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Dustin Van Dyke walked the hallway towards the direction of the noise that had disturbed him. Hopefully, it did not disturb the neighbours. The Van Dykes never had problems with their neighbours, mostly because Dustin and Pina became friends with them. This made Dustin even more eager to stop the noise.

"IT'S NINE PM", Dustin threatened when entering the lion's den.

((Darius Van Dyke continued from Let's Go Out Tonight))

"Knock!", Darius hurrily warned when turning his chair to the direction to the door. Fortunately, Darius quickly MLG clicked on the minimise button. Not that there was anything bad to hide from. But Darius could remember with anger of that time when his mother walked into the room at a moment when a nasty pop-up popped up, advertising dating half-naked women everywhere in the US. He got mad because of this silly and frustrating misunderstanding resulting in him not being able to play games on his computer anymore, for like a month, until he brought an extraordinary exam back at home. That was before the time Darius used AdBlock. AdBlock, the saviour from all the evil advertisments in the jungle of the internet.

"Why were you screaming?", Dustin then asked with a bit of concern.

"Just leave. Everything's alright", Darius lied.

"Answer me. I am your father!"

"Nooooooooo", he quoted Luke Skywalker.

Dustin then had to chuckle and then sighed. "Okay, but please don't be so loud. Else you have to shut that damn thing down."

When the father left, Darius maximised the IRC chat again with his paw.

There was a reason why he furiously screamed a mix of 'fucking die', 'fuck you' and 'you dickhead' at another person minutes earlier. Because that gentle person on the other side gave him a link leading to a virus. His computer had a virus now. He hoped he'd get rid of it during this night.

Who's the hunter, who's the prey, though. He clenched his claws. A virus can be removed. It will be removed. Maybe Darius will give that brilliant genius, linking him to this poisonous source, something that cannot be removed.

Darius sought revenge. The fact that the person will be reported by him to the mods is just obvious. But he needed more than justice.

Then, Darius stroked his hand through his mane, while thinking of a malicious revenge.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Sadness Augmentation))