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So this idea came up in chat and it seemed popular so I thought I'd make it a thread.

Basically, rank the characters you've written for SOTF/Mini in whatever way you deem fit, and if you're feeling up for it maybe even talk about why you ranked certain characters where you did (like what you liked/disliked about them when writing, or if you liked them at the time but don't anymore, or whatever).

I'd post mine right away (since I have a lot >_>) but this is being posted from a phone and I doubt I have that much time on my hands. Everyone else though, go nuts!

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Brendan Wallace is a coward.
Clio Gabriella wanted to go home.
Paige Strand needed to run.
Jacob Charles had to put back his pieces.
Aston Bennett was better than you.
Ma'afu Tuigamala made the ultimate mistake.
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Janie Sinneave wanted to ride in the clouds.
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Maxim Kehlenbrink did nothing wrong.
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Anya Van Doren - "Dunno why I did it. Dunno why it's your business." - Duplicity

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January 3rd, 2017, 6:29 am #2

As I posted in Discord:

Asa Rosen (TV2) > Rachael Langdon (V5) > Claire Monaghan (V5) > Noah Whitley (V6) > Nadia Riva (V6) > Taylor DeVasher (TV2) > Alba Reyes (V6) > Louisa Bloom (PV2) > Sophie McDowell (V5) > Brigid Paxton (PV2)

Asa seems to be my most successful character and most well-received. Rachael was my personal best for V5, while Claire was one of my favorites to write. Noah, Nadia, Taylor, and Alba all have short stories (especially all except Taylor since they're ongoing), but I feel good writing them, so they're in the mid range.

Louisa, Sophie, and Brigid all had issues during their stories, and while there were things I liked, I was fairly unsatisfied at the end. Louisa has an edge since I wrote more with her, and while she wasn't perfect, I probably liked her the most of the three. Sophie and Brigid being the bottom are why I'm bringing them for SC 2, since I did little with them I liked, and they need a lot of work.

Feel free to debate these.
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Nadia Riva
"You don't think I'm pretty enough to be a model? And you're telling me while wearing that face?"

Noah Whitley
"You look like you could use a laugh, and I have just the joke for that."

Alba Reyes
"Woo hoo! Three holes in one! That's a new record!"
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Girl #007-Rachael Langdon
"I really am going to die, aren't I? Oh god, what am I going to do?"

Armed with a Solar Powered Scientific Calculator
Stabbed with a sword by Marcus Leung.
Girl #018-Claire Monaghan
"You know, I always thought I'd be seen by millions. Fuck Murphy's Law."

Armed with a Shotgun Flashlight (1 Bullet) and a bulletproof vest

Girl #035-Sophie McDowell
"People often find inspiration in the darkest times. I guess I can too."
Killed by a grenade thrown by Summer Simms

Armed with a lead pipe.
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Rachael Langdon
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Rachael Langdon and Claire Monaghan
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Rachael Langdon

Claire Monaghan
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Claire Monaghan
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January 3rd, 2017, 7:47 pm #3

Unless something has drastically changed for the worse since last I caught him in Pregame, I mean.

More thoughts when I'm back from my thing in a few hours.

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January 3rd, 2017, 8:02 pm #4

Ooh, I can talk about myself!

About half of them I put in italics because I'm not 100% sure how good they are yet.

Bradley Floyd (V6) > Kiziah Saraki (V6) > Yagmur Tekindor (TV2) > Harun Kemal (V4) > Chuck Soileau (V5) > Sunil Savarkar (V4) > Michael Fischer (v5) > Augustus MacDougal (V4) > Alex Tartaglia (Program)

