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March 1st, 2008, 7:04 am #16

OOC: Permission to control Dan granted by Kyle. Plus, Owen's got a deal with the motherfucking devil. Let's make dis' shit quick.

Paul's forearm collided with Owen's head, just along the bridge of his nose. The force from the strike alone was enough to send the frail boy onto the ground, blood slowly dripping from his nose. Tears started to well up in his eyes, the shock from the blow sending the boy into a childish stupor. "Oww!" he screeched, holding onto his nose with his right hand. "Aww! No fair! I wasn't ready for that!"

Owen finally arose to his feet, his whole body trembling violently as he looked to see where the other boy was. He found that whoever it was had made like a tree and left... or something. Owen really didn't care for the specifics. The only thing he really did care about was the fact that Dan had left. Reason enough to let Owen start to sob like a small child who had just scraped his knee. With both his bag toted in one hand and the bb gun clamped down in his other, Owen ran out of the Storeroom as fast as he could.

((Owen continued in Yes It Is))
((Dan continued in Lady So Divine))