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March 14th, 2008, 11:47 pm #31

Even as Kristin's dark eyes stared down at Serenity Halos, she felt conflicted. Kill or be killed. That was the name of the game. That was how you were supposed to play. You either killed them or someone else killed you. It had taken her almost a full twenty-four hours to come to terms with that simple fact, and even though she thought she knew what she had to do, standing here with Serenity, in front of a group of people, she felt her resolve waivering and fading away.

Maybe it just wasn't in her.

It was such a strange thought for someone so resilient and ambitious to belive that they weren't capable of doing something. Kristin had always been a confident person. She had always believed in herself, and although she knew her limits, she always tried to exceed them. But killing people? That was way outside of her limits, and no matter how she tried to justify the actions in her mind, she always came to the same conclusion. It simply wasn't right.

The least she could do was help Terrie and Ianto bandage up all the innocent and injured students lying helplessly throughout the area. They might all be enemies according to Danya, but Kristin wasn't completely inhuman. If all these people died tomorrow, at least she'd know that she did something to help them, even if it only prolonged their life a little longer. Kristin Washington was the kind of person who had always put herself first throughout life. Everyone else had been an afterthought.

Now, in this situation, she wanted to follow Terrie and Ianto's example and help others before thinking about herself.

It seemed to be the only way to keep her sanity in tact.

She was truly starting to believe that. She'd only been in the area for a matter of moments, but as she stood there, offering Serenity a strained smile, she felt almost as if she was regaining control of her degressing mind. All the hours of wandering across the island alone had lead to drastic paranoia, and Kristin had almost convinced herself to play the game. A few more hours, and she might have completely lost her mind. At least now, she was with people. People, who she thought all throughout high school that she didn't need. They were the objects that were suddenly providing her with some sense of sanity.

"It's okay," she whispered quietly to Serenity, "Don't worry, we'll take care of that wound. I know it hurts now, but we'll make the pain go away, alright?"

Even as she spoke the words, they sounded so very foreign coming from her lips. Kristin had always been tough on herself and pushed herself to the limits. She couldn't help but think that were it her, she wouldn't be in hysterics over a bullet wound. She was sure it probably hurt, but Kristin herself had dealt with fractures, sprains and breaks throughout the entirety of her life. Then again, this girl was a cheerleader. She'd seen her running around campus in her uniform. She'd probably never dealt with anything besides maybe a light bruise.

"You've gotta stop crying," Kristin muttered to Serenity.

Stop being such a baby... it can't possibly hurt that ba--

Kristin's thoughts were interrupted as the first of the bullets from Viktor Kurchatov's gun tore through her shoulder. The piercing, burning sensation overtook her whole body and in an instant, her entire shoulder felt like it was on fire. Kristin's anguished scream tore through the area when the bullet connected, but it wouldn't last for long. The second bullet pegged her higher up, almost in the neck. The final connected with her skull, tearing through and pushing its way out the front of her head.

A brilliant spew of blood, bone, and brain matter littered the ground below as Kristin's lifeless body swayed before falling toward Serenity, the pained expression on her eyes and the anguished screams that had been erupting from her mouth still painted across what was left of her features. From the moment she'd woken up on the island, Kristin had tried to comprehend Danya's rules for the game. Kill or be killed. In an instant such as this, when she'd chosen to go against the rules, the repercussions were quite clear.

She had been killed.


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March 16th, 2008, 3:12 am #32

Serenity was in a lot of pain., that was for sure. She'd never experienced such blinding pain before in her entire life. She couldn't move her right hand at all. She could see parts of her bone sticking out where the bullet had shattered her forearm. It was too painful to even attempt moving. Her stomach was bleeding so much that her hand was saturated in the blood. She felt her body wanting to puke because of the sticky fluids, but somehow she was able to suppress the urge. Her back was bleeding too, and she could feel the blood running down her back onto her skirt. She needed to close the wounds. If she didn't she'd die, that much was certain. The tears wouldn't stop flowing. She felt as if her entire body was shaking uncontrollably.

Her eyes lit up when she recognized one of the voices as Ianto Murphy. She was all too glad to see a face whom she thought she'd lost. Another girl appeared beside her. She tried to calm her down, but Serenity was in so much pain she couldn't even focus. It wasn't until the gunshot that she stopped crying. When the limp body of Kristen Washington fell in front of her, all Serenity could do was stare.

