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Flagship Character: They were all dead before the ship even sank.
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It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!
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G114-- Rena Peters- Weapon: Shillelagh-STATUS: DECEASED -Overdose on Adrenaline- I'm stronger.- (I'm sick of all my judges, so scared of what they'll find.)
Rena Peters- By Inky
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G056-- Alda Abbate- Weapon: Cat O' Nine Tails -- STATUS: ALIVE---The Usual Suspects--I think I'm starting to get that you and I don't owe these people anything. -- (But who needs love when there's Southern Comfort?)
G015--Janie Sinneave -Weapon: Travel Sized Game of Hungry Hungry Hippos --STATUS: ALIVE -- Not Like Any Previous Sleepovers--"This is real. This is real." -- (She doesn't have anything you want to steal. Well. Nothing you can touch.) (shirt reference)
B064 --Ian Valmont -- Weapon: Cherry Bombs x 12 --STATUS: ALIVE-- Everything Here is a Small Cap Investment--I can go it alone. -- (Baby in our dreams, we can live our misbehavior.)