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((Garry Villette and Saul Fetteralf continued from Livebait))

Dawn was breaking on a new day, bringing light to the island, banishing the darkness, but not the demons. Eleven times Garry and Saul had seen the sun rise, though neither of them were counting. They'd been in the game so long now that they'd lost all track of time, all the events over the past several days seeming to converge into one.

Kitty's death still weighed heavily on Garry's mind as he stood in the upstairs bedroom of one of the many houses in town, looking out of the window. He still couldn't believe that he had gone through with it, ended another person's life so that he didn't lose his. He just wanted it to be all over, he just wanted to to just go home, if there was even a home to go back to. 'What are my family thinking, right now?' he wondered. "Saul... do you think my parents would forgive me for what I did?" he asked, turning to face his friend who was currently sitting on a bed and examining the Semmerling.

"Well..." Saul spoke, pausing for a few seconds to get his thoughts in order. "I guess if you had to kill someone in self defense, I'm sure they would understand. I think... I really do think they want you to go home."

"I know... I'm just worried that they'll think I'm some kind of monster," Garry replied, looking back out the window to watch the sunrise. The Smith & Wesson was firmly gripped in his right hand, while the Bagh Nakh was attached to his left. He couldn't be too careful.

"You're not, you haven't gone out of your way to kill anyone indiscriminately," Saul said in an effort to reassure him. He stood up from off the bed and paced over to stand next to his friend. "One was an accident, one was self-defense. You are nowhere near as bad as some of the other people on this island." He sighed, brushing a lock of greasy black hair out of his eye. "It doesn't feel like they're our classmates anymore. They're psychopaths, not students.

Garry slowly nodded, then jumped slightly as the hidden loudspeaker in the house came to life. "Here we go," Garry commented, bracing himself for more doom and gloom.

"Kris Hartmann continued her explosive kick by blasting Sunil Savarkar to pieces." Garry's face turned into a snarl, remembering the moment his friend died at the hands of that crazy bitch. But it was all okay in the end. He'd managed to get her back, made her face retribution for what she'd done to him. He'd made her pay, made sure she wouldn't go on to kill anoth-

"Kitty Gittschall was torn to pieces by Garry Villette."



'...Ha... hahaha... for a moment there, I thought he said Kitty Gittschall instead of Kris Hartmann,' Garry thought, chuckling slightly as if it were some kind of joke he'd just heard. It had to be. He killed Sunil's murderer. He had to have done.

Garry immediately looked to Saul, a shocked expression plastered on the mascot's face. He looked completely aghast. It was right at that moment that Garry realized it wasn't him hearing things.

"No... no, that-that can't be right!" he stammered. "Th-that girl, the one who tried to kill me, sh-she said that she'd killed him! She said he was in Hell! Wha-what the hell is going on?! She killed him, I saw her-"

He froze.


He recalled the incident. The sound of a weapon firing, the silver sphere falling out of the sky and exploding, taking Sunil out.

He saw the grenade. He saw the explosion.

He didn't see who fired it.

'Oh God no... fuck no...'

And, as if things couldn't get any worse, Greynolds just had to drop a bombshell on top of everything else.

"Also, the Hall of Mirrors is off limits until tomorrow. Mr. Villette has a prize to pick up there."

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((Garry Villette and Saul Fetteralf continued elsewhere))
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