Nina Liberman

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Name: Nina Liberman
Position: Art Teacher
Gender: Female
Age: 47

Appearance: Nina Liberman stands at 5'2'' and has a slender frame. Her dark brown hair is styled in a short pixie cut and she wears a pair of blue, cat eye reading glasses in front of her green eyes. She normally wears loose blouses and knee-length skirts to show off her trademark wardrobe items: her tights. Mrs. Liberman is famous for her brightly colored and strangely patterned tights, which feature everything from flowers to Simpsons characters on them.

Biography/Personality: Mrs. Liberman has been teaching at Cochise high for about seven years. Prior to that she was running her own small graphic design company. She got her art degree in New York, and although it has been many years since she lived there during college, she likes to tell students and teachers alike stories about the Big Apple.

Mrs. Liberman is a good art teacher, instructing students on drawing, painting, and sculpture. She is a bit loud and has been known to send students who are talking during instruction to the principal's office, but with students who make an honest effort she is happy to spend extra time helping with projects and is always encouraging. She is well-liked among students, except for those that she sends to the principal's office.