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((This thread does not have a set time. Rather, it takes place over several days, as students cast their votes for Prom royalty. Characters should be in this thread for only the space of a single post. You may post here to vote even if your character is currently in another thread. Remember, votes should be made for in-character reasons. Also, remember that you may withdraw your character from contention for the win at any time by posting in the announcement thread. For an example of how this sort of thread works, check out V4's Prom voting.))

In front of Principal Freeman's office sat a table, upon which rested a plastic box with a slit cut in the top. Beside the box lay a pile of forms, as well as a box of golf pencils. The box was within easy view of the office through the window, making cheating virtually impossible, especially given the large number of teachers who took coffee breaks right nearby.

It was almost time for Prom, and that meant that the time to decide the royalty had arrived.

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Rachael saw the ballot box outside the principal's office. Prom Court would be decided through an open ballot. Rachael was glad it ensured the maximum amount of freedom. Who knows, she might get a vote. Rachael shook her head. No one would vote for her. Most people didn't even know her.

Well, might as well try to help people I know. So, who to vote for.

Rachael grabbed a pencil and a slip of paper. She tapped it against the paper for a few moments. Suddenly, she knew who to vote for.

She began to scribble down on the paper.


Rachael was surprised she even hesitated. Naomi was the epitome of Prom Queen. She's so pretty, dedicated to Aurora, and a really nice girl.

Now, who would be the Prom King. Rachael thought about the kind of guys who would normally be voted for the King spot. Kyran Dean, Adonis Alba, Jasper Rourke, Cody Patton. Lot of guys to choose from. Still, better go with someone familiar.


Thanks to him and Michael, she has been able to read great books and discuss them in a nice situation.

Well, I hope that helps them out.


Claire was staring at the ballot in front of her. Who to pick for Prom King and Queen? The title that will do absolutely nothing for your future, since most kids know if they got into college or not by this point.

I could put myself and Jack down, but we'd never win. I seriously doubt anyone would think two geeks like us could actually win.

Claire began to chew on the end of the pencil.

"Well, might as well try to go for the kids I'm cool with."

Claire quickly wrote on the ballot and held it up.


How could she not vote for these two? They were some of the coolest people Claire knew. Kyran was a jock who wasn't a macho asshole. Alex was such a cool chick. Claire felt proud as she put the ballot in the box.

Knock 'em dead, kids.

Sophie doodled some flowers on her ballot. It was hard for her to decide who she wanted to see as Prom King and Prom Queen.

Well, I guess I should vote for some nice kids. Better vote for someone who can legitimately represent this role.

Sophie had an idea for Prom King, so she quickly wrote it down in the spot.


Why shouldn't I vote for Dave? Guy deserves a chance.

Now came the difficult part: Prom Queen. Sophie wasn't sure which Aurora High woman best represented this role. Still, she needed to vote. Sophie quickly wrote a name down.


Cassidy was a fun chick, and very sweet. Sophie figured she ought to help someone nice like her.

There, that's my part in this game. Not to see where it goes.
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Veronica decided to pull a joke this time around. Prom wasn’t really her thing, but recent happenings (Ruth) gave her the excuse to actually go, not mope around all night. She strolled into school one day, and noticed the Prom Royalty voting box. The girl wasn’t the joking type, but she wanted to fool around this time. She began to write:

King: Jasper Rourke

She chuckled as she scrawled it onto the paper. Sure, Jasper was a guy, but the kid was gay, and it would be funny to see him with a girl, preferably a bitchy one. She began to write J-e-s-s, but then scribbled it out, and replaced it with another person.

Queen: Logan Cadagon

While she snickered, Veronica realized that voting a gay person as queen just to make fun of them was rather hypocritical. Neverless, she still laughed.
Jason examined the slip of paper. Not many people were awesome enough to be a King or Queen, but when he thought, some people came to mind. After some 10 minutes, he wrote a name in his small, cramped handwriting.

King: Esteban Slazar

Esteban was a nice enough kid, and he knew the kid personally. Now, time to deicide who’s queen. Several names began to float around, such as Amy Bachelor and Alex Ripley, but one name stood out most of all.

