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October 3rd, 2017, 6:59 pm #1

Heya, folks! I've done a bit of work on my previous history of rolls in SOTF, and thought it could do with a bit of a presentation overhaul. I'd appreciate it if nobody posts anything until I have the first page blocked out for data; pages 2+ can hold discussion. The roll counts for V5 and V6 are still WiP. Counting characters who were never rolled was more difficult and tedious; any character not noted in a roll count was never rolled. Perhaps someday I will add them. Anyways, I hope folks find this somewhat interesting!

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October 3rd, 2017, 6:59 pm #2

[+] Spoiler
6/29/05 – V1 First Rolls:
1. Sydney Morvran (Kaishi)

7/6/05 – V1 First Announcement:
No rolls conducted

7/16-17/05 – V1 Second Announcement (Second Rolls):
1. Daisuke Andou (Sephy) – Venka Rapler (Lien, Swap Card used1)
2. Adam Dodd (Korazon) – Cole Hudson (Korazon, Swap Card used)

7/25/05 – V1 Third Rolls:
1. Jimmy Moreland (guitarjack87)
2. Jon Tognetti (Wild_Seven/inactive)

7/27/05 – V1 Third Announcement (Fourth Rolls):
1. River Garrety (NyteDarkness)
2. Andrew Lipson (Korazon)

8/8/05 – V1 Fourth Announcement (Fifth Rolls):
1. David Jackson (TBH) – Aaron Redfield (TBH, Swap Card used)
2. Amanda Jones (Korazon) – Ash Holmes (LadayMakaze, Swap card used1)

8/20/05 – V1 Sixth Rolls:
1. Garrett Langston (guitarjack87)
2. Jacob Starr (TBH) – Callum Hadley (Swoosh, Swap Card used1)
3. Heather Pendergast (Kuze) – Kiyoko Asakawa (Kuze, Swap Card used)
4. Cassandra Roivas (NyteDarkness)
5. Jeremy Torres (Theseus) – Max McNeal (Theseus, Swap Card used)
6. Marie Zaid (ebonydear)

11/12/05 – V1 Fifth Announcement:
No rolls conducted

11/20/05 – V1 Seventh Rolls:
1. Aiden Ambrose (SweetPea22) – Daisuke Andou (Sephy, Swap Card used1)
2. Ryan Torres (Kaishi) – Ian Hargrave (Kaishi, Swap Card used)
3. Toby Valerik (Asano) – Ken Mendel (Asano, Swap Card used)
4. Jacob Starr (TBH)
5. Fredrik Hughes (Riserugu2)
6. Martyn Ferdinand (Riserugu2) – Adib Harabbi (guitarjack87, Swap Card used1)
7. Shinya Motomura (Kuze)
8. Adam Dodd (Korazon) – Glenn Hughes (Riserugu, Swap Card used1)
9. Chi Masumi (BRMitsuko12)
10. Cydni Pullman (batspleenfriend
11. Takara Asano (Kuroiraishu) – Arsenio Thanodeus (Kuroiraishu, Swap Card used)
12. Jamie Amy Robins (Whiz)
13. Callum Hadley (Swoosh, noted as held over, so this is presumably a reminder rather than Callum getting rolled again)

12/29/05 – V1 Sixth Announcement:
No rolls conducted

1/16/06 – V2 Eighth Rolls:
1. Aiden Ambrose (SweetPea22)
2. Chance Burton (LadyMakaze)
3. Jason Andrews (TBH2)
4. Gillaume Archambault (Korazon)
5. Ryan Ashmore (Megami)
6. Neville Eden (Friendly_Ghost)
7. Jamie Amy Robins (Whiz, rolled again?)
8. Antonio Franchini (TBH2)
9. Stevan Hyde (Bloody_Fists) – Vince Noir (Bloody_Fists, Swap Card used)
10. Mallory DeLuca (Swoosh)

1/29/06 – V1 Seventh Announcement:
No rolls conducted

3/20/06 – V1 Ninth Rolls:
1. Jill Gatling (Megami) – Lyndi Thibodeaux (Megami, Swap Card used)
2. Cassie Webber (Swoosh)
3. Xian Chun (Kaishi)
4. Dorien Graywood (Lien)
5. Aiden Ambrose (SweetPea22, rolled again?)

4/10/06 – V1 Eighth Announcement:
No rolls conducted

6/26/06 – V1 Ninth Announcement:
No rolls conducted

7/8/06 – V1 Tenth Rolls:
1. Drew Lynn (Asano)
2. Angelina Kaige (Korazon)
3. Cody Jenson (Megami) – Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau (MooCow, Swap Card used at staff discretion due to inactivity)

7/27/06 – V1 Tenth Announcement:
No rolls conducted

1: In V1, there were no Hero Cards. Instead, Swap Cards could fulfill the function of either a Swap Card (as they are currently used) or a Hero Card.
2: In V1, it was possible for a single handler to be rolled multiple times in a given set of rolls.

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October 3rd, 2017, 6:59 pm #3

[+] Spoiler
Rolled Once:

Amanda Jones
Andrew Lipson
Angelina Kaige
Antonio Franchini
Cassandra Roivas
Cassie Webber
Chance Burton
Chi Masumi
Cody Jenson
Cydni Pullman
Daisuke Andou
David Jackson
Dorien Graywood
Drew Lynn
Fredrik Hughes
Garrett Langston
Gillaume Archambault
Heather Pendergast
Jamie Amy Robins1
Jason Andrews
Jeremy Torres
Jill Gatling
Jimmy Moreland
Jon Tognetti
Mallory DeLuca
Marie Zaid
Martyn Ferdinand
Neville Eden
River Garrety
Ryan Ashmore
Ryan Torres
Shinya Motomura
Stevan Hyde
Sydney Morvran
Takara Asano
Toby Valerik
Xian Chun

Rolled Twice:

Adam Dodd
Aiden Ambrose2
Jacob Starr

1. Jamie was listed as rolled twice, but was not saved in any way the first time, so presumably the second note was a reminder or error.

2. Aiden was listed as rolled three times, but was not saved in any way the second, so presumably the third note was a reminder or error.

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October 3rd, 2017, 6:59 pm #4

[+] Spoiler
11/6/06 – V2 First Rolls:
1. Debrah Dollop (ZigZaggerty) – Caitlin Evans (Bukowski, Hero Card used)
2. Marvin Hendrick (LaZardo)
3. Whitney Acosta (Megami) – Joshua Moore (Persephone, Hero Card used)
4. Marimar Perez (Strawberry Prince) – Preston Grey (Mitsuko2, Hero Card used)
5. Ernest Decarteret (Endless Helix) – Gregory Moyer (Endless Helix, Swap Card used)

12/1/06 – V2 First Announcement (Second Rolls):
1. Tanesha Lexx (Megami)
2. Adrian Gray (Shula) – Laura Diesen (Shula, Swap Card used)
3. Jackie Kovacs (Nealosi)
4. Jordan McKiernan (OnceForgotten)

12/15/06 – V2 Third Rolls:
1. Wanda Lovett (Sephy)
2. Melanie DeSilva (Mitsuko2)
3. Garry Dodd (Atomic Waffle) – Lester Treskington (Atomic Waffle, Swap Card used)
4. Seth Mattlock (TBH) – Nich Finlayson (Cycokiller, Hero Card used)
5. Ricky Callahan (Megami) – Eric Silvstedt (Megami, Swap Card used)

1/1/07 – V2 Fourth Rolls:
1. Andrew Swainson (Cycokiller) – Zachary Foreman (LaZardo, Hero Card used)
2. Sylvea Hill (Endless Helix)
3. Tori Johnson (baby_g) – Nessy Guthrie (baby_g, Swap Card used)
4. Alexander Bee (Strawberry Prince)
5. Matthew Lafferty (Xaldien)

2/1/07 – V2 Second Announcement (Fifth Rolls):
1. Deliah Dollop (Leo)
2. Sarah Dao (Korazon) – Rupert Stockton (Korazon, Swap Card used)
3. Paris Persphone (Strawberry Prince) – Gigi Sinclair (Strawberry Prince, Swap Card used)
4. Chiaki Takao (Xaldien) – Derrin Istoli (Atomic Waffle, Hero Card used)
5. Stacy Holorson (narfinkool)

3/1/07 – V2 Third Announcement (Sixth Rolls):
1. Damien Carter-Madison (LaZardo) – Elias McConnell
2. Lee-Ann Collier (Aphrodite)
3. Debrah Dollop (ZigZaggerty) – John Matthews (ZigZaggerty, Swap Card used)
4. Russ Gofis (Narfinkool)
5. Edgar Judah (Inactive)

3/16/07 – V2 Seventh Rolls:
1. Andrew Swainson (Cycokiller)
2. Shae Arnav (Vasaraji)
3. Ah-Linh Tuan (LadyMakaze)
4. Damien Carter-Madison (LaZardo) – Alice Nichols (Swapped at staff discretion)

4/1/07 – V2 Fourth Announcement (Eighth Rolls):
1. Mihiro Duli (Inactive)
2. Walter Smith (Mitsuko2)
3. Lee-Ann Collier (Aphrodite) – [Rolled again?]
4. Ali Grayston (Megami) – Maggie Heartgreeder (Megami, Swap Card used [second card a prize for BDA])
5. An Linh Tuan (LadyMakaze) – [Rolled again?]

