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Miranda Millers quietly thought to herself.

Well, there were plenty of options, were there? One part of her wanted to vote for Mara or Kat or someone. But that wouldn't be fair, would it? After all, voting for friends was a big no. As much as she wanted to, it didn't seem right.

Gah, who could she vote for, then? Some part of her felt tempted to put down "Dolores Agnew", just so she could get the pleasure of seeing her squirm. It would be useless, though, seeing as she highly doubted she would be showing up in the first place. It'd be useless, and frankly, Miranda wasn't going to waste her vote on something stupid that wasn't going to happen just because she thought it was funny.

Oh, wait, she knew what she could vote for.

There had been some minor... giggles? Well, people had realized something, and frankly, she wasn't sure how many people voted for it because of that realization. But the thing is, there was a joke going around, and she decided one thing.

Well, why the heck not?

With a small mischievous smile, Miranda wrote down her choices.


As she placed her choices inside, she left, the grin still remaining on her face.

What a hoot! It was going to be comedy gold, no doubt.



Lana was honestly kind of apathetic about prom. She hadn't made too many plans, and she wasn't even sure whether or not she was going until recently. But she might as well vote.

But who?

She kind of wanted to go for someone who deserved it. Not Alba, obviously. Nor one of those girls who everyone claims were popular but were horrid to everyone else.

Someone who was decent. Someone who needed to be in the role.

As she stared at the pieces of paper, only two names came to mind.


She... felt kind of guilty somewhat for her choices. After all, Dave was both her ex and her friend. But honestly? They were the best choices she could think of. They honestly deserved it, and frankly, she would love to see them be king and queen.

And that was that.


Hmmm. Difficult.

Didn't it boil down to being a popularity contest in the long run? After all, they were essentially picking who they liked the best. And as Alex hated to admit it, someone like Patton was probably going to be it. Somehow people like him were popular. Popular! But she didn't want to see something like that happen, to be honest. Someone other than Patton, or Alba, or Rourke, or, heck, anyone who was a major jerk. So, yeah. Someone nice, and someone who feels like they could be a good king and queen.

So what then?

She slowly began writing down her choice for king


Well, that was easy, surprisingly enough. People would probably frown at her for voting for a friend, but you know.

Now for queen.

Who shall be the queen? Who shall be the monarch of the school alongside Kyran? Well. How about...


She wasn't so bad, and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for her to win. She was probably the nicer of the "popular" crowd, even if Alex didn't know her well enough. What could she say? She was someone she could approve of being queen. Enough said.

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Prom. The mere sight of it sent shivers down Frank's spine. Not of fear, but of disgust. He could not stand this kind of overrated popularity contests.

Still, burning the whole ballot stand would not serve to help. Votes would be recast and he would earn a suspension. He could also simply walk away and refuse to play the game of King and Queen Elections. Or he could have a little laugh at their expense. He pondered for a second, grabbing the ballots for both elections.

He briefly pondered whether to reward some of the not so hot students with a day in the limelight or not. It would make no difference. Even if they got elected, most of these students would not probably like playing the game of vanity.

So, it all boiled down to a practical joke. A smug grin appeared on his face as he voted.


And you deserve it. Frank pondered. Now the King election was tricky. There was no chance Adonis would be elected as Queen, but if he was, there was another joke he could make.


Take one for the team, Jasper. He thought as he placed the ballots inside the boxes.
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Prom voting was not something Adam was usually all that interested in. Yeah, sure, he was going to Prom. His parents told him it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, or at least it was for Adam now because he'd skipped the dance junior year. They told him that he'd have fun. They were paying for it, giving him a ride, all that stuff, so there was no escape. Adam already had a tux, inherited from some uncle or grandparent or neighbor or something. He thought it looked terrible. It was hard to be cool in a tux when you weren't, for example, James Bond.

He figured the whole thing just might be worth it to see all the guys in penguin suits, though. He hoped some of them had dates. It'd be fun to watch them dance and give them shit about it later. He didn't keep up with things, so he wasn't really sure what their romantic statuses were, but he didn't really have too much hope. Cooper and Paulo were great people to have at one's back or to work with in the ring, but Adam could say that neither was someone he'd have wanted to date, assuming he'd had any interest in dating guys.

He stood, looking at the ballot, fiddling with a pencil. He'd almost figured out how to spin it, but he messed up and sent it skittering across the floor. A few seconds' scramble later, Adam had recovered the errant writing utensil and had filled in his first choice.

Prom King: Cooper Komorowski

Cooper was a good kid. He wouldn't win Prom King. The title would go to some popular jackass, almost certainly. Maybe with a bit of luck it'd go to one of the more palatable popular kids instead. Adam's friends insisted they existed. He assumed that they were mythical creatures, kind of like unicorns, only they only came out on weeks without rain instead of only associating with virgins.

Prom Queen wasn't very hard for Adam to pick either.

Prom Queen: Lahela Nakoa

Lahela was a nice girl. She'd put up with all their crazy games, and she'd made Adam laugh. She was nice, and she was still relatively new. Giving her the title of Prom Queen would be a nice little welcome from Seattle. Besides, she was kinda cute, so maybe she actually had a chance. Aurora had a fuck ton of new kids. Maybe they'd organize, get a union, and force one of their own to power.

Votes taken care of, Adam moseyed away to continue his day. He didn't really even care too much about the outcome of this one.

Susan was getting pretty excited about Prom. She didn't have a date yet, but that was okay. There was still time, and, failing that, she'd go stag. That had a lot of appeal in general, actually. She'd go with the softball girls, and they'd all have a good time, just like always. She hoped Andi could swing a babysitter for the evening.

Besides, not having a date meant you could dance with anyone you felt like. It opened up worlds of possibility.

