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Who am I?

I am me.

I am the me that I know, but the me that you know could be completely different from the me that I know... the me that is me.

The me that you know is only the me that you see. Perception is everything, and your perception of me... it isn't me. You know what I want you to know, nothing more, nothing less. I am the puppeteer and you, the puppet, fed the truths and the lies that I want you to know, never knowing the true truths, only the ones wrapped in deceit.

To kill. To take the life of another. In Survival of the Fittest, to sacrifice the lives of others in order to save oneself. Simple Darwinism by definition. But nothing is ever simple. Simplicity itself is an entity wrapped in lies and shrouded in darkness. Simplicity doesn't exist. The deeper you delve, the more you uncover, and the more depth everything has to it.

It's all in your perception.

To live. To play. To kill. To die. This is all that my existance has boiled down to. Those are my choices. To play... to kill. To die. Whether we play or not, we still die.

Death is all that is left.

Except for one. One glimmer of hope. One distant star. Survival. Only one will survive, the rest will die.

Cold blue eyes shot open, scanning the orange-colored morning sky.

My name is Khrysta Lawrence. Somewhere between three and twenty-four hours ago, I boarded a bus on what was supposed to be the Southridge senior class of 2007's graduation trip... but, it wasn't meant to be. Much like the incident one year ago, our would-be good times weren't on the agenda of others, and we were whisked away, fitted with collars, and forced to be nothing more than rats in a maze to the orchestrators of what some people would call a 'game'.

It's a game, alright... a game that toys with people's lives. After all, what's a life when it isn't your own? When it's turned around on you, though, that life becomes your most treasured and precious belonging... and that is why we find ourselves here, trying to convince ourselves that our only choice is to kill everyone and everything to become the One. The winner. What many fail to realize is... there can only be one. One person's chance of survival? Almost zero.

The blonde-headed girl lying on the cool, damp grass slowly forced herself up from the ground and lightly rubbed the back of her head. She had a mindnumbing headache, perhaps an effect from the gas that had been forced on them, but she tried her best to fight it away. Her vision, formerly distorted, returned to normal, and after a moment, she could finally get her bearings.

Trees. Grass. Water. ... Water? Sure enough, only a few feet away from Khrysta lie a glistening lagoon. If she had landed ten feet to the left, she'd have drowned before she ever awoke from the gas. This fact occurred to the blonde girl, but she simply let out a light sigh.

And so it begins. My game. My story. My chance for survival.

A few feet away from her lay the standard-issued forest green daypack, "G17" stencilled in white for all to see. She was no longer Khrysta Lawrence. She was now Female Student no. 17. A statistic. A subject. The thought made her sick to her stomach. She pulled the pack to her and unzipped it, almost immediately locating the "weapon" they had given her, though the object definitely didn't resemble a weapon much.

It was called a jo and it was used in martial arts. Khrysta knew that much. Beyond that, she knew nothing, only that she was supposed to use it to preserve her own life. With something that was the equivalent of a durable stick, it would be quite hard to do. But, not impossible.

Khrysta held the stick loosely in her hand, swinging it around in circles, and moved over to the tranquil waters of the lagoon. Ahead of her was a tall cliff that she couldn't see over, and beyond that, nothing except trees. It was peaceful here. Eerily so.

Overhead, a few birds cried out. Khrysta's attention turned toward the birds as they flew overhead. The tranquility of the lagoon belied the chaos that was ensuing elsewhere on the island. Khrysta knew this much, but somehow, managed to keep calm. It took a lot to startle Khrysta into a panic, and although she probably should have been panicking now, the reality of the game had yet to completely kick in.

She had already decided what she would do. She wouldn't play, not exactly. The problem with playing the game was that it was an indiscriminatory obligation. If you played, you were supposed to kill. The line between friend and foe faded into grey before it swallowed the two completely and they became one.

If you 'played', you had no friends, no allies, nothing to fall back on. Still, Khrysta wouldn't lie around and die. She was an athlete to the core -- a very talented dancer, one of the best on the Swim Team -- she wouldn't go down easily in a fight. And fight... was exactly what she would do.