4/16/07 – V2 Ninth Rolls:
1. Licinia Vinci (Atomic Waffle)
2. Andi Ayala (Xaldien) – Kristey Burrowell (Xaldien, Swap Card used)
3. John Davies (Jun)
4. Michael Neely (Croco)
5. Venus Gwendolyn (Strawberry Prince)

5/3/07 – V2 Fifth Announcement (Tenth Rolls):
1. Bryan Calvert (Cycokiller) – Dan Johnson (Cycokiller, Swap Card used)
2. Franco Sebberts (Nealosi) – Nathan Godwin (Jotun, Hero Card used)
3. Seth Mattlock (TBH)
4. Jenna Cassidy (Leo)
5. Elizabeth Ebert (Wheeler) – Stephanie Crew (baby_g, Hero Card used)

5/16/07 – V2 Eleventh Rolls:
1. Mariavel Varella (Mitsuko2) – Penelope Withers (Mitsuko2, Swap Card used)
2. Debrah Dollop (ZigZaggerty)
3. Blake Ross (Nealosi) – Matthias Kovalenko (Megami, Hero Card used)
4. Bryan Calvert (Cycokiller) – Kevin Kapustiak (Wheeler, Hero Card used)
5. Nathan Godwin (Jotun) – [Rolled Again?]

6/3/07 – V2 Sixth Announcement (Twelfth Rolls):
1. Paris Persphone (Strawberry Prince)
2. Tori Johnson (baby_g) – Nullified (Cycokiller, Roll Null used)
3. Garry Dodd (Atomic Waffle)
4. Felix Travertil (Jotun, adopted by Wheeler)
5. Zilya Merchenkov (Inactive)
6. Kevin Kapustiak (Wheeler) – [Rolled again? Noted already dead]

6/16/07 – V2 Thirteenth Rolls:
1. Tori Johnson (baby_g) – Peter Rosenthal (Croco, Hero Card used)
2. Huy Tran (CycoKiller)
3. Gail Smith (Nealosi)
4. Kayla Ravoy (Jotun)
5. Whitney Acosta (Megami) – Nullified (Chase, Roll Null used)
6. Seth Mattlock (TBH) – [Rolled again?]
7. Andi Ayala (RePeate, readopted by Xaldien)

7/4/07 – V2 Fourteenth Rolls:
1. Horace Malcolm (Nealosi)
2. Justin Moore (Wheeler)
3. Anna Dibenidetti (Mitsuko2)
4. Damien Carter-Madison (LaZardo) – Roland Kelly (LaZardo, Nealosi's donated Swap Card used)
5. Vesa Turunen (Croco) – Franco Sebberts (Nealosi, Hero Card used)
6. Ricky Callahan (Megami) – Sera Wingfield (Megami, Bukowski's donated Swap Card used)
7. Bryan Calvert(CycoKiller) – Nullified (Roll negated by member vote)
8. Matt Drew (baby_g)

8/1/07 – V2 Seventh Announcement (Fifteenth Rolls):
1. Tori Johnson (baby_g) – Nullified (Nealosi, Roll Null used)
2. Blake Ross (Nealosi)
3. Jana Brown (Cycokiller)
4. Vesa Turunen (Croco)
5. Rob Adams (Wheeler)

8/24/07 – V2 Sixteenth Rolls:
1. Tori Johnson (baby_g)
2. Damien Carter-Madison (LaZardo)
3. Bryan Calvert (Cycokiller) – Nullified (Saved either by Mitsuko2's Roll Null or by Megami's sacrifice of Whitney Acosta and Ricky Callahan)

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October 3rd, 2017, 6:59 pm #5

[+] Spoiler
Rolled Once:

Adrian Gray
Ah-Linh Tuan1
Alexander Bee
Ali Grayston
Anna Dibenidetti
Chiaki Takao
Deliah Dollop
Edgar Judah
Elizabeth Ebert
Ernest Decarteret
Felix Travertil
Franco Sebberts
Gail Smith
Horace Malcolm
Huy Tran
Jackie Kovacs
Jana Brown
Jenna Cassidy
John Davies
Jordan McKiernan
Justin Moore
Kayla Ravoy
Kevin Kapustiak3
Lee-Ann Collier1
Licinia Vinci
Mariavel Varella
Marimar Perez
Marvin Hendrick
Matt Drew
Matthew Lafferty
Melanie DeSilva
Michael Neely
Mihiro Duli
Nathan Godwin2
Rob Adams
Russ Gofis
Sarah Dao
Shae Arnav
Stacy Holorson
Sylvea Hill
Tanesha Lexx
Venus Gwendolyn
Walter Smith
Wanda Lovett
Zilya Merchenkov

Rolled Twice:

Andi Ayala
Andrew Swainson
Blake Ross
Garry Dodd
Paris Persphone
Ricky Callahan
Vesa Turunen
Whitney Acosta

Rolled Three Times:

Debrah Dollop
Seth Mattlock4

Rolled Four Times:

Bryan Calvert
Damien Carter-Madison

Rolled Five Times:

Tori Johnson

1. Ah-Linh Tuan and Lee-Ann Collier were seemingly rolled a second time in V2's Fourth Announcement, but review suggests that this was rather a reminder that their deaths were still outstanding, as was customary in the V1 era.

2. Nathan's being "rolled" seems to in fact be simply a reminder that his death was still due, as was customary in the V1 era. If this is the case, he was in fact never rolled; he was Heroed in for Franco Sebberts in the Fifth Announcement.

3. Much as with Nathan, Kevin was actually Heroed in the rolls before he was noted as "rolled"—interestingly, however, Megami both claims that he was actually rolled and notes that it doesn't matter as he was already dead by this point (presumably due to being Heroed in the rolls before).

4. Unlike in the other cases here, comments at the time make it rather unambiguous that Seth was rather rolled again due to some kind of error in staff bookkeeping.

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October 3rd, 2017, 6:59 pm #6

[+] Spoiler
2/18/08 – V3 First Rolls:
1. Ianto Murphy (riserugu) – Tegan Bianco (riserugu, Swap Card used)
2. Alex Steele (RePeate)
3. Renee Valenti (LaZardo) – Tanya Bonneville (LaZardo, Swap Card used)

3/1/08 – V3 First Announcement (Second Rolls):
1. Serenity Halos (Mitsuko2) – Nullified (Bukowski, Roll Null used)
2. Owen Fontaine (Ciel)
3. Ivye Dewley (lovebirdjo) – Kristin Washington (lovebirdjo, Swap Card used)
4. Kara Holmes (baby_g) – Luis Chezinski (Ciel, Hero Card used)
5. Karl Van Buren (Atomic Waffle)

3/15/08 – V3 Third Rolls:
1. Nigel Gillespie (Cycokiller)
2. Nadine Willowbrook (LadyMakaze)
3. Meredith "Mary" McKay (Korazon) – Ken Lawson (Korazon, Swap Card used)
4. Ricardo "Ric" Chee (Namira)
5. Corbin Arlen (Theseus) – Katherine Blanco (Bukowski, Hero Card used)

3/31/08 – V3 Second Announcement (Fourth Rolls):
1. Daniel "Dan" Brent (TBH) – Nullified (TBH, Roll Null used)
2. Viljalmur "Will" Sigurbjornsson (Atomic Waffle) – Viktor Kurchatov (Atomic Waffle, Swap Card used)

4/15/08 – V3 Fifth Rolls:
1. Guy Rapide (Bukowski) – Simon Wood (Namira, Hero Card used)
2. Quale Hutchinson (Ciel)

