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Ah, they agreed with her on the water thing.

Emma nodded at Amanda’s suggestion. If they were going to leave, it was good to pack up. Slowly, she began pulling herself upwards. Standing was, once again, a little tricky. Her muscles didn’t fully cooperate, but she could manage. Once she was on her feet, she rubbed the back of her neck for a second, before she realized she’d spaced out again.

Packing. Right.

She slid back into the room she came out of, and saw her things laying on the ground, where she’d left them. Her bag was left zipped up, and she’d put everything back when she was done using them. Except for one thing: her first aid kit was placed on top of it, just in case. They still hadn’t found out where the blood came from, or even if the person was still alive. For a moment, Emma knelt to get a better look at it.

They’d wasted time. Even now, she could remember how she and Jaime got distracted. They’d spent too long here, and now? Two announcements, too many people lost. She wasn’t sure what she could do, but she knew she needed to be doing something more than what she had. Safety was a priority, and for the past two days they hadn’t been in any danger. But was it worth being safe when others weren’t? Emma’s eyes narrowed for a second, then slowly, she unzipped her bag, placing the kit on top. After zipping everything up, she slung the strap over her shoulder.

Her hand was once again on the door, but she looked around her for a moment. Was she sure about leaving? Still safe, still no problems other than food or water. But she resolved herself. They had to leave. It wasn’t worth it to stick around weird smells, lack of resources, and dingy wards. It wasn’t worth it to…

She opened the door.

As she began walking towards the exit, her fatigued mind tried to remember a few details. They should have sorted out the water thing a long time ago, to be honest. But there were ways to get some. Plants did give off condensation, so they could gather it overnight that way. If it rained, that’d mean water literally coming out of the sky. Inland might be a place to go, since fresh water was more likely to be further from the beach.

Her mind hit a block. She’d just remembered that she went on a lot of family camping trips growing up. Kingman was full of campgrounds and hiking trails, after all.

Emma stopped for a moment. Her eyes once again connected to the floor. A small shiver ran up and down her body. But she looked back up, and continued walking. Without realizing it, her steps were fast, heavy.

Sabrina had never really liked camping.

((Emma Luz continued in The Greatest Sideshow on Earth))

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