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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying]]

Senay Residence

It was in moments like these, when Fiyori brought bad news, that the sight of her own front door filled her with a sense of uneasiness. Other people, she knew, would feel terror. Or rage. Or another stronger emotion. She wouldn't, because she didn't, and never did. And yet, it was an undeniable fact. Fiyori had a letter, straight from the teacher, straight to the parents. As straight as it could be, with Fiyori as the carrier. And it was bad news. She knew, she felt bad. Not too bad, but bad enough.

She continued to look at the door just inches away from her face. The key had already been placed into the lock's slot, her hand holding it tight. She waited for a moment, that was all. Then she heard a click. The hallway's lamp shutting itself off. Fiyori sighed, and turned the knob.

The door opened, but just for a short distance. Then it stopped, got stuck on something. Fiyori acted on an instinct, and with a bit of force pushed further. The door opened indeed, but she could hear the plastic membrane of a trash bag rip just behind it. The trash itself spilled out, and were dragged along the floor with the push of the door. It would have been wiser to act differently. It would have been better, if Fiyori just made herself as thin as possible, entered via the small space created between wall and door pane. Then she could remove the trash bag blocking her path. Put it outside, maybe, so that nobody else would get stuck. Of course, she didn't care for that detail in that one moment. She quickly regretted not caring, however.

Fiyori entered the flat, closed the door behind herself and reached for the light switch. She dared not to look at the mess she made, but when she found her bravery, she found it not to be too bad. The trash bag, which somebody placed directly behind where the door would open – coincidentally and accidentally of course – had ripped and all the trash got strewn across the floor, some of it compressed into the corner. Old newspapers, used tissues, milk cartoons, some odd bits of paper and plastic and a weird stench reminding her of used condoms. Was probably that. Still, Fiyori freezed. She waited for it. For a voice that would came. The voice to reprimand her, the voice to chide her. A voice that would say such things as "Are you too dumb to see?" to Fiyori.

When that voice didn't arrive, Fiyori glanced over to a clock hanging high up. Her mother hadn't come home yet. She should have, but she did not. And for that moment, that was good enough.


Of course, there was still that unfortunate fact of these bad news. It was a letter given to her by one of her teachers, sealed in an envelope. It was meant to be for her parents. Something about Fiyori's "poor work ethic". She knew that was it. It was a feeling of her gut. That, and the fact that she already opened the envelope.

By then Fiyori had cleaned the mess she made while entering, and had started making another kind of mess. Spots of grease and salt flying across the kitchen as she was preparing her dinner. She decided she would not give the letter to her parents. On her way home, she considered it. But then, when she was in the kitchen, and so fully submerged in the process of making her own food, she thought better of it. It would not be a good idea. In fact, it would a futile one.

She knew how these things tended to go down. Her parents would read or listen to something about how lazy Fiyori is, and how her teachers really needed to see her parents right now. They would sulk a lot, and call Fiyori too difficult. Then they'd go to that teacher, they would get told all about how useless Fiyori was and then her parents would go home, yell at her, and be general cunts for days.

And then – then it would all be the same. Fiyori would still be Fiyori. Dumb, and Terrible, and Lazy. Everything would be the same, everyone would be miserable. As always. But by making a huge deal out of it, things get stressful. Because that had to be. Because somebody always needed to make a scene.

She would have loved it, if her parents simply ignored all of it. All her failings. And then, things would not be good. But they would be calmer. Easier to bear. And that was fine on its own.

In the background, Fiyori could hear the flat's door fall into it's place. Footsteps to her own room's door, and somebody knocking "severely" on the door. That was the sound of her mother, Birikti. Fiyori chose not to react, and the knocking ceased after a few seconds.

It wasn't long until Birikti entered the kitchen. It wasn't long until she made another noise.

"Answer when I knock."

Fiyori gave her the cold shoulder. She smiled, but her mother couldn't see that.

"I have received a call from your school."

Intensive Care Wards


Why, of all the things possible. It was thing scene from her memories which played crisp clear before her eyes. As if it were real. As if it was a dream, a realistic dream. A dreal.


Her mood had improved considerably, since she left GLD and Olivia behind. In a way though, she had also felt a tingling of guilt. Not particularly for GLD, but for Olivia. If that cunt was able to charm Fiyori for three... four (?) days, then Olivia was nothing but a ready-to-use tool for Georgia Lee to take and toss away.

crrk crrk

Fiyori halted.


Well, she was also feeling a bit sorry about herself. In the sense one would feel sorry when making a small wrong investment. Like that one day the weather forecast warned of unprecented rainfall, and Fiyori took her seldom-used umbrella to school, but then the weather ended up just being fine and she had to bother with carrying around an umbrella for nothing.

Something like that. Although, the way she acted towards Georgia Lee really wasn't that inconsequential. But it was how she felt.

crrk click clack

The door opened in front of her. A small storage chamber. A broom. She could see it falling down next to Fiyori, so when it clashed on the floor with a bang she wasn't startled. Still, no useful loot either way. Except the knowledge she gained. The manual that came with the lock pick set was comprehensive, and Fiyori could read it – having her glasses back and all. And she had a certain thing, she just discovered, for this whole lock picking business. A part of her hoped her parents weren't watching.

Fiyori turned away from the door. She had found Asha earlier, and paid her respect once. When she left the area, she would do the same.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Santa Sangre]]
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