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So pregame's almost over, but *shrug* if nothing else we could do memory stuff or know how we'll react to each other in game, y'know?



- really shy
- used to depressed and still kind of is
- ace student, but grades were somewhat down due to depression
- bookworm
- philosophy, especially existentialism and postmodernism;
- calling you a social construct is her idea of an insult
- pretentious ivory tower elitist; she's aware of that, and has mixed feelings about it
- she'll totally shoot you down if she sees you being judgmental or snobbish
- *special snowflake*
- draws and stuff, but isn't all that good
- generally nice, cuz she either likes you or thinks you're misunderstood and need a hug
- a bit of a romantic, but hates melodrama
- basically shuts down if she can't handle it



- super chill and no chill
- Discordianism: "religion" that worships discord and chaos (pursues it as an interest/philosophy, like most "adherents")
- really really good at debate
- likes social justicey stuff
- troll and gadfly
- tries not to hurt people with his trolling though
- still sometimes hurts people due to inability to control himself
- is totally an agent of chaos
- likes the spotlight, but doesn't bother hogging it
- somewhat impulsive
- used to play soccer and is kinda athletic
- thinks he's a badass rebel
dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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