Queen: Faria Young

The girl was trying not to be an inovert, and Jason also knew her. Faria was extremely enthusiastic about Photography Club, and he hoped she was enthusiastic about this, too. Jason checked his watch out of habit.

Oh shit, gonna be late for French…

And with that, another vote was cast, and the voter tore down the hallway.
The Aussie-Pole was excited about Prom. Edgar had agreed to go out with her, and they were excitedly chatting as they entered the building. She waved goodbye to Edgar as she began to write a name in the ballot.

Queen: Susan Clarke

Susan was the first to come to mind. She was athletic and a kind person, making her pretty likeable. Several names came to mind, but Koala couldn’t deicide. Finally, she wrote down-

I dunno, maybe Zubin Wadia?

Shmeh, being nice was good enough in Koala’s book. Satisfied with her choice of votes, she marched onto Calculus, holding her head high.
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Ruth was indifferently striding along the school walls when he noticed an usually long line around a desk with a sign to vote for prom king and queen. Ruth didnt't really like voting all that much, since it involved choosing sides, but he already had a good idea of two people he wanted to see crowned.

Prom King: Kyran Dean

Kyran was a pretty cool guy, as far as Ruth was concerned.

" He's popular, athletic, and he doesn't make fun of my nickname."

Prom Queen: Cassidy Kant

Cassidy was a friend of Ruth and seemed perfect for the title.

" She's popular, cute, and she doesn't make fun of my nickname."

" Huh, Kyran and Cassidy…that actually sounds cute… I need to get rid of that nickname."
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Jaquilyn raised an eyebrow at the table.

Guess it's time for the popularity campaigning.

She picked up the ballot and read the instructions. Were instructions really necessary? She clicked her pen on the table and put the tip to the paper.

She paused. Wondering if she really cared who won. She wouldn't write down a name for queen other than Bianca's. She felt an urge to write "tweedledee and tweedledumb" but there was no point. And Bianca was Jaq's girl.


She tapped her lip with her pen whole she looked at the King line. She had a number of guy friends who would probably appreciate it. Maybe she'd nominate Tim just to tease him. He probably wouldn't even get nominated, so no harm done. She shrugged off the idea and scribbled down the name of one of her more popular friends.


Seeing his full name, she grinned to herself. The person counting ballots would probably have recognized "Tito," but this felt more official.

Cassidy felt a wave of excitement sun she saw the ballot. It was always exciting to see who'd get nominated! She quickly rushed to think of who she wanted to win.

Definitely nice people. Hmmm...

She picked two of the sweetest kids she could think of off the top of her head.



She smiled at her decisions. Folding her ballot, she tucked it into the box. She got on her toes and peeked over the top just to make sure it went in all the way. She turned and started to walk away, fiddling with the golf pencil in her hand.

WAIT! She walked back to the table and set the pencil back down. Staying an extra moment to make sure it didn't roll away. It was still. She turned around again, hoping nobody saw the moment of absentmindedness.

Joey twirled the small pencil in his meaty hand. Concentrating hard on the question. He didn't really care who won, but it was fun to be a part of the voting. He quickly scribbled down his bro's name.


Queen. His mind went into hyper speed thinking of a babe to nominate. He couldn't pick one. Laura came to mind, but she'd abruptly dropped out of his life and vanished. Too many choices. So many different flavors of hot, it was unfair!

Fuck it.


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Katarin Tolstoff looked at the ballot in her hand. She knew who she was voting for Prom Queen, but not for the King. After some thought, she wrote down two names and dropped her ballot in.


Zubin Wadia, unlike Kat, didn't have a very hard time as to whom he was voting for. Hell, it was easy. He wrote down his nominations for King and Queen, folded the ballot perfectly in half, and dropped it in the slot.


As Zubin walked away, he just smiled at the thought. Jake Mordetsky, "freak," finally getting some kudos. Jaq? She was actually pretty cool, so giving her the title of Queen just seemed like a good idea.

