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August 2nd, 2011, 2:06 am #16

Aston was blaming herself now. Despite Joe's words.

This was her fault, she fucked up. You fuck up.

She kept calm though. Her face neutral.

His first request came.

Aston was confused. Conflicted more like it.

A hug? Why was he asking for that?

"... really?"

No place on this island for hugs.

She looked away from the bleeding boy. The thought of hugging someone was even more conflicting than watching someone die in front of her.

Should she be worried about that?

"... right..."

Aston hesitated. She hugged him. It took all of her energy to do so.

"I'm sorry."

She didn't cry. Joe couldn't have known how hard it was forcing herself not to.

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Aston's arms wrapped around Joe's wide chest.

okay hard part's over i can do this and then I can finally give in

Joe, using a lot of his remaining strength, reciprocated. His left arm wrapped around her back, while his right dangled limply over it.

it really is hell of useless isn't it god that arm is fucked she's warm it's nice feeling something warm when you're this cold need to finish this

He bent his head down, inches from Aston's shoulder.

"Aston... don't blame yourself for what happened to me. I've been expecting to die for a few days now, and honestly I'm glad I got to save you in the process. Twice, even. All I've wanted was to redeem myself... and even if I didn't do it perfectly, I did it a damn sight better than I expected to," he said, frequently pausing to breathe in and out. "All I want you to do is go on. Win if you can, pay this forward if you can't. Anything past that is completely your call."

A pause. A little more blood leaked from his mouth.

"Thank you," he said. "For everything. For giving me a chance to fix my conscience, and for being there in my last moments. Beats the fuck outta dying alone." He released his arms from her, picked his head up, walked to his daypack, and sat down next to it in the grass.

The giant closed his eyes and slept peacefully.


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August 2nd, 2011, 3:02 am #18

And that was that.

It was over.



Aston was hollow. The loneliness crept up on her and it made her shiver.

It was so cold outside.

She gave him conscious?

She didn't.

She was just a fraud.

An emotionless dummy.

Was that a tear in her eye?

No. No.

No crying. Dummies can't cry.

Crying was for the after, not the before.

Joe wanted her to win. She should have expected it. Should have fucking known. Could she do it? She didn't know.

All she knew was that he wanted her to win.

And that she wanted to live.

That was all she needed.

There were less than fifty people? Did she hear the announcement right?

Heavy odds.

She was one person.

Too late to be making friends. Especially those who wanted you dead.

Aston hesitated. Going through Joe's stuff. It was nasty.

Like picking through her own mother's grave.

One of his bags held the rifle. She studied it.

She had firepower. An uzi. A dangerous pistol. A rifle. Sharp knives. Dangerous stuff.

Her odds were high, if she knew how to use them.

She'd have to thank Joe when she saw him again.

Aston couldn't think like that. Not now.

For now she got ready.

Pistol out. Uzi loaded, in her bag. Crowbar, Scythe also in her bag. Naginata slung over her back, like a sword. Rifle at the ready. Ammo in her pockets.

Aston felt a chill. She pushed it away.

She had to hit hard. That was the plan.

She was still human. Joe knew that. But she had to push that away.

She had a goal of her own, mascaraing as revenge. She would listen hard for the announcements.

Aston would fight hard. For Joe. For herself.

A heavy sigh. Another chill that Aston failed to hold back.


50 classmates left. Most of them killers.

"Time to become a monster."

Aston got to work.

(Aston continued in The Golden Treehouse)