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'Well...that's over with. Thank god nothing happened...' Velvet thought to herself with relief as the unknown person behind the door decided to leave. She lowered her chair slightly as she heard footsteps going down the stairs and began to calm down. She looked to John to see how he'd react and immediately froze when she saw the angry look on his face. Then he began talking.

'Hey, I am not a bimbo!' Velvet's first thought was. It was kind of funny, in a way. Here she was, on an island full of her fellow students who wanted nothing more than to kill each other...Hell, she was inside the same fucking room as one of them and yet all she could get angry about is that John Rizzolo had called her a bimbo. She tightened the grip around her chair, eyes narrowing at he continued speaking.

John pointed the gun at her and she felt a small flash of fear run through her body. What was she going to do? He was going to shoot her. There was no doubt about that. But she wasn't going to go out like this. Not standing in some stupid control tower with a murdering bastard. She was Velvet Retsiloh, captain of the varsity soccer team. She had gone for the top in her life and fuck it if she wasn't going to play second fiddle to the psycho in front of her. No, she wasn't going to just lay down and die here.

She ignored his last words and took in a deep breath. As soon as John finished speaking, she only said, "Fuck you." as she tossed the chair with all of her strength straight at his face. She immediately bolted for the door, not bothering to see if the chair had hit him. She scrambled down the stairs, adrenaline pumping through her veins. She tripped over the last couple of steps, landing on the hard concrete with a painful thud.

'Dammit, I've gotta get outta here.' Velvet thought to herself as she pushed herself up from the ground. She sprinted across the field as fast as she could, trying to just get...anywhere, really. Anywhere that wasn't here. She just hoped that John would be too lazy to chase her. But then what were the odds of that? He was probably right behind her, firing that goddamn gun of his.

Well, it didn't matter. She just had to outlast him. Hopefully that would be good enough.

(Continued Elsewhere)
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The chair narrowly missed John and went crashing through the window of the control tower. He'd underestimated Velvet's natural reflexes and almost payed the price. As he recovered, he readied himself to shoot, but she was already bolting down the stairs.

"Oh nonononononono, you don't get off that easily." John roared as he grabbed his bag and tore off after her.

He wanted to kill Velvet almost as much as Maxie or Emma, and nothing would stop him from getting his kill.

(John continued in A Convoluted Conventicle))
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