Post-Game Theme Songs

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Generally, I think people are aware of what theme song threads are, usually popping up in pre-game. I imagine there are a variety of reasons why people choose certain songs for their characters, such as the song representing the character's personality or ideals, the type of music they listen to, or just something goes along while reading them.

However, as I said earlier, this mostly happens during pre-game, and maybe isn't totally representative of a character as it use to be. SOTF is a big monkey wrench into these's kids lives, so I thought it would be interesting if there was any kind of change in other people's characters themes after all is said and done. Bonus points if you dig up/remember what your kids theme use to be. I'll also say that Mini kids are fair game in this thread too, if you want.

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UnPy with the novel and interesting thread concepts that go woefully underappreciated once again D:

I'll help out my fair share.

Lili William's theme, in the V6 Character Theme Song thread, was Rest Aria, by The Residents. This song, sad and somewhat disturbing, was what I envisioned for her run, but what resulted was something a lot more bittersweet than I could have really imagined. I used an incredible amount of song titles for Lili's thread titles, but I'm unsure any of them really fit how things turned out for her. Now, when I think of how to musically express Lili and her story, I think to, of all things, sappy indie music that she would probably be somewhat opposed to.

Carissa's Wierd - Blessed Arms that Hold You Tight, Freezing Cold and Alone

Arthur is a little trickier for me to really pinpoint what I had expected for him going into the game, but I know it wasn't something as bleak and hopeless as what turned out from him. I guess I had the reverse expectation as I did for Lili, in a sense, though I know that really isn't the case. I was thinking something kind of a little happy, but still introspective, so I guess musically I could represent this with The Suburbs, by Arcade Fire. By the time that Arthur died, however, I had spun into something a whole lot more unhappy and depressing than I really thought I would get into at the outset.

Giles Corey - Grave Filled with Books

God, both these songs are really sad, aren't they? I'll try to write something happier for V7.

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This took ages for me to post in despite me having answers a while ago. Anyways, I suck at picking character music sometimes, and I'm indecisive and change my mind a lot. As such, I'm using this to mulligan a couple characters I think I only assigned music to after their stories ended, but so it goes.

Kimberly Nguyen's original song, as stated here, was Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall by Simon and Garfunkel (this will be a recurrent thing). Part of how I pick songs for characters is by choosing stuff the character would actually like (if they're a musical sort) which for Kimberly entails 60s/70s folk rock. The thing is, Simon and Garfunkel are kind of low-hanging fruit there, and while this song is nice on a psychological level it's not quite prickly enough and has a little religious aside that doesn't fit. It's something that falls very nicely into a very specific time frame for her, one from about the end of Burn On through the Epilogue.

So what I've got for her now (though it's always changing) is The War Is Over, by Phil Ochs, which is a better fit by virtue of having a lot more force of will behind it and by being a protest song (and specifically a Vietnam War protest song) instead of merely era-approrpaite folk rock. Honorable mention to Eve of Destruction as performed by Barry McGuire which I invoked in the Epilogue but is a little detached comparatively and also is better known so less fitting.

Next up, we have a mulligan on Karen Ruiz from TV1. Originally, in this thread, I noted Karen's theme as I Am A Rock by (wait for it) Simon and Garfunkel. This is a song that fits really nicely on a lyrical stance in most ways and less in a few others. In fact, before 'fxod came up with the dual Epilogue title ideas, I was toying with "An Island Never Cries" as a title--actually still have it tentatively blocked out for a loosely Karen-related project that will likely never see the light of day. And yet...

Karen isn't a super musical person (she'd rather pretend to be listening to something while actually spying on her surroundings) but if she was, she wouldn't be a Simon and Garfunkel sort. The biggest thing that's wrong with I Am A Rock is that it has words. I had a whole extensive playlist for Karen at one point and then I replaced it with another without any words to any of the songs, and the second fits much better. It's also not sci fi, and that's something that's not super fitting either--Karen's thing is sci fi novels and weird late night movie and a certain not-quite-pessimism.

Thus, two songs without words, by the same artist. These are the ones that bookend my no-words playlist and I think you can flip a coin as to whcih fits better. It changes based on my mood. Down In The Park (Piano Version) and I Nearly Married A Human, both by Gary Numan. Runner up to Phase 3: Agni Detonating Over The Thar Desert by Earth.

Perhaps someday I'll come up with more of these for other characters (though most lack an original song to compare to and are thus substantially less interesting). The only other characters I can remember giving music are Aaron (who I'm not poking at enough to revise my take on) and Jewel (who I got it right on the first time).

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