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[Girl #101 - Sofia Martelli. Continued from Cleanliness and Loneliness

One-off thread.]

Just a little farther.

Just a little longer.

"Stuck up bitch."

Sofia sat on the bank of the river, waiting for her clothes to dry after her little dip into the water; she stayed close to the bank and refused to remain unclothed for long, changing out of the filthy outfit she'd been wearing and into something a little more clean and comfortable. She'd been following the river for a while now, at least a couple hours, looking for a place to sit and rest; it was still dark when she stopped so she figured now was as good a time as any to try and clean herself up a little. Just because she was on this island and looking to use her weapon on one particular person didn't mean she had to do it in stinky clothes.

"Maybe she'll learn not to ignore someone with a weapon pointed at her."

She was still fuming, that much was certain and hadn't changed much at all for a long time. After her little confrontation with Meredith, she had a slightly better if somewhat shallow reason for being angry. After all, that goth slut had ignored her and just went on bathing like nothing else mattered. She wasn't about to let that go, not in the mood she was in. Following the river for as long as she had been, she was kind of hoping to spot Meredith's clothes floating along with the current; alas, maybe that little pleasure was too much to ask. Oh well, she felt better at least. Yeah... much better.

It was nice to vent your anger sometimes, to get it out and direct it toward something productive. Well, direct it toward something at least. Couldn't exactly admit that kicking someone's clothes into a river was particularly productive unless dooming them to wandering naked was your plan from the beginning. Nah, it wasn't productive in the least and it certainly didn't serve any real purpose... it just felt really good to take out some of that pent up anger on someone; it didn't really matter who, the fact that the target had been the fake little goth girl was just a bonus. Definitely a bonus and a good one at that; she was probably one of those stupid little goth girls with the horrendous fake name they passed off as their real one.

Sofia really didn't like goth.

Hung from a tree branch, Sofia's former outfit dripped constantly as she dug around through her bags, pulling out a bit to eat and a bit to drink, taking note of her dwindling supplies. There wasn't exactly a lot left after almost three days on this terrible island, only a bit of the bread and barely a forth of the water left. She'd need to get some more if she wanted to survive.

"Survival, huh? Is it really worth it now?"

The ground wasn't exactly comfortable but she didn't really have access to a nice soft bed to lie back on. At least the sky above was a nice sight as she stared up at the stars, passing the time as her clothes dried. She mulled over everything that had happened so far as she stared, idly toying with the hairpin; running her fingers across the former hood ornament, she gave in and smiled ever so slightly. Yeah, she would survive this. She made a promise, after all, even if she would get a little distracted with some business here. She would get through this and get back home to her family, have a nice enjoyable ride in her car, maybe see Tony again and finally decide what she wanted in life.


That night at prom had been so nice, seeing him all dressed up like that and laughing at the look on his face when he saw she was wearing such a nice dress. It really was a nice dress; her sister had insisted she buy something special for prom instead of going in something she had stuff in the back of her closet somewhere. Maria was always into that sort of stuff, same with Angela. But Sofia would have rather bought a couple new parts for her car instead of some expensive dress she was likely to only wear once; really, when would she ever have the opportunity to wear some fancy dress again to justify buying one? But once daddy found out about her date, he insisted on buying her a brand new dress no matter what; Maria had gotten a nice dress for her prom and Angela would get one when hers came about, so no matter what Sofia said she was getting a dress whether she liked it or not.

She really was beautiful in that dress, wasn't she? Tony certainly seemed to think so...

"Oh god, Tony.."

There was no fighting the tears that came.

It had been about an hour since she managed to pull herself together back by the river, grabbing her clothes and getting back to moving. She had been walking through the remains of an old forest, full of stumps and old logs, for quite some time; she would keep talking through it until she reached her destination, not really sure why she chose it but figuring it was the best place to start. Besides, the beach would be nice, wouldn't it? A place to relax for a while, collect her thoughts, rest and simply take in what would probably be a beautiful place to visit if it weren't for the fact she was forced to be there with a bomb around her neck. God that thing was annoying and it always seemed to catch her hair whenever she turned her head.

Just another annoyance in this god damn shithole, I suppose.

It went on like that for a while; she'd look around for a while, step over a log or around a stump, stumble and resume her pace once again. Horribly boring and horribly monotonous. She just wanted to be back home and on the road, to feel the nice comforting caress of that leather seat or wrap her hands around that wonderful wheel in front of her. Yeah... get out somewhere like California or Nevada, some empty stretch of desert road to really let her baby run as fast as she could. She'd always wanted to get out there, enjoy the roads that didn't have speed limits; sure, they were few and far apart, but the opportunity to really put your favorite car to the test? It was just too much to pass up if you ever got out that way.

Well, she may not be able to reach that road right now... but there was a new one beneath her feet.

It had to be single most welcome sight she'd ever seen, the old logging road she was crossing now; even if it wasn't a concrete road she could end up driving on, it was still a road, still a sign of civilization and the first one she'd ever come across on this island. Except, of course, for the cameras and the loudspeakers that Danya and his people used. Those didn't count. But staring at this dirt road and looking into the distance, she hesitated; should she really follow it? She's not the only person around, that much is certain; there was the smell of smoke and the glow of campfires some time ago, she tried to avoid them. This was a road, after all... it would lead to that city shown on the map. But how many others would have taken the same path? How many of them would end up dead in an area just filled with hiding spots and places for ambushes.

Paranoia won this round as Sofia reluctantly turned from the road.

She would continue on her way to the beach.

Just a little further...

Just a little longer...

All this walking was tiring without much rest, even after having sat around for much of the previous day; she didn't have the strength to move then, not after what she heard. She didn't have the will to get up and leave her spot then and now here she was, seemingly halfway across the island. It was a bit much to walk the entire way in one night and only one break... but she would make it. She wanted to watch the sun rise on the beach. At least, that was one reason she wanted to reach the beach before dawn; the announcements would come soon and she wanted to get to the beach before they were echoing across the island. She wanted a head start on her search for Colin, starting from the top of the map and working from there.

Maybe... maybe she could find Tony.

[Girl #101 - Sofia Martelli. Continued in Fabuleux.]
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