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V5 concepts:
Randall Cimora: aspiring music producer, easygoing, space cadet, new kid
Currently blowing his Christmas money in Life is like a broken record
Leah Chapel: classic teenage rebel, sneaky, pessimistic, the un-favorite
Re-upping in LSMFT
Milo Richter: consummate professional, intellectual, debater, self-conscious
Convincing someone of what they already believe in Variables...
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Randall Leah Milo
All art by yucon
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Character concepts coming down the pipeline:
Davin Spencer loves him some classic rock and high fantasy.
Olivia Aronson could take you in a fight, but she'd rather not.
Sadie Trujillo would rather be out camping.
[unnamed] is an antiques collector in the making.
[unnamed] just wants to say hi to you!

Other sites I'm on:
The Riverside Incident / Mercy Street / Housetrapped

GameMaker: And Aaron I moan like a Swedish mule enjoying a honeyed Bavarian sugar lump
Mimi: I feel like having foreskin would be fun too, Alex. You could hide things in it. Like drugs or lipgloss.
Locobrojoe: tampons seem like they would be more dicklike
Laurels: Don't ever look for clovers in the mouth of a porpoise lantern, because the pink star trees will use their subpoena to make you deep fry stained glass windows