Mike stepped up to the ballot box and took out his pen. He twiddled with it with his right hand before writing down the King name, and then Queen, a decision he had come up with after a little bit of thinking, as well as an "ah, screw it."

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Matt Masters walked over to the ballot box. Prom season had come, and it would be the last time he would ever go to one. As he looked at the ballot, he went through multiple options in his head. He mentally tossed out all the people who had made high school a living hell for the less popular students, which took a large chunk of the popular crowd out of the running. Finally, he put the pencil to the paper and began to write.


Kyran was an athelete that didn't treat other people like dirt. Matt respected that.


Cassidy was one of the kindest, sweetest girls he had ever met. She deserved to be queen.

Matt put his ballot into the box and walked away. He just hoped that his vote made a difference.


Adonis Alba swaggered over to the ballot box, picking up a pencil and thinking hard. Since he knew that he would be prom king, he was trying to figure out who he would like to be his queen. After a few moments of thought, he scribbled his vote on the paper.


Heh. I'd like to spend prom night with her.

In the midst of his impure thoughts, Adonis almost forgot that he had to vote for a king. SInce he couldn't vote for himself, he voted for one of the few people that didn't piss him off.


Hell, if Adonis couldn't get any prom queen action, then Patton should.For all Adonis messes with him, he knew that Patton was a hell of an athlete. Besides, he didn't have to worry, because everyone else would vote for him anyway.

Adonis put his ballot in the box and left, still looking forward to his inevitable crowning.


Stacey May-Mordetsky looked at the ballot box. Since her being queen was a foregone conclusion, she had to decide on a proper king. After a brief moment to consider, she wrote her vote on the card.


She smiled. Miles was pretty cute, and it certainly helped that he had money. He would be a perfect king for one as perfect as herself.

For the queen, Stacey decided to nominate one of her friends. After some thought, she cast her vote.


Stacey had to admit, Mara always looked stunning, and she wouldn't be a half-bad queen.

Stacey placed her vote in the box and struttted away. After all, she had a date tonight, and she needed to get ready.


Jake Mordetsky nervously looked at his ballot. He knew who he was voting for, but he was still not too confident that his vote mattered. With his shaky hand, he wrote out his nominations.



The vote was easy. There weren't too many people in school that were nice to Jake. In fact, Zubin and Alex were the only ones who had actually tried to accept him, and he was grateful for that.

As he slipped his ballot into the box, Jake was still nervous. If Stacey found out that he didn't vote for her, then she would get mad at him again. But there was no way that she could find out, was there? Not unless she asked him, and Jake wasn't a good liar...

The small roboteer sighed. This was going to be a stressful prom season.

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Travis Webster was walking through the hallways, whistling the same old tune as always, hands in his pockets and without a concern in the world. He stumbled over a bunch of students gathered by the ballot box. Trav grinned to himself. Now, he had plenty of friends that he knew deserved the "honorable" position of king. He could vote for his best friend, Joe Carrasco, but... c'mon, Joe would probably run away screaming if they called out his name. Then there was Francis, who was a pretty cool dude, but meh, he didn't really stand out. Of course, there was always his bro Joey Polpetta who would THRIVE at the podium with some hot little thing beside him. But no, there was one who would be the absolutely funniest to see up there. Heheheheh.


I mean, sure, Miles was a friend, but that wasn't why Travis was voting for him. Like he'd told his friends before, he found it hilarious that there was a risk of Miles and his cousin, Naomi Bell, being forced into dancing with each other as king and queen, and having to hold hands and look all cutesy. There was something about putting his friends through this humiliating affair that appealed to him. God, he was such a dick, he mused to himself. This realization didn't stop him from going through with his plan, though.

Travis chuckled as he wrote down the second name.


All he could do now was hope that it would happen. It would be fucking hilarious.


Geo really couldn't care any less about this election. She wanted to go home and log onto her WoW account. No matter, she thought. Her friends had voted, so she felt obligated to do the same.
As a rather recent addition to the school, she had no idea who to vote for, really. She thought about it long and hard. Hrm...


