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So, I've mentioned my distaste for the old realism litmus test a time or two, and have proposed a new one. Basically, I think it's a self-congratulatory mess of feel-good fluff insofar as most of what it tests for gets a profile booted back hard in the basic stages or is totally subjective and thus allows wiggle room. Well, because I have enough stuff to procrastinate on now to justify wasting time on this, I have created my own, which is largely free of the faults I perceive elsewhere.

So yeah, here goes. This one cranks down the crazy and cranks up the stuff-I-see-too-much-of-while-critiquing-characters.

Note that plenty of characters can have some of these traits and be totally fine, good characters. It's when they appear in high concentrations that eyes start to roll.

  • Is your character over 6'0" (if male) or 5'10" (if female)? +1 point
  • Is your character over 6'3" (if male) or 6'1" (if female)? +2 additional points
  • Is your character under 5'2" (if male) or 5'0" (if female)? +1 point
  • Is your character under 4'10"? +2 additional points
  • Does your character's BMI place them in the twenty-fifth percentile or below for their age? +1 point
  • The twelfth percentile or lower? +2 additional points
  • Is your character's BMI over 30? +2 points
  • Is it because they're highly athletic? +1 point instead
  • Are they more atheletic than almost everyone else in their sport/team, though? +1 additional point
  • Does your character have hair dyed an unnatural color? +1 point
  • Several unnatural colors at once? +2 additional points
  • Does your character dress unusually fashionably for their age? +1 point
  • Does your character dress in unusually trashy clothes (either overtly sexual or in horrible shape)? +1 point
  • Does your character dress inappropriately for the era in which they live, on an everyday basis? +5 points
  • Does your character have an unusual (though natural) eye color (particularly vivid or dull colors, mostly; if you noted it in a lot of detail in your profile, it's probably unusual)? +2 points
  • Does your character have heterochromea? +5 points
  • Is your character usually pale (if it's because they stay inside all the time, that totally counts)? +1 point
  • Is your character unusually tanned? +1 point
  • Does your character dress like a stereotypical person of their social group? +1 point
  • Does your character have hair longer than shoulder-length? +1 point
  • Longer than waist length? +2 additional points
  • Does your character have perfect complexion all the time? +1 point
  • Does your character wear an unusual or iconic piece of headgear (like a hat that's not a common variety)? +1 point
  • Does your character never wear makeup, despite it not really making sense for them to eschew it? +2 points
  • Is your character unusually developed for their age (particularly full-bodied, a full beard, etc.)? +1 point
  • Does your character only smile rarely? +2 points
  • Do they never smile at all? +5 points
  • Is your character really good at hiding their emotions? +2 points
  • Does your character have notable scarring (anything visible on a cursory glance counts)? +1 point
  • Totally disfiguring scarring? +3 additional points
  • Does your character have a tattoo? +1 point
  • Is it a facial or extremely large (full-arm or bigger) tattoo? +2 additional points
  • Do they have several tattoos? Add the totals for all of them, but don't go over nine points.
  • Does your character's name mean something in a foreign language that is not their parents' native language? +1 point
  • Does your character's name describe their personality in any way? +2 points
  • Is it instead ironically opposed to their personality? +2 points
  • Did your character immigrate to the United States during their lifetime? +2 points
  • Was it after elementary school? +1 additional point
  • Was it after middle school? +2 additional points
  • Was it just before senior year? +2 additional points
  • Was it during senior year? +2 additional point (on top of all the ones above)
  • Did your character move to the pregame city from another part of the United States? +1 point
  • Was it after middle school? +1 additional point
  • Was it just before senior year? +2 additional points
  • Was it during senior year? +2 additional points (on top of all the ones above)
  • Does your character hate their new home? +2 points
  • Does your character believe Americans are inferior? +4 points
  • Does your character follow an unusual religion or philosophy? +2 points
  • One that is largely historical/outdated? +2 additional points
  • Is your character directly modeled after a stereotype of any sort as the source of all their primary characteristics? +15 points
  • Is your character from an unusually poor family? +1 point
  • A destitute family? +1 additional point
  • Was your character ever homeless? +3 points
  • Is your character from an unusually wealthy family? +1 point
  • A super rich family? +1 additional point
  • Does your character's family have, or have they ever had, servants? +3 points
  • Is your character constantly unable to find any money, forced to scrimp for even the most minor luxury? +1 point
  • Is your character given whatever they want, the nicest cars, cash on demand? +2 points
  • Did your character ever go to private school? +1 point
  • Was it a religious school? +1 additional point
  • Did they only change to public school right before high school? +2 points
  • During high school? +2 additional points
  • Did your character hate transferring to a public school? +1 point
  • Were they forced to by their parents for "balance"? +1 point
  • To learn to interact with the lower class? +3 points
