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Name: Max Rudolph
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th (Senior)
School: George Hunter High School
Hobbies and Interests: Western European culture, philosophy and dialectic, baseball, debate team, reading political literature, right wing politics, volunteering.

Appearance: Max is of European descent, a mix of various different western lineages and nationalities, but his family sticks to the story that they are primarily German. His hair is white-blonde, cut in a faded undercut style. Max is 5'9" and weighs about 155 pounds, giving him a Body Mass Index number of 22.5. Most of this weight is muscle built up by years of exercise and sport. His face is not completely clean of pimples and blemishes, but they are largely unobtrusive. The color of his eyes is light blue. His face is shaped like a diamond, with a narrow chin, forehead, and wider cheekbones. Max's voice is fairly deep and strong, and he has no trouble projecting while maintaining a conversational tone. He often speaks in a sarcastic tone without meaning to.

He has a somewhat extensive wardrobe on account of his parent's wealth, but most often wears unbuttoned dress shirts with simple patterns and a t-shirt underneath, as well as an understated cross necklace dangling around his neck. He wears khaki and chino dress pants and brown loafer shoes. On days that he attends baseball practice, he wears jogging pants and Adidas sneakers. Come the day of the abduction, Max was wearing a combination of his activewear and his more casual attire. He wore a light gray dress shirt with a light blue t-shirt underneath, grey jogging pants with white stripes going down the sides, and monochrome sneakers.

Biography: Born in 1999, Max Rudolph comes from a well off family of European descent. His father, Kristoff, and his mother, Anastasia, first met in the lobby for an accounting firm in Chattanooga, where they had moved after university. The two are both absent from the house most of the time, and from the time he was around eleven years old Max had to learn how to mostly take care of himself, monetary concerns aside. Anastasia makes additional money as a lawyer, and Kristoff makes his as an anesthesiologist, though most of their money comes from their respective family estates. In a house that comprised many rooms, Max would often get lost as a young child wandering around and looking at paintings hanging on the wall. His parents took on art collecting as a hobby, spending extra money on smaller pieces to hang around the house. Most of the artwork they collected depicted scenes of the Renaissance and the enlightenment, sparking interest in Max's mind into these cultures.

Once he learned how to read, Max's mind was almost immediately filled with images of chivalrous knights in shining armor and castles, springing from fairy stories he read and aided by the paintings he had grown up with around the home. Ideas of chivalry implanted themselves in his mind, and the values of such long lost times still ring true in his brain to this day. Eventually, as he began to tackle more complicated texts, Max dug into the politics of feudal systems on a basic level, taking note of the system of peasants and lords that populated medieval times. As time went on, his interest in the past deepened, particularly in the history of Europe due in no small part to his fascination with medieval times.

At a young age, Max's parents were able to afford to send him off to daycare, where he met other children his age. He began to find it easy to interact with the other children, and soon his parents began to set up playdates for him. Noticing that other children were impressed by the size of his house, Max began to take pride in his privileged upbringing. However, as he grew older and more independent and saw how relatively fortunate he had been, he was filled with the desire to share some of the wealth he enjoyed with others. To that end, once he grew old enough, he began to infrequently volunteer at local food banks and homeless shelters.

His social popularity continued on into elementary school, where he continued to enjoy respect from both his classmates and his teachers. However, by the time he entered into middle school, he began to grow tired of his popularity and quietly began to withdraw from others. He excelled in all of his studies, regardless of the subject, and school began to bore him with how repetitive it was. His interest in the past was born anew, and he began to compare how mundane his life was with the daily toiling of people in different time periods, entrenching himself further in his obsession with the past. Around this time and as he began to be more vocal with his ideals, Max began to hide his volunteering habits from others, believing that others should judge his ideals without taking into account his personal life.

Some of the few times that Max got to spend time with his father were on weekends, while he was home from school, when the two would play baseball in the backyard. Kristoff, as a somewhat unhealthy man himself, began to realize that his son had a knack for sport, and signed him up for local teams. Coaches had a fondness for the boy, as he would always put in extra effort after practice to clean up gear. His lightness on his feet and quick reflexes earned him a spot as the team shortstop, a position that he would attempt to hold for his entire baseball career despite several ill-fated stints as third baseman. His form while hitting was also of note to coaches, and soon enough Max found himself popular among the athletic children for his baseball prowess. While some social outcasts and loners would begin to resent him and other athletes, for the most part his reputation would carry forward into middle school and high school.