Susan cared some about the voting. She wanted to see cool people get the positions. There were a lot of students who deserved them, but she had decided on who to back even before the voting began.

Prom King: Cody Patton

Cody was a pretty cool guy. He was on the football team, and he was charming and nice to most people. He could be a bit rough on some of the less connected students, but he wasn't half as bad as some of his teammates, who were just jerks. Cody had a very good chance of carrying the vote, and Susan felt like he'd make a fine king indeed. Certainly better than the others who might end up with the title.

Prom Queen was easier. It didn't involve compromise. There could be no compromise on this one.

Prom Queen: Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer

Susan wanted her captain (well, one of her captains) to win. She'd known from the start that she'd vote for someone on the team, and Iselle just had something of a regal aura to her. Besides, she'd probably be in an awesome mood if she was crowned. That might win Susan some slack in practice.

Voting completed, she wandered off, looking for someone to discuss the dance with. It was going to be a big night, no doubt at all about that. The only issue was, it was almost guaranteed the music would suck. Unless, of course, she could organize a few people with taste to stack the requests sheet.

Lydia didn't know quite how to feel about Prom. She hadn't been planning to vote, but when she passed by the box, she figured she might as well. The only problem now was deciding who to vote for.

King was really simple.

Prom King: Rory Barton

Rory was a great choice because he was a great guy. He was someone Lydia felt quite positively towards. He was also someone who could really stand to come out of his shell a bit more. He always pushed Lydia when they were working with the horses. It was only fair that she return the favor when it came to school social functions.

Prom Queen was a lot harder. Lydia didn't really want to toss any of her other, quieter friends into the fray. Instead, she tried to figure out who would look good with Rory, who he'd have fun with. It wasn't an easy task. She wanted someone who knew what they were doing, someone confident and nice, someone who wouldn't make a fool of Rory.

She ended up pretty much guessing.

Prom Queen: Bianca Howard

Lydia had heard some mention of Bianca being a possible Prom Queen. She didn't know the girl well at all, but she loosely remembered Bianca dating widely. That meant she'd know how to take good care of Rory, right? She'd probably know how to dance already.

It was good enough. It would do.

Prom had gone from something mildly exciting to something Emily was nearly fixated on. It was amazing what a difference having a cool date meant. She'd been browsing dresses and hairstyles for days now, trying to figure out just what she wanted to do for the dance. She wanted to look fabulous. She wanted it to be a night she'd remember fondly for the rest of her life. This was a big thing, a coming of age ritual, and it was going to be great.

Emily had decided to vote her date for Prom King.

Prom King: Miles Strickland

She'd have seriously considered Miles even had he not asked her to the dance. As it was, nobody else could compare. It would be really great if he did get elected, for multiple reasons. First off, Emily would be really happy to see her friend get some recognition and acclaim. Miles was a great guy, and Emily thought he really deserved a fun time in the spotlight. On a more selfish level, going to Prom with the Prom King would score her enough points to coast for the rest of the school year. She might even get away with lightening up on her little extracurricular activities, claiming she was too busy with managing her image or something.

Yeah. That'd be nice.

Prom Queen was a little bit trickier to decide. Emily bit her lip and doodled a flower on a corner of the ballot as she thought. In the end, she couldn't bring herself to write down her own name. She wasn't going to win, no matter what. She just didn't have the notoriety or clout. If she was going to lose, she was going to lose with her dignity intact, not desperately clawing after a lost cause.

That meant she'd have to pick somebody else. Her initial instinct was to vote for Lahela. It'd be a nice token gesture towards her cousin, and Lahela really did deserve the title. She was another person Emily could be genuinely happy to see up on the stage, and she knew Lahela would be super respectful if she ended up dancing with Miles.

The only problem was, she was pretty sure Lahela wouldn't win. Emily really, really did not want to see something like one of the other cheerleaders ending up Prom Queen if Miles took the crown among the boys. That would put the evening's fun in jeopardy. It would probably get her teased and risked ending with her playing second fiddle to some other girl when it came to her own date. That would absolutely not do.

There was one good solution, though Emily felt a pang of guilt as she took the logical action.

Prom Queen: Naomi Bell

Miles would not appreciate having to dance with his cousin. Emily had heard some jokes about that floating around already. On the other hand, no way in hell would Naomi try to steal him, and no way in hell would she show Emily up.

Miles' feelings on this were a sacrifice Emily would just have to make. If it did happen, she'd just figure out some way to make things up to Miles.

Steven had promised his readers that he would vote on Prom royalty, and he had never been one to back out on promises made to his readers. This was what brought him to the little box, to the pile of papers and the stack of golf pencils. He picked a pencil up, weighed it in his hand. He looked around for somebody to talk to. There was no one around. It was quiet, except for the sound of someone in the principal's office talking on the phone.

This was too bad. Steven had been planning to ask for advice in casting his votes. He'd figured that maybe he'd turn the whole thing into a farce, a parody of the democratic process and a commentary on the malleability of voters. Instead, he was going to have to exercise his own judgement. That sucked.

He took a deep breath and tried to think of someone cool who he didn't have a crush on. That was the way to go. No letting things get personal. For once, he was going to be a proper, detached journalist.

Prom King: Matt Masters

Matt was a nice boy who seemed like a class act overall. That made him a good choice.

For Prom Queen, Steven decided to loosen up a bit, to poke a little fun. It was harmless, but it'd make for some great reading in the column, unlike Matt. He made a few little adjustments to the ballot with his pencil, then wrote in his choice and stuffed the ballot in the box.

Prom Queen: Expert: Juliana Jones

She wouldn't want anything to do with royalty, but Steven hoped that she'd enjoy it, if she somehow managed to win.