No Way To Survive

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((Brendan Harte continued from A World Of Sadness))

Brendan wondered how long he had been running before he finally stopped to take a breather. He remembered seeing a pub and a library but he avoided them. He didn't think it would be safe for him to go to those buildings. So why did he even think that he would be safe at the radio tower? He first thought that maybe he could radio for help. But that would be too easy. The people who kidnapped the students seemed too smart to outsmart. Brendan wasn't feeling too good about things as it was. He still thought that it would be insane for everyone to start killing each other.

You really want to survive, Brendan. Don't deny it. Sooner or later, you will be forced to-

Brendan shook his head as he was sweating and panting a little. He really, really didn't want to think about that. He never wanted to hurt anyone. He could imagine others playing as they would be desperate to get back home. Only one.... One person could go home. He wanted it to be someone who really deserved to get back home safely.

Brendan moved in front of a rusted fence and he slowly slid down to the ground. He was thirsty. He regretted running away and leaving that girl behind. But he thought that she would be safer without him. He didn't want to accidentally get her killed with him. Brendan was accepting that there was a chance that he could die. But he was hoping to at least find some of his friends before then.

You really are a coward, Brendan. You can't even trust anyone.

Brendan took his bag off of his shoulder and he stared down at it in his lap. It was time for him to open it. Maybe he could find something useful to use. A good weapon to protect himself. He wasn't really a fighter but he had to at least try to survive. He started to unzip the bag and he felt his heart beat a little faster. He really didn't want to have a gun. Guns actually made him feel terrified and for a good reason. Guns could so easily end someone's life. Just like that.

Map, first aid kit, bars.... Ah! A water bottle. Just one of the things that he needed for now. He picked up the bottle quickly and he unscrewed the lid off. He gulped down the water about halfway and he let out a relieved sigh. That was much better for him. He really needed that after running for a while.

Now he just needed to find his weapon. He didn't really want to but he just wanted to play it safe. He wasn't going to play. Everyone else is human beings to him. He searched through his bag and he pulled out his 'weapon'.


That was all he could say.

Brendan tightened his grip slightly around the can. He thought that this was a cruel, sick joke. He wanted to throw his so-called weapon away. But he had a feeling that was what those horrible people wanted him to react like that in front of the cameras. He didn't want to give them the pleasure of seeing him getting emotional. So he just let out a weak chuckle.

He was trying hard not to go back into a sobbing state. He didn't want to look weak. He had to think about what he should do next. He really needed to find his friends. But where could he start looking? He reached into his bag and he got out the map to take a look at it. He had to think of a place where a lot of people would meet. He took his time to look as he was alone and he was feeling safe in that moment.

He had an idea of where to go as he spent some time looking at the map. He nodded to himself as he was happy with a new location to go to. He put his items back into his bag and put the bag over his shoulder again. Then he get up to his feet.

Brendan inhaled and then exhaled. He needed to stay calm and make sure that he wouldn't panic. He had to prepared for the worse to happen soon. As much as he didn't want to. But he couldn't deny everything that was happening and hide in a corner forever. He had to do something. Anything. Maybe he could get some new allies. He didn't want to think about the girl that he left. He just had to be hopeful about her being safe. That's all he could do now.

Brendan pulled his hood over his head as he didn't want anyone to see his expression at home. His family.... What would they think about this? If he died or if he killed anyone.... He shivered at the thought. He could never kill anyone. Never. He didn't want to become a monster. He never wanted to play this stupid game. He was going to be himself. Just not too cowardly. At least he hoped he wouldn't be.

Brendan glanced up at the radio tower before moving onto his next destination.

((Brendan Harte continued in Aaaaaand he's gone.))
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