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With all the commotion going on in the ground floor of the house, one would think that someone was moving furniture, doing renovation, normal things. However, in this circumstance, the person hearing these noises was Derrin Istoli, and he had no reason to believe someone had bought a new couch.
What now?

Luckily, the house was fairly small and simple to get around, so it did not take him much time to get to where what he assumed was a struggle taking place. Rushing to get around the small house caused him to slip and fall upon the carpeted floor. A lone voice came from the room.
"Christmas can go to hell for all I care..."
Derrin slowly got to his feet. He was never used to his height, and often tripped over his own feet. On his shoulder he saw a nasty carpet burn.
Ugh... I hate carpets.

The room was a mess. The first thing he noticed was (obviously) the bodies lying on the floor. The boy to his right, he didn't recognize, luckily. "Woah..." He had appeared to be strangled, but had been hit over the head with a ornament. A box labeled "Christmas Ornaments" sat innocently across the room. Derrin was never a believer in any religion, and the fact that decorations for a religious holiday seriously hurt someone was the source of some amusement for Derrin. That amusement instantly vanished when he moved to the side of the room, and saw that the Christmas star was embedded inside the boy’s head. His mouth hung open in disbelief, as he stared down at a human corpse.
And he couldn’t know what condition the person behind him was in…

*Poke* Garry awoke, again, uncomfortably. The last thing he remembered was a loud explosion… Where?
“Shtop pmfughfhmm.” The carpet muffled his words.
“What did you say?” At least he’s alive.
“Stop poking me!” He grumbled angrily. He was dirty, burned, and was being poked by what he could tell to be a surprised kid with white hair…
Derrin was afraid. This kid was over six and a half feet tall , and looked like he had been through hell and back. “Are you alright? What happened? Did you kill him? Where am I?”
“One question at a time…” Garry got up. Wait… He got up? Garry looked down at his leg. There was still the scar from his injury.. but his pants were burned straight through.
“Shut up for a minute, I’ll explain everything as soon as I get..” He drifted off, still dumbfounded by how his leg was completely healed. There was full movement, and no visible injury aside from the hair gone from his leg. “Now that’s a miracle.”
“Okay, it happened like this…” Garry explained the events that led up to him being rendered unconscious.
“But I did not kill him. I know who did, though.”
“Paris Persephone. Paris and I have hated each other since I sent him to the hospital a while ago.” He paused. “No doubt about it that he wants to kill me.”
Derrin took in all the information. This was certainly a predicament.
“What are we going to do?”
“We?” Derrin was surprised at this answer. From what he had seen Garry was a good person, there was just something he couldn’t put his finger on that was odd…
“Look Derrin, I’m not the kind of person you want to hang around, okay? Let’s just leave it at that.” Garry got up towards the door.
“Wait!” He turned around.
“Please help me Garry, I don’t even have a weapon and I can’t fight, literally, for the life of me.” Derrin pleaded.
“Alright… but I am warning you, try to stab me in the back, and I’ll gut you.”
Garry didn’t have to elaborate, the blood on his clothes did that for him.
He still couldn’t believe that he had gotten the use of his leg back.

A miracle, no doubt I might live a little longer. Company can be useful, but in the end, it is a battle for my own survival. I’ve got to remember that.

(( Garry Continued Elsewhere))

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Whatthefuck is going on?!

Nessy went from hearing a conversation about Christmas.. to, what was that? Are you fucking kidding me? Nessy was now stuck upstairs, while the battle bots battled it out below. She could hear crashing and yelling... but where were they now?

She had fogotten how many people were there now. The only thing that was running through her head the whole time was her, and boy, did she hate her.

You know, if it all came down to you living or dieing at the hands of these men, you could alwasy offer yourself instead. Men are pigs! I'm sure they'd rather get off first.. that is, they'd kill you after. Well, at least you're not going to die a virgin then! Oh wait, yes you will. I forgot, you're a fucking fuggly! They'd probably puke if you even brought the idea up! Honestly, jesus christ, what are you going to do? At least you could have killed yourself, and saved the others the time. Noo, you had to get a fucking OVEN MIT! You're pathetic!

It's been a good couple years now, that Nessy has had to listen to Vanessa... She never had anything nice to say.

"You know," She whispered, "Mother always said, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't fucking say it all!"

Her head went quite again, for now, and at that moment, so did the house. From where she was, she could hear anything. Slowly, ever so slowly, Nessy began to open the door. She stationed herself on her hands and knees and put her ear to the floor. Time now seemed to be moving like a snail. She lifted her head up, and crawled towards the stairs. She shifted her body so that she was now sitting on the top stair with ther feet infront of her, sliding down one step at a time peering through the banister the way a child would late on Christmas eve. to spy on Santa.

There was no tree, there was no Santa. Only five steps down and afraid to move any further, Nessy weighed her pros and cons. The best thing that could happen is that she'd be saved by her knight in white! The worst, is that she would be killed. In her mind, being killed would only deliver her to her true white knight, so really, what the hell.

"Hello?" She yelled. "Is someone there? I don't have a weapon... hello?"

She heard nothing. As silently as possible, Nessy made her way to a window and slowly opened it, because she wasn't sure if anyone was in hearing distance. As she pulled herself through the frame, which was a little tight no help to her size, she couldn't help but think how lucky she was that no one had found her. Damn Lucky.

Once she made it all outside, she crawled on all fours along the side of the house. She pulled out her map and decided to head towards the river, freshen up a bit, before she really headed out anywhere where there might actually be people who would kill her. It was a thought she didn't want to stick with.

((continued in The Beast and The Harlot...))
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There was a faint sound coming from another area of the house that Derrin could just make it out.
He peered around. The monstrous boy he had just met had given him a offer he could very easily refuse. Walking around the island with Garry was not something he wanted to do, especially when the boy seemed to have some mental hit list.
Derrin heard some strange shuffling sounds coming from the other side of the house. It seemed like someone was trying to escape some other way besides the door.

The house looked like something you would find in a horror movie. Bloody footprints led from the door, inside the house, and more faint footprints leading outside again. Derrin walked outside of the house to see faintly someone outside of a window. The footprints on the sides of the window clearly showed what had happened.

Derrin walked slowly over to the person. He couldn't see who it was, or weather they were friendly.
"Hello? Is anyone there? I'm not armed."

You dolt, what do you think someone is going to do if they happen to have a gun or knife on them? Now they know you have no weapon.
"At least if they have a weapon, they might decide not to hurt me. Not everyone is like you, Jeff." Derrin retorted, unaware he said that out loud.

As he came closer, he saw that there WAS someone there before, but now there was only shadows.
"Goddamnit, now what am I going to do?"

Let your bro Jeff handle that.

((Jeff Continued Elsewhere))

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((Sorry bub, but when I say it's continued elsewhere that means your chance to post with Nessy if over. This might have worked out if you got a hold of me and we planned something else, but Nessy (if you read her post) said she's going to the river... she's not even by the house anymore.))
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