5/6/08 – V3 Third Announcement (Sixth Rolls):
1. Daniel "Dan" Brent (TBH)
2. Eduardo Trinidad-Villa (laZardo)
3. Keith Jackson (Korazon) - Khrysta Lawrence (Megami, Hero Card used)
4. Monique St. Claire (RePeate)
5. Braden Marsh (Chase)
6. Julia Lauper (Zabriel)

6/2/08 – V3 Fourth Announcement (Seventh Rolls):
1. Kyrie Joseph (Mitsuko2) – Serenity Halos (Mitsuko2, Swap Card used)
2. Lilah Morgan (Xaldien)

6/15/08 – V3 Eighth Rolls:
1. Jodene Zalack (Lucid [Inactive])
2. Quincy Archer (Solitair) – Bradley Armstrong (Solitair, Swap Card used)
3. Lenny Priestly (Theseus) – Jeff Marontate (Crash, Hero Card used)
4. Sean O'Cann (Namira) – Keiji Tanaka (Namira, Swap Card used)
5. Joe Gai (Endless Helix [Inactive])

8/2/08 – V3 Fifth Announcement (Ninth Rolls):
1. Benni Davidson (Inactive)
2. Jeff Thorne (ET.Requiem)
3. Jake Henkie (dinah_shore)
4. Joey McHaimond (Ciel)
5. Herman Johnson (CDYoung)
6. Corbin Arlen (Theseus)
7. John Cox (Paranoia Man)

8/16/08 – V3 Tenth Rolls:
1. Sloan Henriksen (RaggedDruid)
2. Andy McCann (Namira)
3. Nick Jones (Crash)
4. Ivan Roeghmills (Sona)
5. Arthur Williams(JoystickHero)
6. James Brown (Cycokiller) – Dennis Bernard (Cycokiller, Swap Card used)

9/2/08 – V3 Sixth Announcement (Eleventh Rolls):
1. Harry Tsai (Cycokiller) – Cara Scholte (Mimi, Hero Card used)
2. Jim Middleton (Crash)
3. Shawn Waits (Bukowski [Inactive])
4. Leo Curtis (Pigeon Army) – Ryan Gilbert (Wheeler, Hero Card used)
5. Will Sigurbjornsson (Atomic Waffle) – Nullified (riserugu, Roll Null used)
6. Afra Jacinth (Neuphim)

9/17/08 – V3 Twelfth Rolls:
1. Edward Sullivan (DetectiveArcher) – Petra Andrews (DetectiveArcher, Swap Card used)
2. Bobby Jacks (Namira) – Nullified (Namira, Roll Null used)
3. Kimberly Redmond (Mimi) – Branca Braunstein (Mimi, Swap Card used)
4. Dennis McDonald (Inactive)
5. Raven Lawrence (Muninn)

10/30/08 – V3 Seventh Announcement (Thirteenth Rolls):
1. Evan Angler (Wheeler)
2. Danesfort Zygmunt (Solitair)
3. Lulu Altaire (ZombiexCreame) – Edgar Hoskins (Super Llama, Hero Card used)
4. Sato Koizumi (LadyMakaze [Inactive])
5. Renee Valenti (laZardo) – Vera Lang (Neuphim, Hero Card used)
6. Bree North (riserugu)
7. Leo Curtis (Pigeon Army)
8. Trish McCarroll (Crash) – Hayden O'Guinn (karsk, Hero Card used)
9. Madison Connor (Ciel) – Nicholas Nutbrown (Ciel, Swap Card used)
10. Abel Williams (Rimfire)

11/15/08 – V3 Fourteenth Rolls:
1. James Martinek (ZombiexCreame)
2. Lauren Howard (Muninn)
3. Anna Grout (Crash)
4. Heath Trennoby (Neuphim)
5. Viki Valentine (riserugu)

12/3/08 – V3 Eighth Announcement (Fifteenth Rolls):
1. Will Sigurbjornsson (Atomic Waffle) – Nullified (Atomic Waffle, Roll Null used)
2. Wade Wilson (Korazon) – Nullified (Korazon, Roll Null used)
3. Liam Black (Candescence)
4. Michael Anders (Pigeon Army)
5. Jimmy Trejo (Blastinus) – Becky Holt (dinah_shore, Hero Card used)
6. Bobby Jacks (Namira) – Margaret Tweedy (Solitair, Hero Card used)
7. Boxer Carvalho (laZardo)

12/16/08 – V3 Sixteenth Rolls:
1. Jimmy Trejo (Blastinus)
2. Lyn Burbank (Super Llama) – Hannah Rose (Super Llama, Swap Card used)
3. Steve Digaetano (Wheeler) – Kathy Holden (Pigeon Army)
4. James Ellet (karsk)
5. Jessa Vanallen (Cycokiller)
6. Edward Sullivan (DetectiveArcher) – Nullified (DetectiveArcher, Roll Null used)
7. Madison Connor (Ciel) – Nullified (Ciel, Roll Null used)

1/6/09 – V3 Ninth Announcement (Seventeenth Rolls):
1. Anna Kateridge (Ciel)
2. Dawn Beckworth (GameMaker)
3. Mark Tavarian (Darkling Perhaps)
4. Velvet Retsiloh (Tythanin)
5. Bobby Jacks (Namira)
6. Johnathan Lancer (D/N)
7. Warren Pace (Solitair)
8. Amanda Redder (Mandy Rin)
9. Kimmy Redmond (Mimi)
10. Danni Champney (karsk) – Morgan Ackland (karsk, Swap Card used)

1/16/09 – V3 Eighteenth Rolls:
1. Madison Conner (Ciel)
2. Adam Reeves (TBH) – Nullified (Crash, Roll Null used)
3. Trish McCarroll (Crash) – Elizabeth Priestly (Theseus, Hero Card used)
4. Wade Wilson (Korazon)
5. Dorian Sanders (Pigeon Army)

2/2/09 – V3 Tenth Announcement (Nineteenth Rolls):
1. Quincy Archer (Solitair)
2. Eris Marquis (D/N) – Nullified (dinah_shore, Roll Null used)
3. Noah Jacobs (Super Llama)
4. Rick Holeman (Theseus)
5. Renee Valenti (laZardo)
6. Emma Babineaux (landlocked)
7. Shameeca Mitchell (Lexi)
8. James Brown (Cycokiller) – Nullified (Cycokiller, Roll Null used)
9. Jordan Redfield (Yossarian) – Nullified (GameMeker, Roll Null used)
10. Steve Digaetano (Wheeler) – Gabe McCallum (Wheeler, Swap Card used)

2/14/09 – V3 Twentieth Rolls:
1. Lyn Burbank (Super Llama)
2. Danni Champney (karsk)
3. Dacey Ashcroft (Namira)
4. Morgan Green (DetectiveArcher)
5. Harry Tsai (Cycokiller)

3/6/09 – V3 Eleventh Announcement (Twenty-First Rolls):
1. Jordan Redfield (Yossarian)
2. Eris Marquis (D/N)
3. James Brown (Cycokiller) – Nullified (karsk, Roll Null used)
4. Alexis Machina – Adam Reeves (TBH, hero Card used)
5. Ryan Atwell (Korazon)

4/5/09 – V3 Twelfth Announcement (Twenty-Second Rolls):
(Rolls for this month were not released to the public)
1. James Brown (Cycokiller)
2. Trish McCarroll (Crash) – Alexis Machina (Crash, Swap Card used)
3. Steve Digaetano (Wheeler)
4. Eddie Sullivan (DetectiveArcher)

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October 3rd, 2017, 6:59 pm #7

[+] Spoiler
Rolled Once:

Abel Williams
Adam Reeves
Afra Jacinth
Alex Steele
Alexis Machina
Amanda Redder
Anna Grout
Anna Kateridge
Andy McCann
Arthur Williams
Benni Davidson
Boxer Carvalho
Braden Marsh
Bree North
Dacey Ashcroft
Danesfort Zygmunt
Dawn Beckworth
Dennis McDonald
Dorian Sanders
Eduardo Trinidad-Villa
Emma Babineaux
Evan Angler
Guy Rapide
Heath Trennoby
Herman Johnson
Ianto Murphy
Ivan Roeghmills
Ivye Dewley
Jake Henkie
James Ellet
James Martinek
Jeff Thorne
Jessa Vanallen
Jim Middleton
Jodene Zalack
Joe Gai
Joey McHaimond
John Cox
Johnathan Lancer
Julia Lauper
Kara Holmes
Karl Van Buren
Keith Jackson
Kyrie Joseph
Lauren Howard
Lenny Priestly
Liam Black
Lilah Morgan
Lulu Altaire
Mark Tavarian
Meredith "Mary" McKay
Michael Anders
Monique St. Claire
Morgan Green
Nadine Willowbrook
Nick Jones
Nigel Gillespie
Noah Jacobs
Owen Fontaine
Quale Hutchinson
Raven Lawrence
Ricardo "Ric" Chee
Rick Holeman
Ryan Atwell
Sato Koizumi
Sean O'Cann
Serenity Halos
Shameeca Mitchell
Shawn Waits
Sloan Henriksen
Velvet Retsiloh
Viki Valentine
Warren Pace