Miles had never even noticed her. Why would he? She was a pudgy redhead with pale skin and few friends.
But he was cute, he was athletic, and he was cool. She was sure everyone else voted for him as well, but this didn't discourage her. What she would do for a night with him, handsome Miles.

She quickly shook away her silly thoughts and began pondering the next name to write down.

As for prom queen, it took Geo a while to figure it out. Who did she want wearing the crown? Maybe.... hmm.... yeah, why not?


She was blonde, beautiful and would fit as the "perfect queen" in this "perfect American High School". Geo could see her being rather regal and classy as queen.

Now she was finished. Time to go farm some gold on WoW.
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Owen didn’t exactly care about the whole Prom king et queen thing. There were better things in life to get, after all, and people would probably forget it in a year or so. Maybe. This was most certainly not him convincing himself it wasn’t worth it because he knew there wasn’t much of a chance of him winning. No sir.

Hey, a guy can always dream. There’s way more unlikely people than me, after all. Like, uh… Oh for fuck’s sake brain, don’t say you’re turning against me too?

Owen had to hold off on his internal debate, because he’d reached the ballot box. Picking up the pencil, he twirled it between his fingers whilst staring off into space, thinking. In hindsight, it probably would have been a better idea to think about this beforehand…

He sorta had an idea for who he would put down as prom queen, but ehhh. He still wasn’t sure whether it was such a good idea or not. Putting that aside for the time being, Owen started thinking about the prom king. There were several people that Owen would have picked. Jack, Corey, Jason, the guys on the tennis and football teams… The thought of the soccer team gave Owen an idea, and he quickly scribbled a name down, hoping his handwriting wasn’t too illegible.


Brian was a great guy, and he’d been one of the first people to befriend Owen after arriving in America. And now, for the queen. Owen considered a couple of people, such as Alex and Susan, before sighing, hastily looking around, and writing down his initial choice.


Really, that shouldn’t have taken so long…


Leaving this to the last few minutes of lunch probably wasn’t the greatest of ideas, but then again, Amy already had a good idea of who she was going to pick. Well, she was certain of who she was gonna pick as queen. The guys were slightly trickier, but it was nothing she couldn’t decide in a short period of time. Besides, it was only Geography she was missing. Nothing important.

Amy looked into the clear ballot box as she wrote her vote down. It had filled up pretty quick. For a few days, hardly anyone had written anything, but it was now reasonably full. She wondered who her friends and other classmates had written. If only she had a way of looking into the box and reading each of the slips.

Amy looked down at the paper, reading who she’d chosen for prom queen.


Girl deserved it a lot more than some of the other people she knew would be put down; the two Stacies for one… or, uh, two. Amy tapped her chin with the pencil, contemplating who else to add. She only wanted to put someone who she really thought deserved it. After a few seconds thought, she eventually wrote out a name


Why not? Again, he deserved it a lot more than some other people. Why not break the mould a bit?


Chase tapped the end of the pencil against the ballot box as he stared at the slip of paper in his hand. This was not supposed to be as tricky as it currently was. Chase had several ideas for the prom queen, but nothing set in stone. He hadn’t even thought about who he’d pick as king.

Chase felt around in his pocket, fingers brushing against several slips of paper. He honestly didn’t know who to pick. He’d made a shortlist, of sorts, but he hadn’t been able to choose between them. So instead, he’d written down their names on individual pieces of paper and put them in his pocket. He’d hoped he’d have been able to decide before reaching the box, but nope. His brain was just failing him today. He’d have to pick a piece of paper and write the name on that. Removing one of the slips from his pocket, Chase took a look at the name on it, smiling slightly. Yeah, he was certainly cool with this.


And now for the king. Yeah, Chase really had no idea. As he continued to tap the pencil against the top of the box, his hand slipped, and he accidentally tapped into the slot. In surprise, Chase let go, and watched the pencil fall and nestle amongst the many slips of paper.

Staring in slight disbelief, Chase removed his bag, and took a spare pencil out. Somehow, the action brought a name forwards, and he used the new pencil to write this on the paper.