  • Has your character ever skipped a grade? +1 point
  • Two grades? +5 points
  • More than two grades? +20 points
  • Was your character ever held back a grade? +1 point
  • Two grades? +5 points
  • More? +20 points
  • Has your character lost a relative or friend in their life that they remember? +2 points
  • Was it a friend or an extended family member they were particularly close to? +8 points
  • A sibling? +10 points
  • A parent? +10 points
  • Both parents? +20 points
  • Was it in a particularly traumatic way (sudden disease, freak accident)? Double the points
  • Was it murder? Triple them
  • Did your character lose multiple people? The above points are cumulative!
  • Does your character have ties to organized crime in their family? +10 points
  • Has your character ever been in a notable fight? +1 point
  • One that left someone seriously injured (any time the hospital gets involved, or should have, this has occurred) +5 additional points
  • One where the aggressor (your character or the other, whoever started it. Either if it was mutual) got away with no consequences? +5 additional points
  • Was your character routinely bullied at any point? +2 points
  • Did it cause them serious harm (physical or mental/emotional)? +2 additional points
  • Do they still carry the scars today? +2 additional points
  • Has it led to them being unable or unwilling to trust their peers? +5 additional points
  • Was your character a bully? +2 points
  • Did they always avoid getting punished? +2 additional points
  • Despite causing serious harm/breaking laws? +2 additional points
  • Do they have no remorse? +5 additional points
  • Do they have no understanding that what they did was bad? +5 additional points
  • Has your character ever killed anyone? +100 points
  • Was your character abused? +5 points
  • Is it dealt with fully and in appropriate detail in their bio? If no, +10 additional points and my great ire
  • Does your character smoke? +1 point
  • Despite being underage? +1 additional point
  • Do they smoke a lot/habitually (more than two or three cigarettes a day)? +1 additional point
  • Does your character drink semi-regularly? +1 point
  • Do they have a fake ID? +1 additional point
  • Do they go to bars? +1 additional point
  • Does your character do drugs? +1 point
  • Frequently (more than once a month)? +1 additional point
  • Really often (more than once a week)? +1 additional point
  • Every other day or more frequently? +3 additional points
  • Does your character do harder drugs than pot? +2 points
  • Frequently (more than once a month)? +3 additional points
  • Really often (more than once a week)? +5 additional points
  • Every other day or more frequently? +15 additional points
  • Is your character sexually active? +1 point
  • Do they use birth control? If no, +1 additional point
  • Despite that, have they avoided pregnancy/STDs? +3 additional points
  • Have they slept with more than three partners? +2 additional points
  • More than five? +2 additional points
  • Ten? +2 additional points
  • Fifteen? +5 additional points
  • Twenty? +10 additional points
  • Has your character ever had a one-night stand? +2 points
  • More than once? +3 additional points
  • Frequently/habitually? +10 additional points
  • Does your character engage in all sorts of risky/shaky behavior (drugs, illegal activities, frequent promiscuous sex) yet somehow keep it from their parents and the teachers? +2 points
  • And yet, everyone in their grade knows all about it? +4 additional points
  • Does your character breaks serious laws (stealing, selling drugs, etc.) +3 points
  • Often? +3 additional points
  • Is your character in a gang? +5 points
  • Like, a real, organized crime, hurt-people gang? +15 additional points
  • Does your character know how to use any sort of weapon with any degree of proficiency? +3 points
  • A knife? +4 additional points
  • A gun? +6 additional points
  • Does your character have a physical disability/deformity? +3 points
  • One that doesn't actually hinder them very much in daily life? +5 additional points
  • Did you list it as a disadvantage anyways? +10 additional points
  • Does your character have some unusual disease? +3 points
  • A social disorder? +5 points
  • As a result of being bullied? +5 additional points
  • Asperger's? +3 additional points
  • Is your character exceptionally smart for their age? +2 points
  • A genius? +10 additional points
  • Is your character so stupid that they really shouldn't be let outside alone? +10 points
  • Has your character ever had a particularly poor relationship with a member of their immediate family? (genuine,, lasting dislike, basically)? +1 point
  • Is it ongoing today? +2 additional points
  • Have the other members of the family made no effort to make things better? +3 additional points
  • Because they haven't noticed (it counts if your character keeps it secret)? +3 additional points
  • Does this apply to your character's entire immediate family? Double the points, unless your character lives with only one person
  • Did one of your character's parents walk out on their family? +1 point
  • Due to infidelity? +1 additional point
  • Drugs? +1 additional point
  • Did they totally sever all contact? +2 additional points
  • And not pay child support? +2 additional points
  • Does your character have a twin? +1 point
  • Who acts exactly like them or exactly opposite them? +2 additional points
  • Who dresses in theme with them? +2 additional points
  • Is your character immensely skilled for their age in any area? +1 points
  • Competing/interacting at a state-competition level with a chance to place? +2 additional points
  • A national level? +2 additional points