So, in order:
  • I'm super proud of how Bradley turned out.
  • I'm proud of Kizi too (because, yeah, I think I've gotten a lot better at writing character voices lately), but so far it's a more lowkey pride right now, and while I have vague plans for her, I'm not sure how well they'll go. If it goes well, she'll probably go ahead of Bradley.
  • Yags I like because he started off as a joke in chat and became a pretty decent character. He also gave me the confidence to do more character voice stuff with Bradley and Kizi.
  • My writing's improved a lot since Harun, but I remain pretty proud of his postgame.
  • I'm proud of Chuck's character, but yeah, I did nothing with him, so he may go up the list depending on how SC2 goes.
  • Same with Sunil, but less so.
  • I thought Michael was okay, but his more interesting attributes, I think, are being explored elsewhere.
  • Dougal is the first one I'm lukewarm on. Looking back, his profile was a bit of a poorly-assembled mess, my attempt to make him a character with more of an out-of-school life missed the mark, and yeah. Condor generally improved on him in every way.
  • And I think I wrote a guy called Alex once. I liked the posts I wrote with him ingame, as minimal and non-existent they were, but he was a pretty dull character.
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January 3rd, 2017, 8:08 pm #5


How can I rank characters who haven't had their stories completed yet?

As such I can't and won't rank Penelope and Isabel. Others can feel free to rank them compared to my characters that have completed stories but I won't do so myself.

Madeline Wilcox (V5) > Sara Corlett (V5) > Naomi Young (TV2)

Maddie got super far and was well liked, Naomi didn't make it anywhere and her writing was pretty mediocre before then anyway, Sara was in between the two.

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January 3rd, 2017, 9:12 pm #6

Memetic Craig Hoyle > Ivan Kuznetsov > Cody Patton > Liam Brooks > Sean Mulcahy > Actual Craig Hoyle > Felicia Carmichael >>> Jessica Sanders

Finally got a girl I like writing in the form of Coleen. She's not done yet so she's not going on the list but at this rate she might edge out Sean.
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January 3rd, 2017, 10:46 pm #7

Only gonna do characters who I controlled for their island durations, and I'm not really considering pregame in these. Otherwise, I'll have at.

Great Tier:
1. Jeremy Frasier (V6) - Admittedly he was probably the worst of my three kids come the start of V6 but I'd say that I was able to turn that around by World Belongs to the Mad and I was able to turn him into the best of my three around Noland the Liar. Happy with what I did with him, happy that I was able to turn him into what he became, and I'm happy that I was able to do the majority of the things I wanted to do with him since before the game began. Although I still wish I didn't get hit with him when I did I was able to turn that around and win BDA, so there's not really much that I can fault with him.

Good Tier:
2. Alvaro Vacanti (V6) - I was debating whether to put him in this tier or to place him above into the great tier but I feel that he fits better at the top of this tier. He was basically my "baby's first player" character and despite hiccups (Coming Out The Closet, the Irene kill) I'm just generally happy that I was able to do basically everything I wanted to do with him. The reason he's here though and not in the above tier is that he sorta waned off near the end of his story - I had him repeat himself too much and he really, really needed to die when he did, otherwise he probably would have become a lot worse.

Decent Tier:
3. Jasmine King (V6) - Yeah to be honest she was sorta just fodder. I did have long term plans with her but they were more a case of what would happen if she made it further rather than when her story hit a certain point. She also got the most drag out of threads, with me having to bail on two threads before I felt like I could due to OOC reasons and probably having the least interesting interactions out of all my cast. Still, I like the oneshot + her death, and she sorta did teach me how to use parallel structure, so I can thank her for that, at the very least. Maybe if there is a next time for her I'll make her a little less one-note a character, and maybe take her island story in a different direction.

Meh Tier
4. Michael Robinson (TV2) - Hey, kids? Here's a good piece of advice: don't adopt someone as your first character. I'd say that there is some good in his story (I hit my stride with him in Red Sun, and apparently Toben thinks Michael's one of the best deaths of TV2 so hey, there's that) but he's sorta bogged down in the issue that I didn't really know what to do with him or how to write his voice and his arc turned out to actually be pretty inconsistent in places.

Bad Tier:

Shit Tier:

Feel free to disagree/tell me why I'm wrong/etc. These are just my own thoughts.
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January 3rd, 2017, 11:04 pm #8

I'm not including characters who haven't concluded yet (so no V6 kids or Rebecca Clark).