Yeah, that worked. Pleased with his choices, Chase dropped the paper into the box, smiling as he saw it land directly on top of the old pencil. Chase made to leave, then remembered he was still holding the pencil, and turned back to leave it next to the stack of paper. It was then that he remembered the box of spare pencils. Again, Chase stared in slight disbelief, before laughing, and leaving.


Francis strolled over to the ballot box, hands in pockets, ideas in his mind for who to choose. He really had two options. The first was to vote for Miles and someone he knew the guy would hate. Francis knew that the look on the guy’s face would be absolutely priceless. However, there was the very real chance that someone else would be voted as Prom Queen, and then Miles would be pretty intolerable afterwards. So, no, that plan wouldn’t work.

Instead, Francis decided to just go with his gut feeling and choose who he wanted. He started to write a couple of names from the popular crowd, but stopped when he realised that none of them would ever know. He could choose who he wanted. Even so, the first name he wrote was still someone from the popular crowd.


Despite being in the popular crowd, Stacy was easily one of the nicest people there, and damn good looking to boot. Perfect. Choosing the king was slightly trickier, but still pretty easy.


Yeah, fuck voting for Miles. You deserve this way more than ‘im, Tito.
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May 30th, 2012, 5:51 am #10

Cody Patton walked through the library in a hurry, giving a polite and friendly 'hey' to any teammate or close friend he happened to pass, but he couldn't afford a lot of time at the moment. He stopped by the ballot box, hall-pass in hand, and quickly scrawled down his two votes to drop them in the box. He wished he could think of a more serious vote off the top of his head, but none came to mind at the moment. All he could think about in its stead was how hilarious his chosen royal couple would be if they happened to score king and queen. Fat chance, though.

Jessica stared at the ballot slip for a while, unsure of her second vote. The first seemed easy enough; she stared at her piece of paper again, just to let it register in her mind who she had picked.


If she had to hazard a guess, she'd say that Ramble might not be too thrilled with being voted prom king. Well, he might not care about being voted, but if he actually won it... well, who knows if he'd like it or not. Yet, she remained steadfast in her decision. Ramble was a really sweet guy; too sweet, really, to not have it be recognized throughout the school. There wasn't any problems with letting the spotlight shine on a humble guy every now and then, no matter the protests.

The pick for prom queen was kicking her ass, though. She didn't want to be tacky and pick herself; she'd just as soon not win it, anyway. After a bit of mental recitation of the school's roster, she went with the pick of a girl who she was on rather friendly terms with.

Sean already had his picks done the moment he stepped up to the box. He was skipping out on lunch for this, so his friends better have thanked him for running this favor. He wrote down the foregone conclusions, dropped them in, and went about his merry way.

Heck yeah, taco tuesdays!


He made a mental note to call them by their full names later so they could kill him for it. A glorious way to go!
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May 31st, 2012, 4:09 am #11

As Bianca passed the voting table for the fourth time that week, she decided that she really needed to get on that. It wouldn’t do for just anybody to win prom royalty. Grabbing one of the pencils and paper, she jotted down her choices from prom queen and king.


Logan made his way over to the voting table. He had just a few minutes, before he had to get class. He scrawled his choice for prom queen and king, slipped into the plastic box and hurried on his way.


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June 1st, 2012, 5:35 am #12

Iselle stopped, contemplated the prom vote box, and sighed. Prom was a ridiculously overwrought event that somehow, allegedly, made a senior year complete. It was sad, how much energy and importance some people invested in it.

But this would be her last year to vote, so she guessed she should.

Snatching up a ballot and pencil, she quickly scrawled out her votes.

Prom Queen: Bianca Howard
Prom King: Cody Patton

Duty completed, she stuffed the ballots into the box and headed off to lunch.


Cooper scratched his head as he stared at the ballot. He supposed he should vote for Paulo, since Paulo was his bro and all. But by the same thought, he should vote for Adam. But neither guy was really prom king material. Cooper couldn't quite picture either one doing that cheesy spotlight dance.

So in keeping with tradition, he'd vote for someone off the sports teams. Cody was a decent guy, and pretty funny too. He wrote down the other guy's name. As for the girls...