  • Do they attract media attention above and beyond typical for their sport/endeavor? +3 additional points
  • Do they make notable amounts of money off of their skill? +2 additional points
  • Multiple skills for any of the above? They all count.
  • Does your character believe they are superior to the bulk of their peers? +5 points
  • Despite clear and pressing evidence to the contrary? +10 additional points
  • Does your character avoid contractions in their speech? +2 points
  • Does your character talk in overly verbose or flowery language? +3 points
  • And never use the wrong word? +5 additional points
  • And only use the wrong word when it's funny? +3 additional points
  • Does your character think they're smarter than everyone else? +3 points
  • Despite being obviously pretty dumb? +5 additional points
  • Is your character "random"? +3 points
  • Do they have no social filter? +3 points
  • Are they not shunned for the hideously antisocial behavior this entails? +5 additional points
  • Does your character have anger management issues? +2 points
  • That they have made no effort to control? +2 additional points
  • That have never caused them big trouble? +5 additional points
  • Is your character in the same basic emotional state over 50% of the time in pregame/their daily lives? +4 points
  • Over 75% of the time? +4 additional points
  • Over 90% of the time? +10 additional points
  • Is your character a sadist? +4 points
  • For no reason? +10 additional points
  • Is your character a religious fundamentalist (atheists can qualify for this)? +2 points
  • A total fanatic? +5 additional points
  • Does this lead to them looking down on vast swathes of their classmates? +3 additional points
  • Do they absolutely refuse to consider they may be wrong/view anyone as an exception? +5 additional points
  • Do they never face consequences for this behavior, besides from other player characters? +5 additional points
  • Is your character actively racist? +5 points
  • For no reason? +5 additional points
  • Despite routinely interacting with people of other races? +5 additional points
  • Is your character actively sexist? +5 points
  • For no reason? +5 additional points
  • Despite routinely interacting with people of other genders? +5 additional points
  • Is your character actively homophobic? +5 points
  • For no reason? +5 additional points
  • Despite routinely interacting with people of other sexual orientations? +5 additional points
  • Is your character supposed to be a great speaker/very convincing? +2 points
  • Do their posts, however, totally beat the reader over the head with manipulations so obvious no real person would ever go along with them? +10 points
  • Does your character have some sort of unusual phobia? +1 point
  • Stemming from a single traumatic childhood incident? +1 additional point
  • That often affects their life in a serious way? +2 additional points
  • Yet they've received only cursory help/treatments? +2 additional points
  • No treatments at all? +3 additional points instead
  • Does your character overreact to situations all the time? +1 point
  • In ways that aren't really something you'd see in real life? +3 additional points
  • Is your character calm almost all the time? +1 point
  • Even internally? +1 additional point
  • Without any effort? +2 additional points
  • Even in truly terrible, life-or-death situations (this counts only if the above is true, if your character goes calm due to shutting down when overloaded, that doesn't count) +3 additional points
  • Does your character represent an ideal? +3 points
  • Do you know your character is going to be a player? +5 points
  • Before the game begins, are you hoping that your character will make finals? +2 points
  • Will win? +3 additional points
  • Do you view your character's role in the story as, primarily, comic relief? +10 points
  • Do you view your character as one of SOTF's main characters (This does not count if you view all the students as main characters, or even all the students who make it as far as your character has) +5 points
  • Would you compromise your character's characterization to get a kill? +10 points
  • Is your character a sexual fantasy of yours in any way, shape, or form? +10 points
  • Is your character inspired by a character from another RP you were in? +2 points
  • A character from some published work of fiction or a real-life celebrity? +3 points
  • Is your character a ripoff/direct port of a character from a published work of fiction/a celebrity? +10 points
  • Is your character an idealized version of you (non-idealized SIs don't count)? +10 points
  • Is your character revenge porn of someone you hate? +10 points
  • Do you try to make your character the center of every scene they are in? +4 points
  • Does your character have another character who is important to them (close friend, SO, etc.) who is also one of your characters (NPCs do not count)? +3 points
  • Is it a sibling or twin? +3 additional points
  • Do they often share a thread? +3 additional points
  • Will one of them kill the other? +5 additional
  • Does your character only have disadvantages from traits that are normally thought of as positive (loyalty, compassion, etc.)? +5 points
  • Does your character only have disadvantages from physical traits (weakness, an injury, etc.) or phobias? +5 points
  • Only from a mix of the above two categories? +3 points
  • Does your character have no legitimate disadvantages? +10 points and a huge frowny face for whoever approved you
  • Does your character have no legitimate advantages? +5 points
This is very much a work in progress. If anyone has any suggestions for how to improve it/things I missed/ratings changes, I'd love to hear them. It's woefully incomplete.

