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Name: Nancy Kyle
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Anime, Japanese culture, idol culture, drama, singing.

Appearance: Nancy is 5'4" and weighs 125 lbs. She has a thin frame with little fat and a small amount of muscle. She has a light skin tone. Her straight hair, originally brown but dyed deep blue, is cut down to just below her chin. Her oval face is adorned with round brown eyes, a small, almost pig-like nose, and full lips. Nancy takes great care into maintaining her skin, and as such it is free of blemishes.

Nancy's clothing style betrays her interest in Japanese culture. Many of her clothes display anime related imagery, or are inspired by styles that Japanese idols known for wearing. On a typical school day she will usually wear an anime-related t-shirt with jeans, but on days that she considers special occasions, she will wear more complex outfits, usually ones inspired by uniforms that idol groups wear. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a denim vest over a white button-up shirt and a loose necktie, black wristbands, a knee-length plaid skirt, and black kneesocks with brown loafers.

Biography: Lucas Kyle and Fiona Taylor met in middle school, beginning a friendship that would last for years. As the two were finishing high school, they realized that they were falling in love with each other. Eventually, after college, they married, and had four children. Nancy was the third of these children, being born on May 13th, 1998. Nancy was preceded by Nick, her older brother by three years, and Phoebe, her older sister by one year. Two years after Nancy was born, the final child of the Kyle family, Richard, came into the family. Lucas works as an electrician, while Fiona works as an elementary teacher. Nancy loves her parents, and she enjoys spending time with them, but her relationship with her siblings is slightly more distant, as they mostly keep out of each other's hair.

Being one of the middle children, Nancy was always vying for attention from her parents, especially her mother. Between her job and juggling four children in the household, Fiona didn't have much time to divide her attention equally between her children. Most of the attention was given to Nick, the oldest, and Richard, the youngest. Because of this Nancy began to do things to gain attention from not just her parents, but her peers as well. This led to her being the weird kid in elementary school, as she acted out to gain the attention of her classmates. Fortunately, it never got to the point that she became disruptive, and she mostly kept her weirdness to the recess periods. Nonetheless, she gained the reputation of being the weird girl, a reputation that has followed her up until the present day. Some of the attention that Nancy got wasn't so positive, not that Nancy really noticed. It never escalated to physical bullying, and Nancy was mostly happy that she was known to people.

Up until high school, Nancy spent most of her time at home watching the television. She was never really invested in any particular types of shows, she just watched what looked entertaining. It was during one of these watching sessions that Nancy came across a channel that was airing dubbed anime. The animation style captured her attention, and she ended up watching for over three hours. As she grew older, she began to change to that channel more and more often, and began to look on the Internet for more anime to watch. It was also through this exposure that she came across other facets of Japanese culture, including one that would define her from the beginning of middle school onwards: the idol culture.

Nancy enjoyed the idol culture for a few reasons. Firstly, she enjoyed the the idea that these idols were popular doing something that looked so fun to do. Secondly, Nancy enjoyed singing, mostly upbeat pop songs that her Phoebe listened to. She sang less and less as she grew older, but discovering the idol culture re-ignited that passion. And lastly, because of the influence of anime, she saw only the glorified parts of idol culture, mostly through idol anime such as The IDOLM@STER and Aikatsu!. As she grew older and began to do more research into idol culture, she began to learn about the more negative things surrounding the idol culture. And although this dampened her love of idols slightly, that love never truly went away, and she still holds that idealized picture of the idol culture in her head even today.

When Nancy began high school, she chose drama as one of her electives. It was, in her mind, the closest thing to being a real idol, even though she knew it wasn't really that close at all. Even though she joined because of that loose association, she eventually grew to enjoy drama. It gave her an outlet to channel her acting out, as well an audience.

Academically, Nancy is squarely average. She mostly gets B's, with the occasional C. The exception to this pattern is drama, where she gets A's. Nancy shows enthusiasm in learning during class, but doesn't spend too much effort when it comes to doing work, especially homework. As a result of this, although Nancy learns a lot in her studies, it doesn't show too well in her grades.

Nancy is optimistic, if a little naive. She is energetic, and enjoys talking at length about her interests. She is not too self-aware, and believes herself to be more popular and well-liked than she really is. Socially, Nancy knows most of the student body, and most of the student body knows her, though the connections are usually very tenuous. Nonetheless she does have a few people who genuinely enjoy her company, mostly people with a similar interest in Japanese culture. Otherwise, many see her as optimistic and energetic, but sometimes incredibly grating.

Advantages: Nancy is optimistic and energetic, and will thus be unlikely to become despondent and feel hopeless. Her experience with acting might be able to help her fool people.
Disadvantages: Her lack of self-aware might make her believe that she has more allies than she does. Additionally, her need for attention may backfire on her, causing her to do something foolish or attract the attention of a player.
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The basics are good, but I'd like a little bit more meat on the bones, so to speak.

- What kind of things did Nancy do that were considered to be weird? How did she manage to gain attention and yet not be disruptive at the same time? It seems like an odd line to tread.

- How did her parents respond to Nancy acting out? Does she still resent this lack of attention paid to her by comparison to her siblings?

- Are there particular animes that Nancy got into? Which are her favourites and why?

- I'd like more detail on her enthusiasm for Japanese culture, as for it to qualify as a separate interest from both anime and idol culture, thatwould imply that there are other aspects that she finds interesting.

- "Secondly, Nancy enjoyed singing, mostly upbeat pop songs that her Phoebe listened to." - I think you mean her sister, Phoebe - How did she get into singing prior to idol culture? Does she harbour ambitions towards doing anything with her singing? Does she ever perform?

- What kind of negatives does she dislike about idol culture?

- Are there particular roles Nancy goes for in drama? Does she get to feature? Is she any good at it, or do her attention seeking ways land her in trouble from her co-dramatists?

- Does nobody ever give her a reality check that they're just not interested in what she has to say?

- I'd like another advantage/disadvantage apiece.

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