Mara Montalvo was hot as the day was long but stuck up. Stacy Ramsey was hot as hell, but kind of skanky. The prom queen should never be a skank. Jaquilyn Locke was another cutie but had a tendency towards public outbursts of flipping crazy. And Cassidy was an airhead, plain and simple. Really, only one girl deserved to be his prom queen.

Cooper filled out his ballot and headed off to class.

Prom King: Cody Patton
Prom Queen: Emily Nakoa


Genie bounced down the hallway, her trumpet case thumping against her leg. "Yeah, hold on a sec," she bellowed at her companions. "I gotta vote!"

Cody was an excellent football player and was usually pretty funny when marching band and football practices overlapped on those long, hot summer afternoons.

Prom King: Cody Patton

And while she didn't have a great reputation with some of the girls at school, Genie really liked Bianca. They had literally run into each other a few times during her morning runs with Pierre when he was especially energetic.

Prom Queen: Bianca Howard

With a flourish, she grabbed a pencil and wrote down her choices. Slipping the paper into the box, she charged towards her waiting friends. "I told you it would only take a minute!"
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June 1st, 2012, 6:25 am #13

Miles walked up to the prom vote box, setting his hot mocha latte to the side, grabbing the sheet of paper and pen.

For prom queen, he definitely wasn't voting his cousin Naomi. Travis's joke made him uneasy, as he did have a likely chance to be voted king and he wasn't interested in being one with his cousin as queen. So yes, definitely not her. There were so many lovely options he'd go with, but there was really only one choice that could benefit him, the best.

Emily Nakoa didn't think she had a chance, but Miles felt otherwise. She was likable and attractive in that exotic way, making her far from a generic barbie who thought too much of themselves. Plus he was her prom date. What better way to smack it into Francis' face, then somehow going to formal with the prom queen herself?

Prom Queen: Emily Nakoa

What if his cousin did win somehow? That would be unpleasant. Just in case, Miles decided to vote for his good buddy Cody Patton as king. If anyone deserved the role and truly suited the position as the prom king, it would be Cody.

Prom King: Cody Patton

Feeling satisfied with his votes, Miles folded the sheet and put it into the box.

Lahela Nakoa walked down the hall, strumming her ukulele merrily on the way, when she stopped and noticed the prom voting box.

Oh that was right, she nearly forgot to vote. She walked over and sighed, thinking back to her friends on the islands. She really missed them and wished she could have gone to prom at her old school, where she was recognized even just a little. Here, she didn't even have a date.

Lahela knew Emily liked the attention and her cousin deserved a nod, so why not?

Prom Queen: Emily Nakoa

King was harder. There were a lot of fine haole boys in this school, but she didn't really know any of their names. She wanted to vote for that gorgeous boy with the guitar, or maybe the handsome football player with the brunette colored hair and nice eyes. Again, it would be great if she knew them by name. For now she left the king section blank.

Maybe she'd come back again later.

Kyran Dean walked down the hall popping open a can of orange soda when he spotted a group of students standing around the principals office.

He walked over, just out of curiosity, when he spotted the sign.

Oh another popularity contest.

Cody and one of the cheerleaders were probably going to win that. He mused the idea of even getting a single vote for it. It would shock him to say the least.

Was he going to vote?


He kept on walking with a chill smile on his face.

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June 1st, 2012, 3:21 pm #14

Mallory wandered up to the ballot box just after soccer practice. She picked up the pencil and twirled it around for a moment, before writing down the first name for prom queen that came to mind.


Why not? Ruby was cool. Said what she meant, so Mallory didn't really have to wonder what she was thinking. That was always a plus.

She almost instinctively wrote Brian's name afterwards for prom king, but no. They weren't together anymore, were they? ...Actually, they'd split up ages ago, but Mallory had trouble keeping up with these things. Was dancing around with your ex awkward? Wouldn't it be easier, since they'd probably done it before? No, wait...

Ugh, why'd soccer have to end so soon? Mallory wasn't ready to stop playing. Maybe someone was around who'd play some more with her. Like Francis, he played soccer like a boss.