Also, I'm not adding a scale, at least not yet. The rough gist is, big numbers get you a frowny face and small ones get you a smiley. I think almost every character will accumulate some points on a trip through this test, unlike the old one; my kids sure would. This is of course all subjective, but I feel this is a more accurate representation of the reality of SOTF at the start of V5.

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May 24th, 2013, 6:42 am #2

I'm definitely intending to give this a full working with both of my characters, and I can see that its a far improved tool over the mary sue test in regard to the SotF standard of realism. What I would reccomend, MurderWeasel, is embedding or nesting those points that coincide with a parent point.

Is your character's hair an unusual colour?
- Multiple colours at the same time?

It just makes it a lot easier on the eyes when following along.
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1 point (over 6'0)
1 point (BMI under 25)
1 point (usually pale)
2 points (routinely bullied)
....maayybeee +2 (exceptionally smart) [I have no idea how much is exceptionally smart. Like one of the top people in their class?]
1 point (hair past shoulders)
2 points (routinely bullied)

Juhan - 5-7 points
Carmina - 3 points
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May 24th, 2013, 8:01 am #4

looks like Zoe got 4 points, 3 of which i gave her because she "talk in overly verbose or flowery language" when she gets carried away with her art. i really lucked out here because there's no section here for "is your character a successful graphic artist at age 18 whose shit gets featured in ad campaigns for legit-assed companies". i feel like i'd get points for that one if it were there

without the verbose language shit, which only comes up in a fraction of her conversations, she's at 1 point for being sexually active. suck it, nerds?

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May 24th, 2013, 8:28 am #5

For appearance, how should we count it if BMI says one thing but the actual body type is another? BMI is borderline useless when considering muscle, for example, so it calls my 210 pound fullback obese. Also, what counts as a "notable" fight? Or "unusually" wealthy? Also, I understand the reasoning behind the sexual questions but it implies being sexually active on any level is unrealistic.

ALSO also, I really don't think the player's hopes for their character (get far/win) should result in points being added. It has nothing to do with the character's realism or quality. And you should probably combine the "Is your character racist/sexist/homophobic" questions into one catch-all prejudice thing, because it makes the list unnecessarily long saying those questions NINE TIMES.