Alexis Allwell (TV1)>Kelly Peterson (V5)>Jessica Murphy (V5)>Emily Barnes (PV2)>Louis Johnson (PV1)>Dan Liu (V5)>Amanda Clearwater (Virtua)>Nick Simmons (SC1)>Benjamin Latimer (SC1)>Benjamin Latimer (PV1)>Nick Simmons (TV1).

Just a quick ranking, some of these characters I haven't read any of in years and have forgotten big chunks of their stories.

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January 3rd, 2017, 11:29 pm #9

Michael Mitchellson (V5) > Anzu Sakamoto (TV2) > Harold Porter (V6) > Erik Lowell (TV2) > Daniel Whitten (V5) > Alice Gilman (V5) > Ashley Sydor (PV2)

If I were to include Asha and Cass, they'd probably both be higher than Michael, but idk in which order. Scattered thoughts on the rest:
  • Michael is the longest lived of all my kids, and my only real problem in hindsight was the series of pacing mess-ups that sprung out of inactivity (looking at you, Adam/Eve/Steve.) Also - I'm still proud of his death, but I'm not so much a fan of his death post. Mostly on the prose side of things.
  • Anzu was an incredibly fun character to write and I like her a lot in general, but I really regret the way I handled her after Caroline died, which was enough for me to place her below Michael. Thankfully that detour lasted for only a thread and a half.
  • Harold, Erik, and Daniel all fall under the same general category of "generally nice guy who dies super early," so there's not much to say about them. Daniel barely had any time to breathe in game, which is why I'm doing him for SC. Erik had really strong first and last threads but the middle two were pretty insubstantial. Harold had a good if brief arc, imo, without any real wasted time.
  • God. Alice. I'm sorry but I had no idea what the fuck I was doing with you. Like, at all. I don't think she was terrible overall, even after she lost her way, and I still like her death thread a lot. Here's to her second chance.
  • Even though Ashley's last I still feel generally alright about her. She was just my very first "on-island" character, and most of her issues sprang from general inexperience. Her good bits just weren't as good as Alice's good bits.
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Daniel Whitten: BOY 074, armed with an INDIANA JONES REPLICA WHIP. "Oh, hey, sorry. Didn't think there was anyone else-" Died early.
Alice Gilman: GIRL 064, armed with a ROTATO. "Just... Just wanted you to drop the gun. Thought you were gonna shoot." Died stupidly.
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Daniel Whitten

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Michael Mitchellson

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Alice Gilman

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January 3rd, 2017, 11:29 pm #10

In no particular order:

1-Alice Baker
2-Blair Moore
3-Lucy Williams
4-Henry Spencer
5-Gwen O'Connor
6-Nina Clarke
7-Theodore Fletcher
8-Riley Parker

Alice to Lucy I feel really good about, save for a couple missteps of varying severity. Henry and Gwen I felt were middle of the road, not cripplingly flawed but not spectacular. I liked Henry's pregame a lot, though. Nina, Theo and Riley I feel were pretty weak overall, and I'm not super happy with how they turned out.
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January 3rd, 2017, 11:49 pm #11

I'm going to massively pretty this up later, but heres my order in the meantime based on some sort of combo of how good their stories turned out and how much I enjoyed writing them:

1. Jacqueline "Cameo" Conroy (Virtua)
2. Aston Bennett (v4)
3. Ma'afu Tuigamala (v4)
4. Yoshio Akamatsu (BRAURP)
5. Holly Hadaway (TV1)
6. Jaxon Street (TV2)
7. Jacob Charles (v4)
8. Anna Kateridge (SC1)
9. Erin Underwood (P2)
10. Brendan Wallace (v4)
11. Janie Sinneave (v5)
12. Yuko Sakaki (BRAURP)
13. Ramona Shirley (Virtua)
14. Preston Grey (SC1)
15. Matthew Payne (P1)
16. Anna Hitchins (TV1)
17. Chanel Martin (P1)
18. Clio Gabriella (v4)
19. Paige Strand (v4)

