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Interests I love KH! I love TNBC! I love TLM! I love many Disney movies! Video Games, books, many things that is too much to type! XD

Oogie Boogie is the most awsome villans ever, of course those aren't all my intrests, I also enjoy swimming in the summer, traveling in the winter, and hanging out with friends thorugh the year.

Romance is another intrest, I always wanted to be in a relashonship, well after my first true crush. My heart longs for something I don't even know that I'm ready for.

Mystery, and goth is another one. I love skull decorations and although I'm not gothic I love the style and I can create a truly unique picture with mystery, horror, suspense! Graveyards, catacombs, you name it I love it! Its setting is really awsome although very sad to be in.

I have many more but I really don't have time right now. Now that schools back its been blocking my schedule left and right. Homework is so retarded. Anyways thanks for visiting my profile!
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