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When submitting characters for V6 Pregame, use this template exactly. That includes all bolding and paragraph breaks. It makes the staff's job much easier, and if the formatting is wrong, you will be made to change it before being given a full critique. Make everyone's lives more simple and take note of this message.

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[B]Hobbies and Interests:[/B]




Name: Pretty self-explanatory, everyone has a first and last name. Nothing too silly or fantastical please.
Gender: Your character's gender.
Age: Almost all V6 characters will be in the 16-18 age range. Anything outside of that must be explained and justified in the profile, and anything unreasonable will need to be changed.
Grade: Characters in V6 Pregame may be juniors and seniors only.
School: All characters for V6 Pregame must attend Cochise High School.
Hobbies and Interests: List anything that your character was involved in, such as school activities, volunteer work, etc., here. Important: Ensure you cover anything listed here in the biography! This section should be a simple list, with each item separated by a comma.

Appearance: Describe, in detail, what your character looks like. Please be as descriptive as possible, Anyone reading your bio should be able to picture your character vividly.

Biography: Tell us a bit about your character -- their past, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their general outlook on the world -- anything that makes your character stand out or anything you deem important or influential to your character should be listed here.

Advantages: Are there any advantages that your character may have over the other players? Ensure these are covered beforehand in the biography and don't come out of nowhere!
Disadvantages: What are some disadvantages that your character has as opposed to the competition? Keep in mind that not being able to shoot a gun while doing a one-handed handstand on a tree branch isn't a weakness. Bear in mind lacking fighting ability and gun training are also not disadvantages, but rather the assumed norm. Advantages and disadvantages should be written in narrative, not as lists.