  • Cameo is probably the only character who went exactly the way I wanted her to - my first round Mini characters were all pretty exaggerated (I think that's the term Toben once used) but Cameo was a case where I felt it actually worked, if only because I had a great cast to work off.
  • Aston/Maf were v4 adoptees that really tested my writing abilities and of course there's stuff I wish I could change (probably ending Maf's story in the same place as Nick, getting rid of a bunch of formatting stuff for Aston) but I'm ultimately proud of what I was able to do and the writing opportunities it led to for them.
  • Yoshio I can look back on sort of fondly now that time has passed since his death thread was one of my favourite on-site writing experiences. Holly/Jaxon/Erin didn't last long but I felt I conveyed them pretty well (heroism/sass/menace respectively). Jacob worked out the most consistently of my original v4ers but I felt I could have done more. Same with Anna Kateridge. Brendan was my first character and my SI so he's in here just because.
  • Janie/Ramona/Preston I didn't really do anything or have any plans with so they sort of floundered. Yuko was the first death I wrote even if she didn't do much so she's here as well.
  • I did get to do things with most of my Round 1 Mini kids but looking back they were all waaaaay exaggerated and not my style anymore, Matthew in particular (but writing that scene with Luke was another fantastic site experience so I'm mixed). Anna I'm okay-er on because outfoxd managed to salvage her and bring her comparatively down to earth which kinda proves it was probably just my bad writing and not the characters fault lol. Chanel lol no.
  • I did the one thing I wanted to do with Clio and I'm good with that. The rest could have been greatly improved though.
  • Paige was fodder I have no interest in anymore. Laurels did her better in SC.

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Brendan Wallace is a coward.
Clio Gabriella wanted to go home.
Paige Strand needed to run.
Jacob Charles had to put back his pieces.
Aston Bennett was better than you.
Ma'afu Tuigamala made the ultimate mistake.
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Janie Sinneave wanted to ride in the clouds.
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Maxim Kehlenbrink did nothing wrong.
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January 4th, 2017, 2:53 am #12

My lads (sans Astrid and Bryony since their stories are still ongoing)!


And some thoughts on such!;
  • Second Chances Glen is probably the most writing I've done in conjunction with the most complete story in addition to being someone I had a lot of fun writing. It wasn't a hard decision to put him at the top.
  • Lucia, Amelia and Carlyle were all characters who had their own various flaws, some more noticeable than others, but that, again, had what I felt was a complete, rounded out story as well as being just fun to write. Francis had nowhere near a complete story and was killed off way too soon in hindsight, but I feel my writing with him was really solid.
  • From Mia to TV!Glen we have characters I still enjoyed writing but have much more prominent issues, whether they're visible in the text itself (Owen suffering from SI-Favouritism, TV!Glen being my early and crappier writing) or whether I have personal issues with how they turned out (There were a lot of OOC issues that led to me being very dissatisfied with how parts of Bunny and Mia turned out)
  • Aileen I feel really bad about, and I'm probably being a lot harsher on myself than necessary, but I don't think I did the character justice to Kami's original version, even ignoring her very short span of living.
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Owen, Francis and Amy, all by Mimi

Amy Bachelor, by Violent-Medic

Owen Kay, by Un-Persona

Amy Bachelor, by Mimi

Amy Bachelor, by TurtleTyrant
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January 4th, 2017, 3:02 am #13

Because I promised:

Here's why I rank Noah really highly for Laure, up near (though not quite at, but I've not really fully caught up yet) Asa. Basically, most of Laure's characters exist in a certain framework with certain similarities, and I feel that Noah is one of the best distillations of that framework from a craft level. Almost all of Laure's kids are artists of some strie, and not casual artists but pretty dedicated ones. Their different modes of artistic expression (Asa's column, Taylor's fashion, Claire's filmmaking, Rachael's literature, Sophie's dance, Nadia's fashion, Louisa's poetry) color what they do and how they see the world, while also reflecting their characters. The thing is, sometimes that has historically led to lopsided narratives--I'd actually pick Claire as an example of this, where everything about Claire's narrative comes around to film again and again, and sometimes that's not totally appropriate to the scene or is tonally disruptive.

