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Name: Pretty self-explanatory, everyone has a first and last name.
Gender: Male/Female.
Age: Remember that your character is a high school senior. Please set their age accordingly.
Grade: All characters must be in 12th grade to participate in the game. Characters that are not in 12th grade may be approved for pre-game, but will not be accepted into V4.
School: All characters must attend Bayview Secondary School in order to participate in V4. Characters from other high schools may be entered into pre-game but will not be accepted into V4.
Hobbies and Interests: List anything that your character was involved in, such as school activities, volunteer work, etc., here.

Appearance: Describe, in detail, what your character looks like. Please be as descriptive as possible, I'd like for anyone reading your bio to be able to picture your character vividly.
Biography: Tell us a bit about your character -- their past, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their general outlook on the world -- anything that makes your character stand out or anything you deem important or influential to your character should be listed here.

Advantages: Are there any advantages that your character may have over the other players?
Disadvantages: What are some disadvantages that your character has as opposed to the competition? Keep in mind that not being able to shoot a gun while doing a one-handed handstand on a tree branch isn't a weakness.


Name: Adam Dodd
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior [12th]
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Video Games, Hockey, Cellular Phones, Acting, Writing

Appearance: Generally, Adam isn't the first person you'd pick out of a crowd. He's got broad shoulders, but isn't all that tall. Standing at 5'10, he has reddish-brown hair, and is fiercey proud of being identified as a redhead. His complexion's pretty good, with no noticable blemishes or skin conditions of any kind. His skin has a fairly healthy colouration to it, even though his arms and legs are pale when he wears shorts and t-shirts. Adam's about fifteen pounds overweight, but the weight is evenly distributed throughout his chest, legs, and rear end, so he doesn't appear to be outwardly overweight, nor does he have a big gut. Notwithstanding that, he's got very muscular shoulders and calf muscles from all of the hockey that he plays. His facial hair grows quickly, so even after he shaves, he usually has a bit of stubble, which grows liberally all over his face.

Biography: Adam's lived a very normal life throughout his early years and into high school. Born as the eldest child in what would eventually be a family of five, Adam managed to maintain what many in his era could not - a family unit that was uninterrupted by divorce or seperation. His parents were and are happily married, eventually having two more children who are two and seven years younger than him, respectively, both brothers. Things were fairly normal around Adam's house when he was young, and he'd tell you that he had a pretty solid childhood, for the most part.

Adam was never the most popular guy in school, but was the type of guy that most people tended to know through something or other. He wasn't exactly the kind of guy who got involved in everything during school, especially during his earlier years, because he just 'didn't see the point'. Instead, he preferred to do what made him happy and coast by without participating in too many extracurricular activities. When he does participate, he tends to throw himself in all the way, and has had a great time performing in plays, amongst other things. As far as his studies, Adam was identified as gifted back when he was younger, but always seemed to do things at his own pace. Thanks to a difficulty in organizing himself and managing his time poorly, Adam only ever really got B's while he was in elementary school. Upon entering high school, he pulled his marks up to mid-80s, but knew that he could have done better if he'd only pressed himself to try harder. He is a pretty good writer, and maintains that by playing an Internet roleplaying site called 'Survival of the Fittest'. He feels that it helps keep his writing constant and always improving.

Generally, Adam tries to be nice to those around him. He's of the belief that arguing with someone takes way too much effort, and it's a lot easier to be nice to them, mainly because it gets them even angrier. He's intelligent, and as such a little stubborn at times, especially in situations where he's convinced that he's right. He doesn't take criticism well, but knows that it's necessary to further himself as a person. Adam has a difficult time when it comes to risk-taking, and he strongly dislikes change. For Adam, the best thing to have happen is to maintain the status quo. He's always done things at his own pace, and it's helped and hindered him. Socially, Adam has a pretty decent group of friends, with one or two that are closer than the others. He'll do anything for his friends, and most people see him as generous to a fault, sometimes. That being said, he's also got a pretty good sense of humour, and if he connects with you, he'll probably be able to make you laugh pretty easily. Unfortunately, some people don't understand his sarcasm, and there are the rare instances where his mouth gets him into trouble. He tends to curse more than he should, and sometimes forgets who's in a room when he does.

Advantages: If you need someone on your side, Adam's the guy to go to. He'll try and help his friends as much as he can, sometimes to his own detriment. He's very cautious, and analyzes almost everything for the possible outcomes. He's intelligent, and can think outside the box when faced with an issue. He's in better fitness than he might appear to be thanks to his interest in hockey, which he plays twice a week.
Disadvantages: Adam's generous to a fault, and people could recognize that and exploit him for it. He's stubborn, and occasionally arrogant, and might not see the error in his ways until it's far too late. Also, risk-taking is something that's a huge hurdle for Adam, and if he can't take any risks, he may not last too long. There are likely people who've been annoyed by Adam that he doesn't even realize, who wouldn't mind taking him down a few pegs, or shutting him up for good.



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