One Final Very Last Minute Relationship Thread For Psyche

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Alright, so the game is afoot!

.... o_o ....

There are many new handlers and new characters since I was last active in pregame and now that the V5 game is underway and both my guys are intro'd, I think it would be a good time to make some finishing touches in terms of preset relationships or how much your characters might know mine and vice-versa.

So, just let me know what set things our characters might probably know about each other. You can even remind me, if you mentioned something before and I just forgot or something. I'll try to incorporate everything as best as I can into the game, when applicable.

Here's the old relationship thread I made which I didn't bother filling out afterwards. >_< ....

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Here are some character connections I can remember from pregame and planning:
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Just making a small not here, but the "May" was dropped from Stacey's name. She's just Stacey Mordetsky now.

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Hey there Acid Cat,

I wasn't around much for pre-game (only returning to SotF juuuust before v5 started) so I never really had the chance to develop my character, Brianna Battaglia. From what I have established with the character, I think she would make an interesting antagonist or a begrudging ally to Miles.

Brianna won the class presidency during this group's Junior year. I didn't specify how she did it, but I'd imagine it was a result of her appealing to the "freaks and geeks" of Aurora High. If you wanted to work it into his canon that he ran against her and lost Junior year, he can have some residual animosity to Brianna.

She's fat, a politician's daughter, very vocally active in the Gay-Straight Alliance, one of the annoying overachievers within the classroom setting. I also have her as a currently non-specified member of the student council (probably a smaller role as she's otherwise occupied in other clubs), so they could have left over tension from there too.
It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Miles to dislike my character. Should they meet up on the island..well, Brianna better hope that their mutual interest in diplomacy would keep her from getting hunga munga'd.

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I feel like Nina would be relatively close with both of them, though maybe Gwen may also be friends with Kyran. Not sure, though.
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