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(Emily Rose start)

Emily felt a strange sense of serenity. It felt like she was floating, her body felt calm and relaxed. The sun's golden rays warmed her face as she lay there. As she opened her eyes she blinked in the light, a red glow fading from her eyes. As her eyes adjusted she slowly came to her senses. Dampness clung to her skin as she moved. Her head was lying on something hard and her legs were tucked up to her chest. She shifted her position, causing a flash of pain through her head. She let out a cry of pain as she looked around. Her breath was coming in short bursts and she felt like she could hardly breath. Looking down she saw her necklace was twisted and had got caught. As she moved it had pulled tight around her throat. The sharp edge of the flower had cut into her skin causing a slight trickle of blood as she disentangled it.

The sun blinded her as she looked at it. Her vision was blurry, her surroundings clouded in shadow and blending together into a meaningless mass. She tried to get up but her legs were sore, cold and had gone to sleep. She staggered a few steps before falling onto her knees. Remembering it for the first time she crawled over to her bag. She looked through for anything to help her defend herself against the wider world. She was alone in a new world full of people who wanted to hurt her. She lay there for a few seconds trying to calm herself down.

Eventually she calmed down sufficiently and decided to leave the area. Stepping over a puddle she approached her apparent weapon. She stared it at it: a cordless floodlight. She had seen the things a few times at various soccer games. The banality of the object pissed her off, it was as if it was mocking her. The stark reminder of her old life and all the things she wanted to be doing, and may never do again. She felt such a sense of impotent anger and pushed the floodlight with all her might. She put such force in she tripped falling onto the ground next to the light. She banged her fists on the ground in frustration at the situation she found herself in.

After she calmed down a bit she realised how ridiculous she must look. Picking herself up she walked towards the exit pointedly ignoring the floodlight. As she stood up her blurry vision caught sight of the slide. Somehow it entranced her, she was unable to look away. Her brain was telling her to slide down, before she really knew what she was doing she found herself at the bottom of the slide. She started to climb the plastic ladder, pausing at the top. She felt a slight chill on her legs and tied her jumper round her waist. She slid down the slide, closing her eyes and enjoying the sense of escapism. She reached the bottom and lay there for a few seconds in her own little world.

She knew she needed a plan. Someone to protect her, some allies and maybe some grand scheme to get out of here. She moved over to sit on the swing, queen of the playground, observing her whole little empire as she contemplated her next move.

After what seemed like hours she had felt relaxed and had loosely formulated a plan, she figured she was best being flexible to allow for whoever or whatever she bumped into. Sitting here, though pleasant, wasn't gaining her allies or protection. The wind was starting to chill her to the bones and so she resolved to move on. As she stood up to leave she felt oddly drawn to the playground, like it was calling her and telling her not to leave. It was like her own private sanctuary. Reluctantly Emily turned her back on it, making a note to return if at all possible.

She then wandered aimlessly down the road which intersected the estate, lugging the damn flash light behind her. Her mood was fast deteriorating and she could feel another tantrum brewing inside her as she made slow plodding progress.

She had no idea where she was going but the further she went the more convinced she was that she wouldn't like it.

(Emily Rose continued in Don't know how to have fun)