Rolled Twice:

Corbin Arlen
Daniel "Dan" Brent
Danni Champney
Eris Marquis
Harry Tsai
Jimmy Trejo
Jordan Redfield
Kimmy Redmond
Leo Curtis
Lyn Burbank
Quincy Archer
Wade Wilson

Rolled Three Times:

Bobby Jacks
Edward Sullivan
Madison Conner
Renee Valenti
Steve Digaetano
Trish McCarroll
Will Sigurbjornsson

Rolled Four Times:

James Brown

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October 3rd, 2017, 7:00 pm #8

[+] Spoiler
8/25/10 – V4 First Rolls:
1. Charlotte DuClare (Jonny) - Daniel Vaughan (gambit508 - Hero Card Used)
2. Megan Nelson (ArriannaAine)
3. James Mulzet (Ciel) - Robert Lerger (Serpentis.Deteramot - Hero Card Used)
4. Brent Shanahan (Wheeler)
5. Aaron Hughes (KillerVole) - Everett Taylor (KillerVole - Swap Card Used)
6. Albert Lions (JoystickHero) - Keith Cristoph (JoystickHero - Swap Card Used)
7. Maria Santiago (Hollyquin)
8. Alex Rasputin (AtomicWaffle) - Petrushka Ivanova (Super Llama - Hero Card Used)
9. Paige Strand (Inky)
10. Jamie Li (Korazon) - Alicia Murasek (Korazon - Swap Card Used)
11. Jackie Myrie (Ella) - Cyrille LaBlanche, (SRJJJB - Hero Card Used)
12. Mia Kuiper (Geno) - Vanessa Struthers (banthesun - Hero Card Used)
13. Francine Moreau (Inksword)
14. Janet Claymont (Slamexo) - Amber Whimsy (Slamexo - Swap Card Used)
15. Sally Connelly (Ruggahissy)

9/10/10 – V4 First Announcement (Second Rolls):
1. Ema Ryan (Chib) - Steve Barnes (Chib - Swap Card Used)
2. Steven Hunt (Atomic_Waffle) - Harold Fisher (Blastinus - Hero Card Used)
3. Raina Morales (Geno)
4. Frankie Watson (Vinny McQ
5. Eve Walker-Luthur (Dropbear)
6. Madelyn Prowers (Lawther) - Tobias Elwin (Lawther - Swap Card Used)
7. Rachel Gettys (PigeonArmy) - Theo Bher (Killer_Moth - Hero Card Used)
8. Jennifer Perez (KillerVole) – Nullified (KillerVole - Roll Null Used)
9. Eva Lancaster (KingKamor)
10. Tiffany Baker (Solomir) - Chadd Crossen (T-Fox - Hero Card Used)
11. Rekka Saionji (KARAS) - Jaclyn Krusche (KARAS - Swap Card Used)
12. Joe Rios (WickedIcon) - Rose Codreanu (Wicked Icon - Swap Card Used)
13. Jacob Charles (Inky) - Dawne Jiang (Rocky - Hero Card Used)
14. RJ Lowe (Stark) - Charlotte Cave (Stark - Swap Card Used)
15. Augustus MacDougal (General Goose)

9/25/10 – V4 Third Rolls:
1. Darren Locke (Riz) - Lucas Lupradio (Korazon - Hero Card used)
2. Trevor Duncan (Vinny McQ)
3. Dustin Royal (Pigeon Army) - Scott McGregor (Frichickenisha - Hero Card used)
4. Violetta Lindsbergh (Tythanin)
5. Tom Guthrie (Blastinus)
6. Daisuke Nagazawa (Lawther) - Vera Osborne (Fioriboy - Hero Card used)
7. Tiffany Chanders (selphie_trabia) - Hermione Miller (selphie_trabia - Swap Card used)

10/10/10 – V4 Second Announcement (Fourth Rolls):
1. Clio Gabriella (Inky) - Albert Lions (Stark, Hero Card Used)
2. Samaya Boen-Hilstrand (Arscapi)
3. Rachel Gettys (Pigeon Army) - Max Neill (Pigeon Army, Swap Card used)
4. Kris Hartmann (Namira) - Miranda Merchant (JamesRenard, Hero Card used)
5. Vivien Morin (Dano) - Deidre Paul (Dano, Swap Card used)
6. Jackie Myrie (Ella) - Charles Richard Dawson (TDS, Hero Card used)
7. Janet Victoriee-Ser (Limisios)
8. Lily Ainsworth (Mr. Administration)
9. Victoria Logan (Yvaine) - James Mulzet (Ciel, Hero Card used)
10. Imraan Al-Hariq (D/N) - Cody Jenkins (Rattlesnake, Hero Card used)
11. Feo Smith (Sunny) - Edward Belmont (Sister Grimm, Hero Card used)
12. Evelyn Reed (BetaKnight) - Daniel Kensrue (Wheeler, Hero Card used)

10/25/10 – V4 Fifth Rolls:
1. Brock Mason (Namira)
2. Clio Gabriella (Inky) - Craig Hoyle (MK Kilmarnock, Hero Card used)
3. Saul Fetteralf (Egads) - Luke Templeton (Egads, Swap Card used)
4. Marybeth Witherspoon (Solomir)
5. Gary Griffiths (Yossarian) - Simon Grey (Grim Wolf, Hero Card used)
6. Daniel Blessing (Chibinashi)
7. Katelyn Wescott (banthesun)
8. Simon Fletcher (Tagabasa)

11/10/10 – V4 Third Announcement (Sixth Rolls):
1. Peter McCue (T-Fox) - Rekka Saionji (T-Fox, Swap Card used)
2. Cassidy Wakemore (Solitair) - Carley-Jean Dooley (D/N, Hero Card used)
3. William Sears (Banthesun)
4. David Anderson (Anderson)
5. Raine Schwarz (chibinashi) - Jackie Maxwell (KingKamor, Hero Card used)
6. Sarah Tan (selphie_trabia) - Owen Rothschild (Zabriel, Hero Card used)
7. Victoria Logan (Yvaine) - Etain Brennan (Yvaine, Swap Card used)
8. Saul Fettaralf (Egads) - Hilary Strand (Hallucinogenic, Hero Card used)
9. Christopher Carlson (Chitoryu12)
10. Alice Blake (Sister G) - Ethan Kent (Ruggahissy, Hero Card used)
11. Lily McLaughlin (outfoxd)
12. Morgan Leftowitz (Greg the Anti Viking) - Tiffany Baker (Solomir, Hero Card used)

11/25/10 – V4 Seventh Rolls:
1. Carol Burke (KamiKaze)
2. Madison Stone (xylophonefairy)
3. Celeste Beaumont (Moth) - Haruka Watanabe (Shake&Bake, Hero Card used)
4. Lucy Ashmore (Zecuma)
5. Phillip Ward (Fanatic)
6. Daisuke Nagazawa (Lawther [inactive])
7. David Morrison (Dom) - Alison Walworth (Dom, Swap Card used)
8. Marty Lovett (Fioriboy) - Rizzo Vitoria (Acelister, Hero Card used)

1/1/11 – V4 Fourth Announcement (Eighth Rolls):
1. R.J. Lowe (Stark) - Isaiah Garvey (KillerVole, Hero Card used)
2. Richard Han (Geno)
3. Peter Siu (Solomir) - Michelle O'Cain (Tythanin, Hero Card used)
4. Nathan Choultard (Greg The Anti-Viking) - Timothy Skula (Greg, Swap Card used)
5. Eiko Haraguchi (Solitair) - Lilian Hayes (Solitair, Swap Card used)
6. Raine Schwarz (Chibinanashi)
7. Jennifer Romita (Killer Moth)
8. James Robertson (decoy)
9. Madelyn Prowers (Flare)
10. Evelyn Reed (BetaKnight)
11. Niklas Kronwall (Wheeler)
12. John Smith (AceLister)
13. Garry Villette (Renard) - Marco Stonecastle (Renard, Swap Card used)
14. Timothy Questiare (ZombieXCreame) - Clio Gabriella (Inky, Hero Card used)
15. Acacia Salinger (Xylophonefairy) - Roman Jackson (Betaknight, Hero Card used)

