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August 6th, 2012, 4:15 pm #31

Jessica could only smirk and shake her head in response to Paris's thanks. That guy sure did know how to flatter a girl, that was for sure, but it was tough to peg exactly how she felt about him. He was a regular Casanova, almost to some corny extent with that wink and that still-glittery hair. But damn if he didn't look cute while doing it.

"Noooo problem," Jessica exclaimed, playing a few bouncy notes to get the spasm out of her fingers. She set about to unplugging her guitar and getting things squared away. "Fun break! Maybe we can do this again sometime." Or maybe not, if people like Veronica were always going to show up. Still, she was glad for a little break from the monotony.

"See you around, Adam! Rosemary!" Paris was already through the door when Jessica was ready to go. Eh, she'd have plenty of chances to compliment his playing later.

((Jessica Sanders, continued elsewhere))
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August 10th, 2012, 6:07 am #32

The song worked out well. Paris and Jessica gave a bow, and then it was over. Paris thanked Jessica and Rosemary, a few comments were exchanged, and then folks were leaving.

"See you," Adam said, giving a little salute. Something was lingering on his mind, though. Paris had said maybe Adam could join the jam next time. That was flattering. Adam didn't play anything anymore, though. He didn't sing too well, either. He could maybe manage a passably parodic grunge growl, but what he'd seen today had been real talent. No way he'd mess with that. It'd be like getting Britney Spears to front for Nirvana. Still, a part of him wished he'd have something to contribute. Maybe he could be honorary sound guy and turn on Jessica's amp. That didn't look so hard.

It seemed like thing were over. That was largely because the lunch period was nearly wrapped up. Only Adam and Rosemary were left in the room. Adam stood, gave her a little nod, and then headed on out himself. He figured he'd come eat here more often, though, just in case there was another jam session. He sure didn't want to miss something like this. Maybe it could even become a tradition.

((Adam Morgan continued in A Breath of Fresh Air))

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August 11th, 2012, 12:35 am #33

Rosemary nodded to Adam before looking around the now empty room. The bell was going to ring any minute.

That was actually... kind of fun. The girl thought to herself as she collected her things and she herself started to walk out the door. Though I don't think I'll make any plans to be a rock star...

((Rosemary Michaels continued to St. Edwards Bake Sale))
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