If they attacked her, she would defend herself. If she had to kill them, she would do it. She nodded her head in solemn confirmation of that choice. She didn't have to play, but she didn't have to die, either. Khrysta resumed her seated position, placing her back against the water's edge so she could watch the rest of her surroundings.

Better to enjoy the peace while it lasts...

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((Continued from The Cursed and the Damned))

It was so annoying. She had decided that about 4 miles ago. Her bandaged elbow was throbbing, and the bandage around the cut on her head was already soked with blood. Melina hated this. How in the hell did she go from being on top, having a powerful gun, and ready to win it all, to a mess of a girl in a matter of minutes? One reason. Paul-friggin-Smith. The god-aweful pain in her head made it hard for her to concentrate on anything at all, especially not that horrible map she tossed a ways back. It was too confusing.

“Uggh! Why is this happening?!” She yelled to the empy surroundings. If only trees could talk.

'Damn... now I'm talking to myself... Maybe I should've saved Heather. At least I'd have someone to talk to.' She sighed mentally and continued on her way.

She eventually came upon a clearing with a small lake in it. She figured this was the Lagoon she had seen on the map. Not too shabby. She looked around and spotted a girl sitting not far from where she was standing. Luckily she hadn't made noise yet, and the girl's back was facing her. Melina smiled.

Her pack dropped to the ground, no doubt alerting the girl to her presence. She smiled at the girl, and held up the saw with her bad arm, white the legnth of the chain rolled out from it's previous position around her wrist.

“Hey babe. What's up? It's gonna be a fun ending for senior year, that's for sure.” She grinned like the cat that ate the canary and sprinted for the other girl. She couldn't quite remember her name, but soon it wouldn't matter anyway. Melina swung the chain at the girl, hoping to crack her in the face with the iron.
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Evelyn Richinson had been running for the last few minutes.

She was good at running and her speed had been so shocking that she'd seen a lot in her last few minutes of survival. She'd seen Melina Frost shoot Lance Barrett, she'd seen Paul Smith hold up Izzy and Maddison and she'd seen Blood Boy put his sword to Renee Valenti's throat. There was one thing that was made certain in her sprint across the island: People where playing the game and Evelyn Richinson, someone who had all the reason to survive was not. This of course presented a small problem and as she headed for the lagoon she couldn't help but've her eyes widened as she saw Melina Frost attack Khrysta. She had known Khrysta as Evelyn had participated in the swim team her Freshman year for conditioning and the two pretty much hit it off rather well.

Well, they hit it off well enough that Evelyn couldn't allow Melina Frost to bash in her face...though in retrospect she wouldn't've allowed anyone to do that to anyone, at least in good conscience.

Darnell, where are'd be able to figure this out. You'd be able to come in and save the day, I just...don't know, do I sit here and allow it to happen? Become a victim myself next? No, I may not be playing, but I just can't allow someone to take advantage of this opportunity and kill everyone in sight, we can do this, we can figure away out! Hell all of us at Southrdige are in the top percentiles in the nation! No, Melina Frost, you won't be able to do this...

Evelyn Richinson noted when Melina had swung her chain and with her focus completely and utterly directed towards the Khrysta lying down Evelyn ran in at top speed, in less than a second Evelyn would jump up and outstretch her legs, slamming them into Melina's back in other words: a drop kick. Evelyn was no fighter, but her powerful legs, the speed gained by the jump and the fact that she had a running start would guarantee at least heavy bruising of Melina's back or in the worst case scenario a fracture of said back. The problem? After she did this she herself would pretty much end up on the floor and have to scuffle up to get up, but this shouldn't be a problem as Melina was to busy attacking the helpless for no particular reason or sense to realistically have time to notice the approaching star football player.

If the blow happened to land Evelyn would then get up and continue to sprint outwards towards the island, not stopping at all until she was completely certain she was safe -which on this island could be never-, at least, well at least she managed to help Khrysta out a little bit...

