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The Fallen Everdreamers wrote:
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G43-Feo Eleri Smith got her revenge and her guy
G08-Samya "Sammy" Franklin wasn't the hero she wanted to be, but her best friend was
B39-Scott McGregor loved money but it never loved him back
B90-Orpheus Campbell was so lost he never found his way home
wrote:Egads Sunny
Egads You should be Cobra Commander
Sunny NO.
Egads But when you hit the moneyshot, you can yell "COOOOOOOBRAAAAAAAAAA"
wrote:SenatorGoose marriage
SenatorGoose is a sacred bond
SenatorGoose between a man, a woman and some shoes
mib_fy9526ask me a state
mib_fy9526I can name its Senatots
The New Doomed Kids wrote:
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Game Theory: Rochelle Ayers "So I guess that means we're headed to Sudden Death? Oooh, might be fun."
Running Rhythm: Rhiannon Santiago "Hey, don't hate me if you can't keep up."