1/15/11 – V4 Ninth Rolls:
1. Julian Avery (Jonny) – Nullified (Crash, Roll Null used)
2. Sapphire McLeod (Dropbear) - Ben Powell (Corrupt Dropbear, Swap Card used)
3. Ridley Landon (KingKamor)
4. Charlene Norris (Decoy) - Jason Clarke (decoy73, Swap Card used)
5. Jimmy Brennan (LittleBoy) - (Little Boy - Roll Null used)
6. Duncan MacMahon (SuperLlama)
7. Victoria Logan (Yvaine)
8. Jacob Charles (Inky)

2/2/11 – V4 Fifth Announcement (Tenth Rolls):
1. Cassidy Wakemore (Solitair)
2. Jason Harris (Fanatic) - Sarah Atwell (Fanatic, Swap Card used)
3. Sapphire McLeod (Dropbear) - Logan Reynolds (Chib, Hero Card used)
4. Kyle Portman (Dete)
5. Sebastian Descartes (Super Llama)
6. Marion Summers (Arscapi)
7. Joshua Krakowski (Fiori)
8. Mizore Soryu (storyspoiler) - JJ Sturn (Jonny, Hero Card used)
9. Sarah Tan (Inky) - Alex Seymour (Lord_Shadow, Hero Card used)
10. Tyler Franklin (Anderson) - Bill Davis (Anderson, Swap Card used)
11. Michael Moretti (Karsk) - Tyler Franklin (Anderson, Hero Card used)
12. Zach Jamis (Ciel) - Johnny McDowell (Ciel, Swap Card used)
13. Raymond Dawson (outfoxd) - Sofia Martelli (Dr. Nic, Hero Card used)
14. Colin Falcone (T-Fox)
15. Bounce Volkova (Namira) - Jessie Anderson (Namira, Swap Card used)

2/15/11 – V4 Eleventh Rolls:
1. Andrew Mitchell (Tythanin)
2. Maxwell Lombardi (Fioriboy) - Janet Claymont (Slamexo, Hero Card used)
3. Annaliese Hansen (BetaKnight) - Aislyn McCreery (BetaKnight, Swap Card used)
4. Ilario Fiametta (faceinabook) - Liz Polanski (storyspoiler, Hero Card used)
5. Gloria Benson (Moth)
6. Kevin Harding (E.T Requiem)
7. Reiko Ishida (Rocky) - Mia Kuiper (Geno, Hero Card used)
8. Garry Villette (Renard) - Courtney Bradley (Dom, Hero Card used)

3/3/11 – V4 Sixth Announcement (Twelfth Rolls):
1. Marty Lovett (Fioriboy)
2. Ricky Fortino (D/N)
3. Will Hearst (Dr. Nic)
4. David Matson (nowave)
5. Kari Nichols (Rattlesnake)
6. Isabel Guerra (Ruggahissy) – Nullified (Ruggahissy, Roll Null used)
7. Stacy Hart (Zabriel)
8. Steven Hunt (Nadir)
9. Roland Harte (Little)
10. RJ Lowe (Stark) - Vivien Morin (Hollyquin, Hero Card used)
11. Raymond Dawson (Outfoxd) - Rena Peters (CaseyNuge, Hero Card used)
12. Aileen Borden (Kamikaze) - Remy Kim (KamiKaze, Swap Card used)

3/17/11 – V4 Thirteenth Rolls:
1. Tiffany Chanders (decoy)
2. Joe Rios (Sean) – Nullified (General Goose, Roll Null used)
3. Sapphire McLeod (Corrupt Dropbear)
4. Dustin Royal (Pigeon Army [Inactive])
5. Annaliese Hansen (Betaknight) – Nullified (Betaknight, Roll Null used)
6. Rosa Fiametta (Namira) - Winsome Clark (faceinabook, Hero Card used)
7. Jasper-Declan MacDermott (HollyQuin) – Nullified (Hollyquin, Roll Null used)
8. RJ Lowe (Stark)

4/7/11 – V4 Seventh Announcement (Fourteenth Rolls):
1. Harun Kemal (GeneralGoose) - Rashid Hassan (laZardo, Hero Card used)
2. Jackie Broughten (T-Fox)
3. Ash Morrison (ET.Requiem)
4. Annaliese Hansen (Betaknight) - Timothy Questiare (zombiexcreame, Hero Card used)
5. Rosa Fiametta (Namira)
6. Adrian Staib (Randomness)
7. Rhory Anne Broderick (karsk) – Nullified (faceinabook, Roll Null used)
8. Milo Taylor (Sean)

4/17/11 – V4 Fifteenth Rolls:
1. Maria Graham (Super Llama)
2. Nicholas Reid (Rattlesnake)
3. Naoko Raidon (Grim Wolf) - David Meramac (Grim Wolf, Swap Card used)
4. Peter Siu (Solomir) - Roland Hayes (Solitair, Hero Card used)
5. Melissa Li (Tythanin)
6. Orn "Dutchy" Ayers (Little Boy)
7. Harun Kemal (GeneralGoose) - Alan Rickhall (Limisios, Hero Card used)

5/5/11 – V4 Eighth Announcement (Sixteenth Rolls):
1. Raymond Dawson (outfoxd) – Nullified (Casey, Roll Nullification Used)
2. Annaliese Hansen (BeatKnight)
3. Helen Wilson (xylophonefairy)
4. Garrett Hunter (Hollyquin) - Jasper-Declan MacDermott (Hollyquin, Swap Card used)
5. Zach Jamis (Ciel) (Tagabasa, Roll Nullification Used)
6. Gracie Wainwright (Arscapi)
7. Peter Siu (Solomir) - Rachel Gettys (Solomir, Swap Card used)
8. Charlene Norris (Decoy)

6/9/11 – V4 Ninth Announcement (Seventeenth Rolls):
1. Mary-Ann Warren (Rugga) - Autumn O'Leary (Ruggahissy, Swap Card used)
2. Kristina Hartmann (Namira) - George Leidman (Pippin, Hero Card used)
3. Trent Savage (karsk)
4. Morgan Leftowitz (Greg)
5. Kimberly Nguyen (KillerVole) – Nullified (storyspoiler, Roll Null used)
6. Neill Robertson (xylophonefairy) – Nullified (xylophonefairy, Roll Null used)
7. Aston Bennet (Inky) - Maf Tuigamala (Inky, Swap Card used)
8. Garry Villette (Renard) - Sunil Savarkar (General Goose, Hero Card used)

6/19/11 – V4 Eighteenth Rolls:
1. Julian Avery (Jonny)
2. Thea Kairos (Arscapi)
3. Alice Boucher (storyspoiler)
4. Joe Rios (Sean) – Nullified (Sean, Roll Null used)
5. Maxwell Lombardi (Fioriboy)
6. Claire Lambert (KillerVole)
7. Kitty Gittschall (Ciel)

7/20/11 – V4 Tenth Announcement (Nineteenth Rolls):
1. Garry Villette (Renard)
2. Neill Robertson (Fairy)
3. Jessica Pentangeli (Ciel)
4. Jason Harris (Fanatic) - Rhory Anne Broderick (karsk, Hero Card used)
5. Janet Binachi (Dete)
6. Joe Rios (Sean)
7. Kris Hartmann (Namira)
8. Nathan Choultard (Greg The Anti-Viking)

8/1/11 – V4 Twentieth Rolls:
1. Liam Brooks (MK Kilmarnock)
2. Charlotte DuClare (Jonny)
3. Mary-Ann Warren (Ruggahissy)
4. Josie Vernon (zombiexcreame) - Fiona Sparki (zombiexcreame, Swap Card used)
5. Ilario Fiametta (faceinabook) - Teo Weinstock (Fanatic, Hero Card used)
6. Hayley Kelly (Hollyquin)
7. Kimberly Nguyen (KillerVole) – Nullified (Ciel, Roll Null used)

8/24/11 – V4 Eleventh Announcement (Twenty-First Rolls):
1. Aileen Borden (KamiKaze)
2. Alex White (Dr. Nic)
3. Peter Siu (Solomir)
4. Jason Harris (Fanatic)
5. Raidon Naoko (Grim Wolf) – Nullified (Jonny, Roll Null used)
6. Jimmy Brennan (Little Boy)
7. Meredith Hemmings (zombiexcreame)