She hoped.

((Continued in Carnage))
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All too quickly, the peace and quiet Khrysta had been enjoying was broken by the sound of a pack dropping to the ground and running feet. If Melina Frost didn't think Khrysta could see her coming from a mile away, she was sorely mistaken. She'd been sitting with her back toward the water, after all, and could at least see from her peripheral vision.

"You idiot," Khrysta uttered, swinging her weapon up to block her face with relative ease.

It's not that Khrysta really knew how to use the thing, but Melina's actions were rather predictable. Khrysta wasn't exactly what one would call friends with Melina Frost, but she knew enough about her to know she wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box.

And besides that, who would be stupid enough to attack someone with their bad arm? A quick analysis of the bandages wrapped around Melina's head and elbow had easily given away her weaknesses, and made her actions quite predictable and easy to read.

What Khrysta hadn't expected was for the lithe form of Evelyn Richinson to suddenly run out from the underbrush and plant her feet square into Melina's back. Khrysta used the distraction to move to her feet and sidestep Melina. Being a dancer, she was quick on her toes, while the redheaded girl seemed clumsy by comparison.

"Thanks for the help, Richinson," Khrysta mused with a faint grin, her attention turning immediately back to Melina, "As for you... make one more move on me, and die. That's not a threat, Frost, it's a promise."

It sounded so cold, even as it came from Khrysta's mouth, but she fully meant it. If Melina continued to attack either herself or Evelyn, Khrysta would retaliate, and considering the redheaded girl was already injured, probably from a prior battle, she would probably come out on top.

"You're already injured. I doubt it'd take too much for the two of us to take out that arm completely. I'd suggest you get yourself together and get out of here."

Maybe that part was an empty threat. Of course, the first thing Khrysta would attempt to do if Melina insisted on attacking her would be to go for her arm, as it was obviously a weak point. Whether Evelyn would aid her or not was debatable, though.

Friends. Allies. Trying times like these make you wonder who you can truly count on.

She held the jo back up in a defensive position, shaking her head somewhat to get a few stray strands of her blonde ponytail away from her face, but her eyes never once turned away from Melina. More oftern than not, diverted attention in a fight didn't make for a happy ending.

"You know, Frost..." Khrysta mused suddenly, her eyes narrowing somewhat, "You're not worth the wasted energy. I'm out of here, Richinson, you can tag along if you want. As for you, follow me and I won't hesitate to break your neck."

Melina'd already proven herself to be quite clumsy with the way she came rampaging into the area. If that was her version of quiet, Khrysta would have hated to know what the redheaded girl thought it meant to be loud. Shaking her head somewhat, she turned and walked away, still looking over her shoulder every so often to ensure that Melina hadn't gotten ballsy and followed.

((Continued in Those Who Stray...))

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Melina had been very foolish. She hadn't taken into account the fact that she was making so much noise, possibly alerting Krysta to her position long before she uttered a word. She also hadn't expected her attack to fail like it did. That wasn't in her plans at nall. Of course, if it wern't for the arrival of Evelyn Richardson, she might've been able to take Krysta out.

Evelyn scored a direct hit to the Small of Melina's back with her foot. Melina cried out in pain as she flew forward. She landed on her hands and knees, gasping for the air that was so suddenly knocked out of her. He back felt as if it has snapped in two. Luckily it hadn't, and all that the kick would have done is bruised her badly. Melina was no doubt pissed, but as Krysta said, Two agains one didn't exactly make for a happy ending. Melina was content to know that they were foolish enough to let her leave.

She stood shakily and watched as Krysta left the area. She waited to see if evelyn would follow her She didn't care though. Melina turned briskly in the other direction and walked to the water. She cupped her hand and splashe some onto her face. She didn't need the tears that the kick made her spill to be seen by anyone.

She was going to escape this hellhole one way or another. But first, she'sd have to get a much better weapon than her chain or saw. She needed a gun.

((Continued in Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures))
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