough for me to place her below Michael. Thankfully that detour lasted for only a thread and a half.
  • Harold, Erik, and Daniel all fall under the same general category of "generally nice guy who dies super early," so there's not much to say about them. Daniel barely had any time to breathe in game, which is why I'm doing him for SC. Erik had really strong first and last threads but the middle two were pretty insubstantial. Harold had a good if brief arc, imo, without any real wasted time.
  • God. Alice. I'm sorry but I had no idea what the fuck I was doing with you. Like, at all. I don't think she was terrible overall, even after she lost her way, and I still like her death thread a lot. Here's to her second chance.
  • Even though Ashley's last I still feel generally alright about her. She was just my very first "on-island" character, and most of her issues sprang from general inexperience. Her good bits just weren't as good as Alice's good bits.
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Asha Sur: GIRL 018, armed with a TASER. "Let's all embrace nihilism and be nice!"
Cass Prince: HUMAN 001, armed with a MOP. "It's all falling apart, isn't it? We're unravelling."
[+] spoiler
Harold Porter: BOY 034, armed with a COFFEE POT. "Hey - none of this... none of this is your fault, alright?" Messed up. Plain and simple.

Daniel Whitten: BOY 074, armed with an INDIANA JONES REPLICA WHIP. "Oh, hey, sorry. Didn't think there was anyone else-" Died early.
Alice Gilman: GIRL 064, armed with a ROTATO. "Just... Just wanted you to drop the gun. Thought you were gonna shoot." Died stupidly.
Michael Mitchellson:BOY 019, armed with a FUCKING AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN. Died a failure.

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Daniel Whitten

By Violent-Medic

Michael Mitchellson

By Violent-Medic

By Mimi

Alice Gilman

By TurtleTyrant


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January 3rd, 2017, 11:29 pm #10

In no particular order:

1-Alice Baker
2-Blair Moore
3-Lucy Williams
4-Henry Spencer
5-Gwen O'Connor
6-Nina Clarke
7-Theodore Fletcher
8-Riley Parker

Alice to Lucy I feel really good about, save for a couple missteps of varying severity. Henry and Gwen I felt were middle of the road, not cripplingly flawed but not spectacular. I liked Henry's pregame a lot, though. Nina, Theo and Riley I feel were pretty weak overall, and I'm not super happy with how they turned out.
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Theodore Fletcher
Nina Clarke
Gwen O'Connor

V6: Broken Down
Alice Baker (->Aura)
Henry Spencer
Blair Moore

V7: Unprepared
Rhonda Lawson[/b
Toby Underwood
Paloma Salt