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After Aria finally got over his little giggling fit, he looked up and smiled at Jason. For once, someone wasn't making fun of him or calling him rude names and generally regard him as a freak. That alone made him happy, and he could possibly be making his first friend here. Then again, he couldn't help but worry about what he thought of him. What if he didn't like Aria once he got to know him more? What if he ditched him? The thought ran through Aria's head, but he tried to push it away. He can't think about these things for now.

"That was funny Jason." Aria said happily, just as he checked his watch to find out what time it was. Looking at it, he realized that he had to go home. His eyes widened as he realized just how much time had passed. He didn't even realize it at first either.

"Jason. I am really sorry about this, but I have to go now. My mum's gonna wonder where I've been. I was supposed to be back home like 5 minutes ago!" Aria said as he quickly stood up, picking up his bag and slinging it over his back. Before he left, Aria turned to Jason and smiled once again.

"I guess I'll see you around my friend." Aria said happily as he rushed out of the library and back home. He was glad that he was one step closer to achieving the goal he set out a the beginning of the year. All he could hope for was that this friendship lasted. That would just be perfect.

((Aria Samuels: Continued Elsewhere))
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"Hm? Oh, 'kay. See you later, Aria."

God, Aria's cheerfulness was so contagious. Jason couldn't help grinning like an idiot when Aria called him 'friend'. That was somewhat hard, but friendship was a wonderful thing, and patience is needed to make one. Jason had done this before, but it took a painfully long time to befriend Aria. Something about him was off, but hell, a friendship is friendship.

Smiling to himself, Jason retreated back into Brave Story, and got quite a shock.


(Jason Meyers continued elsewhere)
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