Noah, on the other hand, has his drag thing and it exists in a way that relates to his life and lies parallel to it but also has a very clear on and off mode--sometimes he's in character but mostly he's not. This also flows into the narrative; there's a greater level of discipline as to when his stuff comes in, and its appearances feel more honed and calculated (though not necessarily less frequent). Perhaps because Noah's art is this whole other persona, it feels more a part of him and yet also less a summation of him than with many of Laure's other characters. It's a nicely struck balance, and one that impressed me a lot throughout pregame--really cool growth to see in Laure as a writer.

Noah also has a few other hings going for him. His medium is goofy, sometimes politically incorrect, and very much an acquired taste, and I think that translates better to actually being shown to the audience through the written medium. If a joke doesn't land, well, that's fine. Jokes often don't land, and Noah's a teenager doing this in his spare time. His narrative knows that, too. It welcomes us to think Noah's hilarious, but is also fine if we think he's somewhat obnoxious. He even gets called out on the potentially problematic implications of his act during pregame, and his narrative grapples with the issue rather than sidestepping it. Noah is also portrayed as successful in the story, but successful to a modest degree, not a tremendous one.

So I guess what I'm saying is that Noah, despite having one of the most off the wall hobbies of all of Laure's characters, at the same time manages to be quite grounded and relatable, human and never a caricature even as he and his narrative intentional delve into the realms of caricature. He stood out positively to me when I was tracking V6 Pregame, and really represented some cool and major artistic steps to me even in fairly nascent form, enough so that I wanna go to bat here for a spot near or at the top for him.

Also, the bits of his Meanwhile I've read rock, but I'm not really counting that into the equation.

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January 4th, 2017, 3:27 am #14

Just in terms of a general how much I liked writing them and how successful I think their stories were:

Deanna Hull (v5) > Andrea Raymer (v4) > Kaitlyn Greene (v6) - tentative > Jesse Jennings (v5) > Eris Marquis (v3) > Ricky Fortino (v4) > Imraan Al-Hariq (v4) > Carly Jean Dooley (v4) > Badass Johnny Lancer (v3)

Dee stands way above for me because not only was she totally disparate from the selfish asshole kids I usually tend to do, but she worked even better than I could have planned and made me a hopefully better, speedier, more confident writer going forward. Andrea's my longest-running charrie and I could probably write about her forever. She has a lot of v4-era problems and was an obvious flagship type, but eh. Kaitlyn could easily move up depending on what she ends up doing. She's a fucking blast and a half.

Jesse was a success with an easy voice even if he broke no new ground. Eris was completely fun and I look back at her fondly even though she's got a ton of my terrible youthful junk in there. Ricky was basically a dumber, lesser version of all my good characters.

Imraan was a fucking nightmare to write and almost drove me away from the site entirely. Thankfully I'm not that kind of drama queen anymore but OH MY GOD I hated him. He's better in hindsight but his voice was impossible to ever find and I loathed where he ended up going. Carly Jean was a nothing character I always knew would be early swap/hero fodder and I never tried with her. Badass Johnny was a goddamn dumpster fire. Okay, he's probably not quite as bad as I've claimed he was especially since what the hell would you do if you'd adopted him as your first ever character and were still in your youthful bad writing stage, so.... no, he's still a horrorshow.

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January 4th, 2017, 4:48 am #15

Okay, so I agonized about this a bunch and decided I'm gonna do a post with only my original characters from Main on it, and only those who actually ended up in the game. Why? Adoptees I have mixed feelings about--frankly, I tend to not be wholly comfortable poking at them for a couple reasons some folks are familiar with (basically, I either really liked their pre-adoption versions and got wigged out by pressure or I was too high-horse about trying to make improvements). Pregame/Meanwhile-only characters are fun and actually a big part of what's unique about how Main operates, but they also have much less writing behind them and aren't put into the same pressure-filled situations that can make or break characters on the island; if I'd done a ton of Meanwhile junk with one of my pregame-only kids it might be a different story, but all I've got is the first post of a thread I ragequit when a hard drive failure ate the next three before I could put them up. Finally, I love Mini but have a hard time comparing cross-site and know a bunch of people don't follow it, so I'll probably do another post with my Mini kids in it.

