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Hey guys!

So, seeing as how every school – whether it’s got a student body of 300 or 3000 – has a popular crowd of sorts, I thought it’d be a good idea to bring together the kids from V6’s pregame’s already burgeoning cast whom are described as ‘popular’. I loved how V5’s popular clique was so well-formed, and whilst we’d obviously not want to replicate it entirely, I think it’d be a good idea to gather everybody up so we could start running ideas/plots/backstory and form more relationships! I think it’d just be so swell to have a group of at least slightly tight-knit kids who (as a group at least) get along swimmingly, barring the usual spats every clique endures. So this is really a way of getting a gist of the people in this clique and who they’d usually socialise/hang out with.

Naturally, despite belonging to the same group, not everybody who’s popular is gonna get along with/legitimately like every other popular kid (at my school I know we were BACKSTABBY AS HECK), so we’re not gonna be like The Famous Five or anything like that. But everybody loves writing conflict, so that’s even more wonderful~

So basically, we’d be looking for social kiddliwinks with ‘popular’ interests who’re *~involved*~ in school (whether it be through having a bucketload of friends in many circles, partaking in many extracurricular activities, being prominent members of the party scene – in a small town like Kingman parties would probably be EVEN MORE INTENSE – or any other ways)!

In addition to making a list of the guys & gals in this group, I thought I’d make a list of ‘associates’ to these kids – such as siblings (say one kid is popular but their sibling isn’t), ex-members, haters, people to hate on, anything like that! c:

So just post here if you’re interested, and let’s make magic happen!

Current Members:

Ron Bailey (Forced his way in/Obnoxious/$$$/Attention Whore/Party Animal) – LordB
Daniel Brooks (Showy/Fun/Hard Partier/Easily-Pressured) – ViolentMedic
Asher Glas (Friendly and outgoing nice guy) – NotAFlyingToy
Conrad Harrod (Social butterfly overachieving council dude) – RemoteControl
Morgan Jones (Hangs out with/is friends with the peepz, but isn’t too close to anybody) – Pippin
Nathanial Jones (Cheerleader/Causes Drama with Other Groups/Resident Snarker) – Teive
Roderick Kanuho (Well-Known Wrestler/Big Name) – TheBurnedHandler
Oskar Pearce (Cheerleader/Bubbly/People-Pleaser/Social Climber) – SansaSaver
Richard Samuels (The One Everyone Tolerates/Social Climber/Try-Hard) – Teive

Emma Aguilar Luz (Friendly and nice student council gal) – KamiKaze
Ivy Langley (Cheerleader/Gossip/Rich Girl/Social Climber) – Fenris
Mia Rose (Cheerleader/Bubbly/Peppy) – Pippin
Cassandra Venus (Wild and fun/PARTYYYYYYY) – Will
Adelaide Walker (Sporty/Academic) – MrMissMrs Random


On the Fringe (Kids who’re popular but something’s stopping them from being 100% ‘in’)
Joshua Bracewell (Tonnes of Extracurriculars/Well-Liked – But too busy and socially open) – SansaSaver
Frederick Brea (Athletic/Chill – But ur hobbies r wEIRD) – MrMissMrs Random
Clarice Halwood (Tonnes of Extracurriculars/Well-Liked – But too openly disagreeable) – ViolentMedic
Dante Luciano Valiero (Well-Liked/Partier – But too socially open) – Fenris
Kaylee Lytton – (Pretty and friendly party girl – But naturally introverted and plagued by rumours)
Crisanto Luz (Well-known athlete – But a bit quiet and depressing) – TheBurnedHandler
Jack McBride (Friendly enough to just scootch in – But hella nerdy) – Pancapples
Bridgette Sommerfeld (Preppy Overachiever/Well-Liked – But too busy and socially open) – leAloha
Tabitha Valenzuela (Social butterfly – But open with everybody) – Pancapples
Noah Whitley (Eccentric and comedic – But it’s a subjective thing) – Laurels

