Maria Webber

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Name: Maria Webber
Position: English Teacher
Gender: Female
Age: 37

Appearance: Keeping her hair in a tight ponytail and her eyes behind her thin-framed glasses at all times, Mrs. Webber looks like she'd be at home in a library as well as teaching at a high school. A woman of average height and build at 5'4" and 135 lbs., Mrs. Webber always keeps herself properly dressed in business wear so as to ensure she maintains a respectable professional image.

Biography/Personality: If Mrs. Webber believes in one thing, it is being professional. She views it as her job to get the children in her class from Point A to Point B in their education in the best possible manner she can. Mrs. Webber doesn't tolerate anyone messing around in her class, and disruptive students are quickly punished so as to allow teaching to resume in the most efficient manner possible. Despite this seemingly mechanical approach to discipline, when it comes to actually running her classes Mrs Webber enjoys having her students spend a lot of time discussing the work and material they are reading. She always hopes that at least one or two students per class will find something about English that truly grabs them and makes them want to learn more.