Also also, if I put all those folks I excluded into the list, it'd be at almost 30 characters, most of whom nobody's ever heard of and I have little to say about. Pared down to seven, it's easier to actually analyze a bit and I do a bit less masochistic flogging of myself (but STAY TUNED for more of that come the potential Mini post).

1. Kimberly Nguyen (V4)
2. Jennifer Perez (V4)
3. Steven Salazar (V5)
4. Adam Morgan (V5)
5. Aaron Hughes (V4)
6. Lydia Robbins (V5)
7. Everett Taylor (V4)

Kimberly was a character I had little planned for and actually wrote mostly to be different from the others I was doing in V4; I was pretty sure she'd be Hero fodder for most of Pregame/early V4. That said, when I finally figured out who she was and what I wanted to do with her, she became a blast and I generally feel mostly okay about most of her stuff even in retrospect, which is kinda rare.

Jennifer was the V4 character I was most attached to during V4. There are a few things about her voice and character that don't quite come off/gel, for a mix of reasons, but she's also a character I was mostly writing to entertain myself and she occupies a niche markedly different from other characters I'v written, both at the time and since.

Steven I'm actually mostly chill with, though a bit sad still about certain lost posts forever eaten by the crash. He was an experiment with carrying certain philosophies to their logical conclusions in the context of the island, and I got to mull most of what I wanted to, though in retrospect wish I'd gotten to push things just a bit further with him. I greatly appreciated Rattle's assistance in the inevitable nature of his end, though, which is what really pokes him above so many of my other kids.

Adam was a character who was fun to work with but his voice swung around a bit for me and I was never totally comfortable with him; I often enjoyed him more in the context of his group than on his own. That said, he offered an interesting chance to explore a character in more of a narratively supporting role yet who was plot-wise often in the driver's seat.

We now enter the Regret Zone (tm) with Aaron. Aaron is a character who functions very well on a plot level but not so much on a character level. He was an experiment with villains and he had a great cast of support characters who made writing him worth it, and from an ideological standpoint he worked out pretty well, but I think what really gets me about Aaron is the amount of aimless spite that surrounds him. He doesn't have the sort of complicated core that I really, really need to feel happy with a character (he pretends to sometimes, but that's pretty much it), and that also led to me making compromises left and right with his arc as soon as his group (the main thing really attaching me to him) was gone. He's a lot of what I thought was super cool when I was about his age.

Lydia was a character I struggled with from a direction standpoint. I knew what I wanted to do with her, but what I wanted to do with her was framed negatively (not fall into certain traps). While that's a space I operate in often (see: Aaron plus a bunch of characters over on Mini) what Lydia lacked yet the others had was a core of what they also were. So Lydia felt really aimless to me at a lot of points which was frustrating because I was working with awesome people throughout and I had this idea of her character but I just didn't know at all what to do with her.

Everett... eh, Everett suffered from a mix of stuff that my others did. He was very different from me, but in the ways that made it incredibly hard for me to get into his head with the sympathy I expect of myself. This was coupled with a really aimless nature; all my other V4 kids were really doing something, but Everett had nothing to fill the void left by the removal of his original plan (a really poorly conceived player idea, just like all my V4 kids). What makes me harder on him than Lydia is that there was way more writing behind him due to V4's massive pregame yet at the same time i had less of an idea of what made him tick, less of a voice for him, and less of an idea who he was. He was just kinda there, though I guess that was vaguely lucky in that my dissatisfaction with him led to him getting jettisoned instead of the character I'd actually initially written to be more expendable (Kimberly).