...In fact, just get on MSN so I can chew your ear off more.
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wrote:21:31 Pancapples [The weather] Was beautiful today.
21:33 Solitair oh no
wrote:18:48 Ruggawork Who doesn't want to rape Bro
wrote:17:30 Ohm Sweet, I'm using then
wrote:14:18 Wes 'm so hungry ;c
14:18 Wes :c8
14:18 Wes...
14:18 Wes fuck it
14:18 mib_7zyd33 That's not what you're supposed to do to food.
14:19 Imehal Nah, that's kinda par for the course around here.
14:19--- Ohm is away (Ew)
wrote:14:50Pancapples I kinda miss the Crusades now.
Bad Ohm! wrote:18:51*** RC quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
18:51 Ohmfg Yay!
Laur doesn't like people being in chat wrote:18:33 Laurels Agh, people are here
18:33*** Laurels quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Germany vs. Germany! wrote:18:47 RC I should send my list of ideas to SOTF_Help once I get rid of the dumb ones on the list
18:48 Bikriki so you want to send them an empty list?
wrote:19:40 uyugin taking bets on who will be the big douche in v6
19:40 Kilmarnock Actually I'm going with Laur.
wrote:14:01 Kilmarnock Girl!Slam was cute I guess.
wrote:11:29 Naft Dude uncool
11:29 Naft I was talking about conceptual penises and you made the penises real
wrote:13:59 Solitair I love seeing people get mentally broken

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May 24th, 2013, 11:18 am #7

Gavin Hunter is taking his 30 points and going home to polish them.

The biggest things that scored points for him were his ability to use guns, style of dress, and method of speech. Also Asperger’s is worth 3 points? y u do dis terrible thing?! I mean seriously, fair is fair and all but it's worth much more than that.

But getting back on the serious track, I feel as if I could've added a fair few other things to him had I wanted to, but I felt like none of them could be called permanent personality traits. He's a little bit self-righteous here and a little bit elitist there, but no more so than I view most teenagers to be anyway.

I like the test itself as it currently stands. It's a lot better than the old one, and it got me to really think at some points. It'd say it makes for a handy yardstick for measuring character depth as much as an intellectual exercise in character analysis. Good work.
#B051: Gavin Hunter - Equipped with oh gosh a whole lot. "Well, we break for two months and I'm now suddenly in high definition..."

[08:46] Ghost of Ravenstar: I love the AF2011-A1 as it fits Gavin's perceived personality so damn well.
[08:47] Alex: Overcompensatory, unnecessary and appeals to what someone who watches anime obsessively would perceive as "cool?"
[08:47] Ghost of Ravenstar: BINGO!!!

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May 24th, 2013, 12:18 pm #8

If we were to do this by my rules then both Finn and Stacy get 8 points (I halved the points for the ideal version of yourself for Finn because although he has some characteristics that I would want, I certainly wouldn't want to be like him). However, if we are following all the rule then Finn gets 20 points and Stacy gets 15.

The things I don't agree with and didn't include in my version of the rules are the death of a relative. I'm pretty sure that most people in the world have lost a family member so I wouldn't really call it out of the ordinary in any way. I also didn't include if you'd want your character to make it to the finals or win because I'm sure that most people on this site want the characters they've spent a hard time creating to win or at least make it to the finals. I didn't include if the character's hair is longer than shoulder length- I know a lot of people who have longer than shoulder length hair so I'd say that's not out of the ordinary either. Finally, I didn't include if the character was sexually active, a lot of people over the age of 16 and even under are sexually active so I would say that's pretty normal.
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Finn Grant: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Stacy Ramsey: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Mr. Danya
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May 24th, 2013, 12:37 pm #9

Mara: 23

She mostly got dinged on being super rich and having anger issues. Also her name means something, but that was mostly a coincidence and does not reflect her personality in a complementary or ironic way (means "unfading beauty").

Paris: 24

He racked up a lot of points for having a dead father who died in a car accident, 13 I think. I didn't count it as traumatic because the way he died was pretty expected. He also piled on the points for being crazy religious.