9/8/11 – V4 Twenty-Second Rolls:
1. Ilario Fiametta (faceinabook) - Erik Laurin (faceinabook, Swap Card used)
2. Ivan Kuznetsov (MK Kilmarnock) – Nullified (Greg The Anti-Viking, Roll Null used)
3. Nick LeMonde (Ruggahissy)
4. Zach Jamis (Ciel)
5. Josee Trembley (Limisios)
6. Josie Vernon (zombiexcreame)
7. Saul Fetteralf (JamesRenard)
8. Raidon Naoko (Grim Wolf)

10/4/11 – V4 Twelfth Announcement (Twenty-Third Rolls):
1. Leila Langford (karsk)
2. Reiko Ishida (Rocky) – Nullified (Geno, Roll Null used)
3. Aaron Hughes (KillerVole)
4. Ema Ryan (Chib)
5. Aston Bennet (Ciel)
6. Madeleine Smith (Rocky)
7. Tabitha Gweneth (Greg the Anti-Viking)

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October 3rd, 2017, 7:00 pm #9

[+] Spoiler
Rolled Once:

Acacia Salinger
Adrian Staib
Albert Lions
Alex Rasputin
Alex White
Alice Blake
Alice Boucher
Andrew Mitchell
Ash Morrison
Augustus MacDougal
Bounce Volkova
Brent Shanahan
Brock Mason
Carol Burke
Celeste Beaumont
Christopher Carlson
Claire Lambert
Colin Falcone
Daniel Blessing
Darren Locke
David Anderson
David Matson
David Morrison
Duncan MacMahon
Eiko Haraguchi
Eva Lancaster
Eve Walker-Luthur
Feo Smith
Francine Moreau
Frankie Watson
Garrett Hunter
Gary Griffiths
Gloria Benson
Gracie Wainwright
Hayley Kelly
Helen Wilson
Imraan Al-Hariq
Isabel Guerra
Ivan Kuznetsov
Jackie Broughten
James Mulzet
James Robertson
Jamie Li
Janet Binachi
Janet Claymont
Janet Victoriee-Ser
Jasper-Declan MacDermott
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Romita
Jessica Pentangeli
John Smith
Josee Trembley
Joshua Krakowski
Kari Nichols
Katelyn Wescott
Kevin Harding
Kitty Gittschall
Kyle Portman
Leila Langford
Liam Brooks
Lily Ainsworth
Lily McLaughlin
Lucy Ashmore
Madeleine Smith
Madison Stone
Maria Graham
Maria Santiago
Marion Summers
Marybeth Witherspoon
Megan Nelson
Melissa Li
Meredith Hemmings
Mia Kuiper
Michael Moretti
Milo Taylor
Mizore Soryu
Nicholas Reid
Nick LeMonde
Niklas Kronwall
Orn "Dutchy" Ayers
Paige Strand
Peter McCue
Phillip Ward
Raina Morales
Rekka Saionji
Rhory Anne Broderick
Richard Han
Ricky Fortino
Ridley Landon
Roland Harte
Sally Connelly
Samaya Boen-Hilstrand
Sebastian Descartes
Simon Fletcher
Stacy Hart
Tabitha Gweneth
Thea Kairos
Tiffany Baker
Timothy Questiare
Tom Guthrie
Trent Savage
Trevor Duncan
Tyler Franklin
Violetta Lindsbergh
Vivien Morin
Will Hearst
William Sears

Rolled Twice:

Aaron Hughes
Aileen Borden
Aston Bennet
Cassidy Wakemore
Charlene Norris
Charlotte DuClare
Clio Gabriella
Daisuke Nagazawa
Dustin Royal
Ema Ryan
Evelyn Reed
Harun Kemal
Jackie Myrie
Jacob Charles
Jimmy Brennan
Josie Vernon
Julian Avery
Kimberly Nguyen
Madelyn Prowers
Marty Lovett
Mary-Ann Warren
Maxwell Lombardi
Morgan Leftowitz
Nathan Choultard
Neill Robertson
Rachel Gettys
Raine Schwarz
Reiko Ishida
Rosa Fiametta
Sarah Tan
Steven Hunt
Tiffany Chanders

Rolled Three Times:

Ilario Fiametta
Jason Harris
Kris Hartmann
Raidon Naoko
Raymond Dawson
Sapphire McLeod
Saul Fetteralf
Victoria Logan
Zach Jamis

Rolled Four Times:

Annaliese Hansen
Garry Villette
Joe Rios
Peter Siu
RJ Lowe

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October 3rd, 2017, 7:00 pm #10

[+] Spoiler
6/15/13 – V5 First Rolls:
1. Sven Olson (Mimi)
2. Kelly Peterson (bacon)
3. Gabriella Parker (Slamexo)
4. Kam So’oialo (Namira) - Dan Liu (bacon, Hero Card used)
5. Alice Gilman (dmboogie) - Daniel Whitten (dmboogie, Swap card used)
6. Lauren Rowe (Iceblock) - David Zimmer (Bikriki, Hero card used)
7. Brian Zhdanovich (Fioriboy) - Jason Meyers (leAloha, Hero card used)
8. Mark Little (Stark)

7/4/13 – V5 First Announcement (Second Rolls):
1. Kaitlyn Williamson (armegeddonCounselor)
2. Carmina Maliksi (Maraoone)
3. Zubin Wadia (decoy73) - Michael Whaley (decoy73, Swap Card used)
4. Michelle Wexler (Ruggahissy) - Rebecca Everett (Namira, hero Card used)
5. Amy Bachelor (Pippin) - Francis St. Ledger (Pippin, Swap Card used)
6. Max Sawyer (The Burned Handler) - Chuck Soileau (The Burned Handler, Swap Card used)
7. Joe Carrasco (Violent Medic) - Naomi Bell (Violent Medic, Swap Card used)
8. R.J. Roger JR (Un-persona) - Venice Pennington-Johannes (Un_Persona, Swap Card used)

7/19/13 – V5 Third Rolls:
1. Amy Bachelor (Pippin)
2. Stacey Mordetsky (Aura Master Fox)
3. Miles Strickland (Psychedelic) - Brandon Baxter (NotAFlyingToy, Hero card used)
4. Natali Greer (backslash)
5. Darren Fox (JamesRenard) -Luca Johanssen (JamesRenard, Swap Card used)
6. Zoe Leverett (Jonny) - Xavier Contel (Grim Wolf, Hero Card used)

8/3/13 – V5 Second Announcement (Fourth Rolls):
1. Adam Morgan (Murderweasel) - Lydia Robbins (MurderWeasel, Swap Card used)
2. Adonis Alba (Aura Master Fox)
3. Kam So'oialo (Namira) - Nina Clarke (Espional, Hero card used)
4. Gray Emerson (Deamon) - Yasmin Carroll (Deamon, Swap Card used)
5. Rosemary Michaels (MrMissMrs Random) - Tessa Blackridge (Rattlesnake, Hero Card used)
6. Arthur Wells (Solitair) - Ilya Volkov (Solitair, Swap Card used)
7. Lauren Rowe (Iceblock)
8. Joey Caputo (LocoBroJoe)

8/15/13 – V5 Fifth Rolls:
1. Michael Eastmund (The Burned Handler)
2. Carlon Wheeler (Imehal)
3. Katy Warren (Outfoxd)
4. Alex Ripley (Kamikaze)
5. Travis Webster (Delroy) - Mallory McCormick (Violent-Medic, Hero Card used)
6. Brian Zhdanovich (Fioriboy)

Early September 2013 (date lost to crash) – V5 Third Announcement (Sixth Rolls):
1. Kyle Fitzpatrick (Skraal)
2. Aria Samuels (jimmydalad)
3. Max Sawyer (The Burned Handler)
4. Cassidy Kant (Nuggets) - Matt Masters (Aura Master Fox, Hero Card used)
5. Gavin Hunter (Ghost of Ravenstar) - Grace Faraday (Randomness, Hero Card used)
6. Arthur Wells (Solitair)
7. Alice Gilman (dmboogie) - Ray Gilbert (Dom, Hero Card used)

Mid September 2013 (date lost to crash) – V5 Seventh Rolls:
1. Rose Matheson (Solitair)
2. Steven Salazar (MurderWeasel)
3. Corey Esposito (CondorTalon) - Yukiko Sakurai (CondorTalon, Swap Card used)
4. Alex King (Slamexo)
5. Gavin Hunter (Ghost of Ravenstar) - Megan Emerson (JillSandwich, Hero card used)
6. Alice Gilman (dmboogie) - Casey Malkovich (Tagabasa, Hero Card used)