...Well, good a vote for prom king as anyone. A lot of people liked Francis, like that group of jerks he was friends with for some reason. Maybe that's a bad example, but eh.


Mallory dropped the pencil, stuffed the ballot into the box and ran off to see if any of her soccer-playing friends were around.


Naomi already had a prom queen in mind, because she'd promised her vote to someone. She wrote her vote down as neatly as possible, wouldn't want anyone to muddle her vote and think she meant Stacey with an E.


Who for prom king? ...Well, that comment that Travis made earlier about her and Miles being potentially forced to dance together was still annoying her. But she was even more annoyed at the fact that something a drug-addled dimwit said was affecting her so much. Besides, there were girls besides her that fit the image of prom queen better than she did, so the odds were still low.

So to hell with whatever ridiculous comments Travis made, she'd take her chances. Couldn't think of anyone else anyway.



Joe gazed down at the ballot. He had the pencil halfway towards his mouth to give it a good chomping before he remembered that it wasn't his pencil and quickly lowered it. He didn't really know that many people, so he was unsure on who to vote for.

Prom king... Joe briefly considered Marcus. He was ridiculously nice and kind and... stuff... and those are good qualities in a prom king, right? The mental image of Marcus and a super pretty girl waltzing around happily, though... that thought just annoyed him.

Joe didn't know if Marcus would like being prom king anyway. Lord knows that it would terrify Joe out of his wits. It was really more the sort of thing Travis enjoyed. Plus, Travis had been spouting some nonsense about the prom and getting laid, and being prom king couldn't hurt his chances.


Now... prom queen. Prom queen. Hmmm... most of his female friends were shy people. Would any of them even want to be elected prom queen? Joe would have just voted for Trav's date, but he wasn't sure who that was, if he even had a date at all. Joe pondered for a while longer. He decided just in time, as the pencil had been halfway towards his mouth again.


If she could handle riding horses around she could probably manage standing on a stage, right? ...Horrible train of logic, but it was all Joe could think of to go on.

Joe dropped the pencil back on the desk before he started trying to chew on it again.
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June 2nd, 2012, 3:42 am #15

For the third time in as many days, Joshua passed by the ballot box. He thought about passing it by without voting again, but he had a date this time and decided he was going to vote. He knew just who he was going to vote for as well, at least when it came to prom queen. Taking time to vote on his way to class, Joshua walked up to the ballot box and just stood there for a couple minutes, staring at the forms and the pencils and the box itself. He honestly didn't know who he wanted to vote for prom king. But he picked up the form and one of those little pencils anyways, and jotted down his choice for prom queen.

Prom Queen: Bianca Howard.

When he looked down at her name on the ballot, he smiled and imagined what she would look like up on stage with the bouquet, the sash, the crown, her dress... She'll be beautiful. Absolutely amazing. Drop dead gorgeous, he thought with a grin, and looked down at the field for his prom king vote. He didn't know of anyone to vote for, or how many votes there were, or even if anyone he did know would want to be king. And he certainly didn't want to vote for someone else to get up on stage with his girlfriend. They would probably have dates of their own, but what if they didn't? And what if they decided to try some stuff with Bianca, assuming she did get the win and get up on stage? Fuck that. If anyone is dancing with her, or getting up on that stage, it's going to be me.

Prom King: Joshua Edwards.

He put the pencil down and looked at the form for a moment. Was it in bad taste to vote for himself? It's not like they tracked the votes, so no one would find out. Even if they did, he didn't really think anyone would care. Bianca was his girlfriend, and it was only natural to want to be the one up there on stage with her if she won. Right. We're a couple, and if voting for myself means I'm the one up on stage with her, so be it, he thought to himself, picked up the pencil, and slipped the form in the ballot box. With that done, he walked off. He had some planning to do for prom. He wasn't going to let it be anything but amazing. It was Bianca's night, and he needed to make a couple arrangements. Of course, with his thoughts on Bianca and the arrangements he had to make for prom, he didn't realize he still had the pencil until he was almost to class.
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