Cultivating both academic and athletic interests, there was little time for much else in the way of hobbies. Growing into a relatively self sufficient young man, Max began to search for activities that would contribute to his academic side. The idea of a what he viewed as a useless hobby, such as the increasingly abstract art classes or the informal and undisciplined music groups, that did not contribute to his well-to-do role in society, repulsed him. He decided to join the school debate team as soon as such a team became available to him, using the team as a space to practice dialectic. Simultaneously, he developed an interest in philosophy, reading through the bookshelves of his parents each night after he finished his school work. Legal procedures and theory—learned from books his mother studied in college—failed to properly register in his relatively younger mind, and instead planted the seeds of authoritarianism in his brain.

His inquiry into history and philosophy eventually led to him taking on conservative viewpoints in his personal life, inspired more by the values of the time the literature he read was written in. The idea that everyone could and should earn their place in society if they just worked hard enough, regardless of their background, became the cornerstone of his personal philosophy. Using himself as an example, he implored his friends to pursue a more virtue filled lifestyle. For various reasons, he has been unable to convince most of them, and as such he began to detach from common social conventions. As a well adjusted adolescent, he experimented with attending parties and engaged in rites of passage, but as he continued to read he maintained several reservations. Silently, he began to resent others for what he saw as a vice-filled lifestyle. Outwardly, he was still the star athlete and academic that he had built himself up to be, but inwardly, he cultivated a reactionist attitude and spite toward the increasingly obscene activities and actions of his peers.

In these times of turmoil, he turned to God, and began to attend local Catholic church services alone. His parents, having never had time for religion, passed on the opportunity, leaving him to study the bible and the teachings of Christ with few to talk to. The divide between his outwardly friendly and kind demeanor and his inwardly pious and virtuous persona only increased with time, as he had no outlet he was comfortable with venting through. He began to wander through online message boards and alternative news outlets, searching for people with similar ideals to his own. In doing so, he became more and more reserved and quiet, taking on a more stoic attitude to life. His friendliness and patience with others began to erode, and he decided he would waste no words on things he did not mean.

Though still widely accepted by his peers, his refusal of several sexual encounters—he made it a point to save his virginity for the one he married—and continued abstinence from alcohol and drugs—the health of his body becoming key to his personal belief system—led to several branding him as a prude, and he became detached from social expectations. Poor word choice and outbursts on several occasions led to his association with right wing politics becoming somewhat common knowledge, and the ridicule he faced from some of his peers only led him further down the path that he had started on. One curious evening, he found himself reading ebook copies of several works by important figures from Nazi Germany. Though he acknowledged their actions as morally reprehensible and their ideals as ones he found personal disgust for, the idea of national socialism appealed to him more than capitalism, which in his mind had come to take the blame as the reason why so many of his peers had fallen to degenerate behaviors. His studies soon turned toward controversial governments in history and his political pursuits towards alternative and often extreme viewpoints, such as the alt-right movement and nationalism in Europe. Knowledgeable of the stigma that engaging with these subjects brings, Max is careful to only discuss them in explicit terms with those he feels he can truly trust.

Max has fairly standard ambitions for further education once he leaves high school. He plans on applying to several law schools and Ivy League colleges, looking into student bodies with established right wing gatherings and political clubs to join. Taking after his mother, he plans to look toward the legal system for a job, and though his specific wishes for employment are somewhat abstract, he sometimes dreams of being a courtroom judge, the position of a moral arbiter appealing to him greatly.

Advantages: As an athlete, Max has above average physical abilities. In particular, his hand-eye coordination and upper body strength is fairly high. His stamina is well trained, and he has no problems keeping up a decently fast running speed over a long distance. In a close combat fight Max's athletic background has him well prepared for most opponents. His system of virtue carries with it loyalty to any allies, and an underlying respect for his enemies that will keep him from underestimating them on a strategic level.
Disadvantages: Under stress, Max is more prone to speak without regard to the severity of his ideas, potentially alienating allies and creating enemies where there otherwise would be none. His system of chivalry could lead to conflicts with those who oppose the same ideals, and the betrayal of his trust will send him into a somewhat irrational state. Finally, his sense of virtue could lead to him making decisions that reflect better on his philosophical values than they do on his sense of survival.
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