Manuel Figueroa

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Name: Manuel Figueroa
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 11th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Baseball, football, filmmaking, drama

Appearance: Manuel Figueroa is five feet, seven inches tall and weighs 160 pounds with a medium build. His eyes are brown and his short hair is black. He has a dark complexion, an oval face with a square jaw, with a wide nose in the middle. He does get five o'clock shadow, but shaves it every so often so it never becomes a full beard. He prefers to wear polo shirts and jeans, along with Timberland boots, occasionally wearing an Oakland Raiders ball cap. On the day of the trip, Manuel was wearing his ball cap and boots, dark blue jeans, black tinted Oakley sunglasses, and a yellow short sleeved polo shirt under a white button down shirt.

Biography: Manuel Figueroa was born on June 1, 1998 to Mexican winemakers in Napa Valley, California. He is the third of four children - junior to sister Kristina, age twenty five, brother Nacho, age twenty two, and senior to brother Max, age ten. He isn't very close to Nacho or Kristina, due to the age difference between them, but he is somewhat protective of Max.

Manuel was a relatively normal child growing up. Because he was a quiet person, he didn't have many friends, but he was able to get along well enough with the other kids his age. He was active, playing in the streets with the other children until evening came around, and started playing baseball at the age of five. During this, he was also quite careful, as he was found to have haemophobia, and would get queasy and risked fainting at the sight of blood. When Manuel was nine, his mother signed him up for folk dance classes. While he was unwilling to go at first, it started to grow on him, partially because he enjoyed the company of the students he was with, and partially because girls liked it. When he was in middle school, Manuel joined the Boy Scouts, where he learned basic outdoor skills and first aid. He was able to complete middle school in Napa when his family gave the winery to an uncle and moved to Kingman due to the rising price of rent in Napa, starting a liquor store there.

At Cochise, Manuel was able to break out of his shell, first by continuing with dance classes and Boy Scouts, as well as joining the freshman football and baseball teams, starting out as a wide receiver on the football team and pitcher on the freshman baseball team, working his way up to junior varsity pitcher and junior varsity second string wide receiver in his sophomore year. Gradewise, a combination of natural intelligence, meticulousness, and hard work gave him a straight A average, and he has been accepted into advanced classes because of this. However, the new environment did give him a social challenge, as when he opened up, people introduced him to new ideas, many of which were very hard for him to accept. Also, due to his intelligence and experiences in Scouts and dancing, he continually corrected other people when he saw something wrong. Furthermore, he can get very pessimistic at times, and frequently asks about the worst case scenario.

He has also joined drama, having been inspired by Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane" in sophomore year. Meanwhile, he is not as big or strong as one would require for the varsity football team, and so he is thinking of not trying out for senior year. He has kept up with dancing and Scouts, having scored very high in Arizona's local community circuit, and is both a Star Scout and a junior assistant scoutmaster. He is right now thinking of going into filmmaking as a career, having started with some basic drama courses, and is planning on applying to a school with a strong filmmaking program.

Advantages: Manuel has some experience and skill at wilderness survival. His experiences in baseball, football, and dance have made him reasonably strong and coordinated, with his dancing giving him good lower body strength, and baseball and football making him good at sprinting.
Disadvantages: He is relatively defeatist, and always thinks of the worst case scenario. He also has a fear of blood, and he risks fainting should he see it.
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Mr. Danya
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Manuel is DENIED, because he needs a lot more detail and elaboration than what we have here.

wrote: Manuel Figueroa is five feet, seven inches tall and weighs 180 pounds with a medium build
At these numbers, Manuel is not ‘medium’, he is very overweight. You need to change things around with this in mind.
wrote: Manuel Figueroa was born on June 1, 1988
This would make Manuel twenty-six at the time of V6, which is not the age of someone who would still be in high school. Even if you change it to 1998, Manuel would still be sixteen rather than seventeen, so you need to either change his age or change the year of birth to 1997 (in which case he’s a senior, not a junior).

What did Manuel like about baseball?

What did Manuel actually enjoy about folk dancing classes?

Why did Manuel join the Boy Scouts?

Why would Manuel’s parents only be concerned about the effect on their fourth child rather than the three they’ve already raised in the area? For that matter, why would winemakers move to Arizona? They aren’t going to be able to take their business with them and Arizona probably isn’t the most booming place to be in that trade anyway. I need better justification for this move.

Why did Manuel join the football team? What does he actually like about it?
wrote:starting out as a wide receiver on the football team and starting pitcher on the baseball team,
I’d prefer it if you didn’t state he was a starting pitcher, since Cochise’s baseball team already has one established and I don’t want confusion about who was doing what at the time.

What subjects does Manuel actually like in school? What subjects does he dislike? Is he good at those respective subjects?

Why does he get pessimistic about things?
wrote: As of junior year, Manuel has his permit, so he still rides a bike to get places.
Be specific about what type of permit you’re talking about, because without that context this sentence doesn’t make sense. Even then, this information is also quite superfluous considering it doesn’t relate to anything else in the profile, so it can be excised.

Does he actually like drama since joining? Why/Why not? Drama should also be in the hobbies/interests separately from filmmaking.

Why does he want to go into filmmaking as a career?
wrote: Mentally, he is able to be very focused on tasks set before him.
Manuel’s disadvantages are disproportionate to his advantages. Balance them out, please.

There is zero mention of Manuel’s interest in collecting or fishing in his profile. I either need to see these making an appearance and justify what he likes about them, or have them removed from the list.

Post here to let me know when you've made these changes, and I'll give Manuel another look.

Mr. Danya
Mr. Danya
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This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler in V7 or in minis upon alterations requested by the staff.