Michelle: 2 : )

One for long hair (past her shoulders, not to her waist) and one for sexually active.

I approve of the change. In the last one there were points for things like being in a sport which I think is normal and you tailored it to some of the more common traits seen here specifically.
[+] spoiler
[+] spoiler
- Today at 8:38 PM
imagine this happening in life
and you pissed off a cop and he made you live with some incontinent sodafreak

05:57 NotAFlyingToyYou would not kill a policeman
05:57 NotAFlyingToyYou would not steal his helmet
05:57 NotAFlyingToyYou would not defecate in his helmet and mail it to his grieving family.
05:57 NotAFlyingToyYou would not steal it again

17:06 Ruggawork An orison is a prayer
17:07 trash i don't know why i thought it was a bird
17:07 trash who looks at random ass words and thinks "huh what does that mean? whatever it's probably a bird"

14:11 Imehal Lovely.
14:11 Imehal Read that again.

20:16Meeemz Half the drag queens on Drag Race would beg to differ.

21:07craft i
21:07craft am a fan of blowjbs.
21:07craft nods sagely
21:07Rugga ?
21:07Rugga Does that mean you get a lot of them or give a lot?
21:07craft yes
21:07craft wait
21:07Rugga ....

22:31Mimi THOUGHTU
22:31mudkip MIMI'S TURN
22:31Ruggahissy Thougt
22:31Ruggahissy THOUGHT
22:31Mimi HOUGHT
22:31Ruggahissy We got it
22:31Mimi THOUGHT
22:31Ruggahissy WE GOT IT
22:31Mimi we did good
22:32Mimi we're a good team

22:46 Meeemz I love dicks, though
22:46 Meeemz er
22:46 Rugga Sig quote
22:46 NaftUm
22:46 Meeemz dicky characters
22:46 Meeemz GOD NO

19:45 BikrikiI am pretty sure we can built a bridge to jerking off

00:11 Ruggahissy Not if you wrap it in duct tape
00:11 MurderWeasel There's a fiberglass core.
00:12 MurderWeasel And the foam is some special sort you buy directly from another dimension using souls as currency or something.
00:12 Ruggahissy.........

14:42 Bikriki JA! Stick it in ze boot!
14:43 Rugga I LOVE THIS KID
14:43 Bikriki adds that to list of sexual euphemisms
14:43 Skyler_Phone You have a list?
14:43 Bikriki <.<
14:43 Bikriki >.>
14:43 Bikriki No...

Victoria says:
Oh wait, I totally forgot to tell you last night because I was busy whoring
Mimi says:

16:42 KamiKaze I've always wondered what using a fleshlight feels like.
16:42 KamiKaze Too bad I'm not special because God didn't give me a penis. ):


Ruggahissy this dress makes me feel like I should be having tea with the mad hatter. Not getting felt up by drunk Germans
Dom don't let them go down the rab-

09:51 Vicky We did a good job, didn't we, Meemz?
09:51 Mimi not really, no



[+] spoiler
Jonah Heartsgrave: If you need to talk I'll listen.
Lori Martin: You're so stuck up.
Tirzah Foss: Let's have some fun.
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Caleb Diamond: Silly sacrificer
Hazel Jung: Abandoned actress
Amaranta Montalvo: Pageant Winner
Michelle Wexler: Vegetarian sweetheart
Paris Ardennes : Scheming holy man

Ethan Kent : The smartest jerk
Sally Connelley: Dainty meanie
Nick LeMonde : Eternal optimist
Isabel Guerra: Sad little girl
Autumn O'Leary: Lonely redhead
Mary-Ann Warren: Crumbling romantic

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May 24th, 2013, 12:46 pm #10

Theodore: 11

Nina: 10

Gwen: 18

Theo got points for moving, social anxieties and his good BMI.

Nina got almost all her points from her weapon training.

Gwen would've been a 3, but I had to concede that she was originally based on the stereotypical "Goth artist who writes poetry". I feel she's grown past this, but that's not the intent of the question, so +15 it is.

I'm comfortable with this. I feel a few questions are a bit unnecessary (the points gained for being a bully seem counterintuitive, as we have few bullies compared to bullied people) but it's probably an improvement.
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