1/16/14 – V5 Fourth Announcement (Eighth Rolls):
1. Lana Torres (KamiKaze)
2. Paulo Abbate (Outfoxd)
3. Jack McDonald (Flare)
4. Brianna Battaglia (Shangela)
5. Edgar Tolstoff (swirlythingy)
6. Iselle Ovaelle-Vandermeer (Betaknight) - Bianca Howard (Arscapi, Hero card used)
7. Michelle Wexler (Ruggahissy)
8. Gwen O’Connor (Espional) - Theodore Fletcher (Espi, Swap Card used)

1/30/14 – V5 Ninth Rolls:
1. Rachael Langdon (Laurels) - Sophie McDowell (Laurels, Swap Card used)
2. Jaquilyn Locke (Locobrojoe)
3. Miranda Millers (KamiKazi)
4. Cooper Komorowski (Betaknight) - Summer Simms (Mimi, Hero Card used)
5. Sara Corlett (TurtleTyrant)
6. Deanna Hull (D/N) - Jesse Jennings (D/N, Swap Card used)
7. Katarin Tolstoff (Decoy)

2/17/14 – V5 Fifth Announcement (Tenth Rolls):
1. Gwen O'Conner (Espional)
2. Ian Valmont (Zorbax)
3. Chase Rodriguez (Vyse President)
4. Virgil Jefferson-Davis (BROseidon) - Cassandra Black (BROseidon, Swap Card used)
5. Cassidy Kant (LocoBroJoe)
6. Oscar Trig (Maraoone)
7. Sunshine "Sunny" Cho Lee (Namira)

3/2/14 – V5 Eleventh Rolls:
1. Matthew Young (Rattlesnake)
2. Alda Abbate (DocBalance) - Garrett Wilde (DocBalance, Swap Card used)
3. Garrett Cobbler (Polybius)
4. Joseph Chaplin (ChainmailleAddict)
5. Meera Stele (watcher in night)
6. Ami Flynn (Ciel) - Darren Fox (Ciel, Swap Card used)

3/27/14 – V5 Sixth Announcement (Twelfth Rolls):
1. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake) - Adam Morgan (MurderWeasel, Hero Card used)
2. Deanna Hull (D/N) - Alice Gilman (dmboogie, Hero Card used)
3. Logan Cadegon (Arscapi)
4. Claire Monaghan (Laurels) - Corey Esposito (CondorTalon, Hero Card used)
5. Kam So’oialo (Namira) - R.J. Roger Jr. (Un-Persona, Hero Card used)
6. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock) - Jessica Sanders (MK Kilmarnock, Swap Card used)
7. Janie Sinneave (Inky)

4/14/14 – V5 Thirteenth Rolls:
1. Joachim Lovelace (Bikriki) - Aileen Aurora Abdallah (Bikriki, Swap Card used)
2. Benjamin Ward (Shangela)
3. Stephanie Wright (Randomness)
4. Jessica Murphy (bacon)
5. Leona Van Camp (Outfoxd) - Rebecca Kiesling (Betaknight, Hero Card used)
6. Cammy Davidson (jimmydalad)

5/16/14 – V5 Seventh Announcement (Fourteenth Rolls):
1. Eliza Patton (Skraal)
2. Cody Patton (MK Kilmarnock)
3. Ian Williams (VysePresident)
4. Andi Victorino (Mimi) - Phoebe Cho (Mimi, Swap Card used)
5. Sharon Austin (Jimmydalad)
6. Hansel Williams (NotAFlyingToy) - Alda Abbate (DocBalance, Hero Card used)
7. Miles Strickland (Psychedelic)

5/29/14 – V5 Fifteenth Rolls:
1. Rachael Langdon (Laurels)
2. Rosemary Michaels (MrMissMrs Random)
3. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake) - Carlos Lazaro (Ciel, Hero Card used)
4. Kyran Dean (Psychadelic)
5. Deanna Hull (D/N) - Jenna Rhodes (Fioriboy, Hero Card used)
6. James Wade (LordB)

6/24/14 – V5 Eighth Announcement (Sixteenth Rolls):
1. Iselle Ovaelle-Vandermeer (Betaknight)
2. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie) - Timothy Abrams (Skraal, Hero Card used)
3. Kam So’oialo (Namira)
4. Deanna Hull (D/N)
5. Paris Ardennes (Ruggahissy)
6. Maynard Francis Hurst (SansaSaver)
7. Owen Kay (Pippin)

7/10/14 – V5 Seventeenth Rolls:
1. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant) - Christopher Harlin (Deamon, Hero Card used)
2. Virgil Jefferson-Davis (BROseidon)
3. Cooper Komorowski (Betaknight)
4. Stacy Ramsey (Will)
5. Mirabella Strong (SansaSaver) - Claire Monaghan (Laurels, Hero Card used)
6. Joachim Lovelace (DocBalance)

8/12/14 – V5 Ninth Announcement (Eighteenth Rolls):
1. Mirabella Strong (SansaSaver)
2. Mara Montalvo (Ruggahissy) - Leona Van Kamp (Outfoxd, Hero card used)
3. Ruby Forrester (Fioriboy)
4. Ami Flynn (Ciel)
5. Takeshi Yoshikawa (Munnin)
6. Juhan Levandi (Maraoone)

9/7/14 – V5 Nineteenth Rolls:
1. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock)
2. Finn Grant (Will)
3. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie)
4. Tyler Lucas (Grim Wolf)

10/5/14 – V5 Tenth Announcement (Twentieth Rolls):
1. Joe Carrasco (Violent-Medic)
2. Kathryn Nguyen (Arscapi)
3. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant)
4. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake)
5. Matt Vartoogian (BROseidon)
6. Gray Emerson (Deamon)

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October 3rd, 2017, 7:00 pm #11

[+] Spoiler
Rolled Once:

Adam Morgan
Adonis Alba
Alda Abbate
Alex King
Alex Ripley
Andi Victorino
Aria Samuels
Benjamin Ward
Brianna Battaglia
Cammy Davidson
Carlon Wheeler
Carmina Maliksi
Chase Rodriguez
Claire Monaghan
Cody Patton
Corey Esposito
Darren Fox
Edgar Tolstoff
Eliza Patton
Finn Grant
Gabriella Parker
Garrett Cobbler
Hansel Williams
Ian Valmont
Ian Williams
Jack McDonald
James Wade
Janie Sinneave
Jaquilyn Locke
Jessica Murphy
Joey Caputo
Joseph Chaplin
Juhan Levandi
Kaitlyn Williamson
Katarin Tolstoff
Kathryn Nguyen
Katy Warren
Kelly Peterson
Kyle Fitzpatrick
Kyran Dean
Lana Torres
Leona Van Camp
Logan Cadegon
Mara Montalvo
Mark Little
Matt Vartoogian
Matthew Young
Maynard Francis Hurst
Meera Stele
Michael Eastmund
Miranda Millers
Natali Greer
Oscar Trig
Owen Kay
Paris Ardennes
Paulo Abbate
R.J. Roger JR
Rose Matheson
Ruby Forrester
Sara Corlett
Sharon Austin
Stacey Mordetsky
Stacy Ramsey
Stephanie Wright
Steven Salazar
Sunshine "Sunny" Cho Lee
Sven Olson
Takeshi Yoshikawa
Travis Webster
Tyler Lucas
Zoe Leverett
Zubin Wadia

Rolled Twice:

Ami Flynn
Amy Bachelor
Arthur Wells
Brian Zhdanovich
Cassidy Kant
Cooper Komorowski
Gavin Hunter
Gray Emerson
Gwen O’Connor
Iselle Ovaelle-Vandermeer
Joachim Lovelace
Joe Carrasco
Lauren Rowe
Madeline Wilcox
Max Sawyer
Michael Mitchellson
Michelle Wexler
Miles Strickland
Mirabella Strong
Rachael Langdon
Rosemary Michaels
Sean Mulcahy
Virgil Jefferson-Davis

Rolled Three Times:

Alice Gilman
KK Konipaski

Rolled Four Times:
Deanna Hull
Kam So’oialo

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October 3rd, 2017, 7:00 pm #12

[+] Spoiler
9/15/16 – V6 First Rolls:
1. Harold Porter (dmboogie)
2. Raina Rose (backslash) - Cristobal Morales (backslash, Swap Card used)
3. Alessio Rigano (RC) - Conrad Harrod (RC, Swap Card used)
4. Hazel Jung (SansaSaver) - Joshua Bracewell (SansaSaver, Swap Card used)
5. Rea Adams (Spinnentier)
6. Rene Wolfe (Aura) - Barry Banks (Aura, Swap Card used)
7. Scarlett McAfee (Primrosette)
8. Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun) - Florentina Luz (Cicada Days, Hero Card used)