Gary Kwan (#HellaHater) – Pancapples
Fiyori Senay (PARTY GALLLLL but ew why won’t she judge with us?) – Bikriki
Version Seven:
Tristan O?Hara
Dorothea Rodriguez
Ariana Simpson
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February 5th, 2015, 2:56 am #2

Obviously I need to bring up Danny. Basically "the guy who tries far too hard to maintain his popularity." Plays down his nerdy habits and plays up the ones he thinks make him cool, like his football and dancing skills. Very, very suspectible to peer pressure from the other popular kids. So, likely popular because 1) he's very good at dancing and football and those are very showy activities, 2) he's generally fun to be around (if a bit grating if you're trying to make him take something seriously, plus he's probably made a few enemies among the girls due to his constant breaking up with people) and 3) he would absolutely party hard, if only to make sure that people know he's fun to be around so that they won't leave him behind.

(I can't say for sure as he's not my character, but Danny has a twin brother, Jacob (Wes' guy) who is not so big on popularity and is a little weird, so that might count as an associate.

Clarice is pretty rampant where extracurriculars are concerned and might be decently popular, but she's equally likely to clash and I don't know if she'd be involved in this group or not. She can be pretty arguey and grating and I'm sure there's a few popular kids that she doesn't get along with at all. And Lily is the type to maybe float around and talk to a lot of these kids at one point or another, but not really get too friendly with them. But same goes for most people.
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Dante and Ivy are both kinda "popular kids" but in very different ways- Ivy's a social climber/rich girl cheerleader, Dante is just genuinely well-liked, is generally known by everyone at the school, and likes to party. (The two of them presumably know each other but I'm going to keep them apart as much as possible; I imagine it'd be difficult to RP with yourself ;w;) So basically Ivy's more of the ~popular girl~ type, while Dante is just a cool guy who happens to be popular (but ends up running with a similar crowd). Ivy's the cliquey dramatic one who's liable to hoard gossip and shun people outside of the cool kids (besides the band kids, who she will defend to the death)- Dante probably doesn't even think of the "popular kids" as a group, he just thinks of his friends as his friends.
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Yay, Danny and Ivy sound lovely! They sound like perfection additions~

I put Clarice and Dante under a ~new tab~ called ‘On The Fringe’ – which is where kids who’re popular with other students and well-liked and even friends with a lot of the people in the popular clique, but who have elements (like Dante’s super social openness and Clarice’s openly argumentative nature) that would prevent them from being lumped in with the group specifically~ But that was just a random idea I had and it could totally be changed! This list belongs to everybody, as it were, so just tell me if you want something fixed with it! c:

And obviously I’m interested in dropping my own kid in here too! Oskar’s a peppy and friendly people-pleaser and the sort to want to be friends with everybody, but I think that he’d gravitate towards the popular circle more often than not thanks to the comfort and love he’d get from the status. I’m putting Joshua ‘on the fringe’ too, thanks to him being too busy with activities and not wanting to limit himself to any specific certain group to be really ‘in’ with the popular kids!
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Nathanial is definitely 'in' the popular crowd. He tends to cause drama with other groups/people because he is incredibly rude to them, but he is kind and loving with those in the 'in' group--even if he will occasionally drop a rude comment. He doesn't want to be mean! He's just pretty sure 99% of social interaction involves biting sarcasm.

Bartholomew is probably not in the popular group. He's a freakshow. But he isn't afraid to go and talk with the popular kids, or show up at a party he isn't invited to.

Richard wants to be in the popular group, but also wants to be THE popular kid, so he may grate on the others who are more laid back.
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February 5th, 2015, 5:58 am #6

Adelaide Walker would be popular because she's in sports- track, and grades-wise while still able to have a social life. She wouldn't be close to many other popular kids so that could distance her.