10/1/16 – V6 First Announcement (Second Rolls):
1. Rene Wolfe (Aura) - Mitch Settles (Brubaker, Hero Card used)
2. Amanda Tan (Randomness) - Jane Madison (Rorick Skyve, Hero Card used)
3. Jaime Schanbacher (decoy73) - Sabrina Luz (decoy73, Swap Card used)
4. Kiziah Saraki (General Goose) - Bradley Floyd (General Goose, Swap Card used)
5. Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun) - Jasmine King (Yugikun, Swap Card used)

10/15/16 – V6 Third Rolls:
1. Nate Turner (Slamexo) - Sandy Bricks (Slamexo, Swap Card used)
2. Danny Brooks (Violent Medic)
3. Jeremiah Larkin (Lore)
4. Blair Moore (Espi) - Samuel Howard (Aloha, Hero Card used)

11/2/16 – V6 Second Announcement (Fourth Rolls):
1. Raina Rose (backslash) - Tessa Mabel Cole (Fogue, Hero Card used)
2. Caleb Diamond (Ruggahissy)
3. Cameron Herrig (Deamon)
4. Kaitlyn Greene (D/N) - Oskar Pearce (Naft, Hero Card used)
5. Mia Rose (Pippin)

11/30/16 – V6 Fifth Rolls:
1. Min-Jae Parker (backslash) - Henry Spencer (Espi, Hero Card used)
2. Nate Turner (Slam) - Steve Dobson (Rattlesnake, Hero Card used)
3. Jasper Bustamante (leAloha)
4. Cass Prince (dmboogie) - Wayne Cox (Iceblock, Hero Card used)

1/5/17 – V6 Third Announcement (Sixth Rolls):
1. Wade Cartwright (shotgunkid) - Leslie Price (shotgunkid, Swap Card used)
2. Bernadette Thomas (Muninn)
3. Toby Andreasson (Namira)
4. Junko Kurosawa (KamiKaze) - Jennifer Wallace (KamiKaze, Swap Card used)
5. Astrid Tate (Pippin) - Bridgette Sommerfeld (backslash, Hero Card used)

1/16/17 – V6 Seventh Rolls:
1. Taranis "Tara" Behzad (Grim Wolf)
2. Cass Prince (dmboogie) - Asha Sur (dmboogie, Swap Card used)
3. Kimiko Kao (Deamon) - Darius Van Dyke (RC, Hero Card used)
4. Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush) - Irene Djezari (Empress Plush, Swap Card used)

2/1/17 – V6 Fourth Announcement (Eighth Rolls):
1. Junko Kurosawa (KamiKaze)
2. Maria Cucinotta (Primrosette)
3. Travis Lynch (Deamon)
4. Astrid Tate (Pippin)
5. Lili Williams (CrossbowPig) - Arthur Bernstein (CrossbowPig, Swap Card used)

2/15/17 – V6 Ninth Rolls:
1. Alex Tarquin (Grim Wolf) - Eliza Luz (Grim Wolf, Swap card used)
2. Brendan Harte (Primrosette) - Nancy Kyle (CondorTalon, Hero card used)
3. Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun)
4. Alessio Rigano (RC) - Michael Crowe (ToxieTheToxicAvenger, Hero card used)

3/3/17 – V6 Fifth Announcement (Tenth Rolls):
1. Alba Reyes (Laurels) - Nadia Riva (Laurels, Swap Card used)
2. Kaitlyn Greene (D/N)
3. Coleen Reagen (MK Kilmarnock) - Will McKinley (Inge, Hero Card used)
4. Kimiko Kao (Deamon) - Lucilly Peterson (Bikriki, Hero Card used)
5. Alex Tarquin (Grim Wolf)

3/17/17 – V6 Eleventh Rolls:
1. Noah Whitley (Laurels)
2. Rene Wolfe (Aura)
3. Penelope Fitzgerald (VoltTurtle) - Isabel Ramirez (VoltTurtle, Swap card used)
4. Alan Banks (Wolley)

4/1/17 – V6 Sixth Announcement (Twelfth Rolls):
1. Jeremy Frasier (Yugikun)
2. Clarice Halwood (Violent-Medic) - Lily Caldwell (Violent-Medic, Swap Card used)
3. Ben Fields (Cicada Days)
4. Alba Reyes (Laurels) - Hannah Kendrickstone (Courtography, Hero Card used)
5. Kimiko Kao (Deamon) - Jerry Fury (MK Kilmarnock, Hero Card used)

4/15/17 – V6 Thirteenth Rolls:
1. Georgia Lee Day (backslash) [not protected from multi-rolling due to late adoption]
2. Wade Cartwright (shotgunkid)
3. Amanda Tan (Randomness)
4. Kiziah Saraki (General Goose)

5/1/17 – V6 Seventh Announcement (Fourteenth Rolls):
1. Maxim Kehlenbrink (Brackie)
2. Vanessa Stone (Slam)
3. Audrey Reyes (Ciel)
4. Jaime Schanbacher (decoy73)
5. Cass Prince (dmboogie) - Benjamin Lichter (Malloon, Hero Card used)

5/15/17 – V6 Fifteenth Rolls:
1. Serena Waters (Seth Crimson) - Aiden Slattery (D/N, Hero Card used)
2. Olivia Fischer (Maraoone)
3. Scout Pfeiffer (Ciel) - Jasmine Reed (Ciel, Swap Card used)
4. Tyler Yazzie (Empress Plush)

6/1/17 – V6 Eighth Announcement (Sixteenth Rolls):
1. Penelope Fitzgerald (VoltTurtle)
2. Asuka Takahara (Zetsumodernista)
3. Lili Williams (CrossbowPig)
4. Brendan Harte (Primrosette)
5. Kimiko Kao (Deamon) - Hazel Jung (Ruggahissy, Hero Card used)

6/15/17 – V6 Seventeenth Rolls:
1. Dorothy Shelley (Lore)
2. Coleen Reagan (MK Kilmarnock)
3. Alessio Rigano (RC)
4. Cass Prince (dmboogie)

7/1/17 – V6 Ninth Announcement (Eighteenth Rolls):
1. Serena Waters (Seth Crimson)
2. Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush)
3. Jordan Green (Randomness)
4. Keith Bauer (bacon)
5. Clarice Halwood (Violent-Medic)

7/15/17 – V6 Nineteenth Rolls:
1. Emma Luz (KamiKaze)
2. Jonathan Gulley (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
3. Vincenzo/a Gatti (Namira)
4. Sandra Dyer (CondorTalon)

8/2/17 – V6 Tenth Announcement (Twentieth Rolls):
1. Blair Moore (Espi)
2. Kimiko Kao (Deamon)
3. Bryony Adams (Pippin)
4. Alba Reyes (Laurels)
5. Matthew Moradi (Privyet)
6. Alice Baker (Aura)

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October 3rd, 2017, 7:01 pm #13

[+] Spoiler
Rolled Once:

Alan Banks
Alice Baker
Asuka Takahara
Audrey Reyes
Ben Fields
Bernadette Thomas
Bryony Adams
Caleb Diamond
Cameron Herrig
Danny Brooks
Dorothy Shelley
Emma Luz
Georgia Lee Day
Harold Porter
Hazel Jung
Jasper Bustamante
Jeremiah Larkin
Jeremy Frasier
Jonathan Gulley
Jordan Green
Keith Bauer
Maria Cucinotta
Matthew Moradi
Maxim Kehlenbrink
Mia Rose
Min-Jae Parker
Noah Whitley
Olivia Fischer
Rea Adams
Sandra Dyer
Scarlett McAfee
Scout Pfeiffer
Taranis "Tara" Behzad
Toby Andreasson
Travis Lynch
Tyler Yazzie
Vanessa Stone
Vincenzo/a Gatti

Rolled Twice:

Alex Tarquin
Amanda Tan
Astrid Tate
Blair Moore
Brendan Harte
Caedyn Miller
Clarice Halwood
Coleen Reagan
Jaime Schanbacher
Junko Kurosawa
Kaitlyn Greene
Kiziah Saraki
Lili Williams
Nate Turner
Penelope Fitzgerald
Raina Rose
Serena Waters
Wade Cartwright

Rolled Three Times:

Alba Reyes
Alessio Rigano
Alvaro Vacanti
Rene Wolfe

Rolled Four Times:

Cass Prince

Rolled Five Times:

Kimiko Kao