Frederick Brea is an athlete and all around chill guy, but his other hobbies would probably scare some people off or look down on him for it.
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Bridgette's definitely on the fringe, if only because of association. She's fairly well-liked and knows good people, and she does have friends among the actual popular crowd.
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February 5th, 2015, 4:06 pm #8

Due to Cassie being very sociable as well as her wild/fun nature and love of parties she'd probably be one of the popular people. She's also friends with Danny and Oskar who are in the popular group so it would probably make sense for her to be popular too.
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February 5th, 2015, 10:09 pm #9

I think my character Conrad Harrod would probably be popular, as he tries to be friendly to everybody and to have a good reputation and socialising and stuff. He's also kinda athletic with doing swimming and basketball. And I goes tutoring and council might count as being involved in school?

I'd also have to think about if one of my character could fit as an associate (probably not on the fridge, though), but I'm not sure yet.

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February 5th, 2015, 10:14 pm #10

Fiyori is a party gal, but she is also pretty opinionated and would love to hack on the pop. squad for being "shallow" and all that good stuff. Y'know, she'd be just the one who wants to dance and rave, and gets really tired of slander and all that good stuff.

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February 5th, 2015, 10:19 pm #11

You know, now that I think of it, my new girl Emma might fit. I'm thinking she might be on the student council, and she's generally pretty friendly and nice. At the very least she could be somewhat popular with the more academic crowd?


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February 5th, 2015, 11:04 pm #12

@Teive: That sounds good! Nathanial and Richard (he seems like the sorta friend who would’ve broken into the group through sheer insistence XD) to the main group!

@MonsieurMadame Random: I Addy added to the main and Frederick as a fringe – does that sound good? ^-^

@leAloha: Added Bridgette (I can’t get over how much I love her name, btw!) to the fringe! Lil’ question tho – is there a specific reason she wouldn’t be in the main group itself? Or is she the usual too busy/WANTS TO SPREAD HER SOCIAL BUTTERFLY WINGS!!!? c:

@Will: Yas! Cassie added to the main group – less of a sausage fest now XP She seems like a really great addition!

@RC: Conrad sounds wonderful! Tutoring and council would defs count as involvement! He’s been added too! c:

@Bikriki: Baeeeeee <3 Fiyori sounds like the perfect hater/hated gal!

@Kami: Firstly I’m actually really in love with Emma already! She’s got so many layers and I can’t wait to read her! Secondly, I think she’d be a really great addition to the popular group! Probably one of the ‘sweeter’ members, like Cassie and Oskar and Conrad!

So to summarise – I’ve added Nathanial, Richard, Adelaide, Cassie, Conrad, and Emma to the main group; Frederick and Bridgette to the fringe; and Fiyori as a hater/hated gal! I hope that all sounds good! <3
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February 6th, 2015, 12:45 am #13

Hash and "Brian" (if I use him) are probably popular-ish, at least in the sense that they're not total dickwads and also their accomplishments, activities or just their very nature in Brian's case mean that in a small place like this they're someone everyone'd probably know of. Not sure on Kaylee; she's pretty and friendly and goes to a lot of parties and such but she's also more naturally introverted and there are those nasty rumours following her around. Decent chance though. Also "Hash" publicly and brutally broke up with Ivy at some point which could cause divisions within the popular crowd re: which one they support and whatnot.
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February 6th, 2015, 2:12 am #14

Gary would probably be in hated just based off of his: "Man, fuck those guys." attitude. I'm imagining him with more of a Brooklyn accent every day.

Meanwhile, Tabby might be in the fringe category because of her being so open it hurts. Jack is probably juuuust popular enough to be in the fringe category, but enough of a nerd to not be included in most things.
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One of my kids, Ron Bailey, may qualify for this. Ron's from a fairly rich family and is pretty generous with his (Well, his parents) money, so people generally tolerate him even if he can be rather attentopn-seeking and obnoxious, though he's not aware how annoying he can be and believes he's well-loved for his 'charming personality'. That said, he's not a bad guy at heart and though he doesn't do a great deal around school with activities and such he tries to be the life and soul of any party - usually by being the loudest one there.
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