Her eyes widened, her face paled. The blood... so much blood... it was sickening. She... she couldn't move... she couldn't speak. She was motionless. The brain matter and blood on her shirt and the specks on her face wasn't what shocked her so badly. It was Kristen's eyes. They were staring at her. She couldn't get those eyes out of her mind.
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March 16th, 2008, 5:19 am #33

Things finally seemed to be calming down. Ianto and Will seemed to be patching up Christian, and that left Terrie with the badly wounded Serenity and Brad. She hadn't yet made her way over to the sobbing Serenity Halos when a figure appeared from the woods. Terrie tensed up at first as the bushes rustled and the somewhat tall girl emerged from the treeline, but as soon as she saw the face staring back at her, she calmed down considerably.

Sometime over the course of the evening, Brad had asked her who she believed to be a trustworthy person on the island. Ianto Murphy had been one of them. Another person on her list of trustworthy people so happened to be the face that had just emerged from the woods -- Kristin Washington. Kristin was a somewhat quiet girl by nature and she wasn't much of a socialite, but she was still someone Terrie considered a friend.

She had always been particularly close to the other girls from the swim team. Spending so much time at practice with the same people, day in and day out, you tended to befriend them, at least on some level. Perhaps that was why she had gotten along with people like Kristin Washington and Khrysta Lawrence, who weren't the most outspoken or popular people in their high school. Terrie had always been a disarming person by nature, and even with people like Kristin, she'd never had a problem getting to know them.

So, when Kristin appeared out of the jungle, a sense of relief washed over Terrie.

The dark-headed girl didn't say anything to the group, instead seeming to focus on the wailing Serenity. In a way, Terrie was glad. It wasn't that she didn't like Serenity. Quite the contrary was true. It was just that she wasn't entirely sure how to comfort the girl. Her wounds looked severe, and Terrie had been feeling rather woozy and nauseous from the sight of all the blood surrounding them for quite a while now. It was probably better if she focused on wounds that weren't quite so bad off as Serenity's.

With Kristin seemingly busy tending to Serenity, Terrie was once again left standing around. She sighed quietly before moving back over to the unconscious Brad. He was the only person -- herself aside -- that hadn't had their wounds properly treated by now. She had patched his arm up earlier to halt the bleeding, but it needed to be disinfected. Somehow, disinfecting what was, in essence, a scratch was much less disgusting than tending wounds so severe as Serenity's.

Terrie knelt down, unraveling the portion of her skirt she'd tied around Brad's arm and finally getting a good glimpse of his wound. It didn't look too bad, although it was probably very painful. It wasn't deep enough that it was necessary to sew it up. She reached into her pack, which she had dropped beside her, and removed her first aid kit, once again taking the bandages and alcohol out out of the kit and pouring the alcohol into his wound to disinfect it.

She set about bandaging the wound up, feeling some vague sense of familiarity as she did so. This was the second time since she'd run into him that he'd been injured. The way he was going, he wouldn't last too long. She couldn't help but frown vaguely at the thought of it. Up until now, Brad had all but been a tank for their group, standing up to all the would-be killers and absorbing most of the damage that should have rightly gone to other people.

She sighed quietly as she finished the bandages. Only moments later, three loud gunshots ran out, followed by an anguished scream. Terrie's eyes immediately shot toward the location where Serenity and Kristin had been just seconds ago -- the direction the scream came from. She looked up just in time to see a completely limp Kristin falling toward Serenity and a horribly disfigured person standing where Kristin had been only seconds before... with a gun.

"Oh my God..." Terrie choked out, "Kristin? Kristin!"

She barely realized as she seized the gun -- which she had picked up when Brad let it fall -- from her pack and pointed it shakily at the person who had just murdered Kristin. She couldn't have pulled the trigger, even if she wanted to. She was scared out of her wits, and now, someone she considered a friend was dead. She was trying not to cry, but the tears starting to well up in the corners of her eyes were a tell-tale sign that her attempt was failing.

"What did you do?!" Terrie sobbed, her whole body shaking, "You killed her! You killed Kristin!"

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March 16th, 2008, 6:40 am #34

"Heh. I actually had this dream that I was playing this fucked up game where I was supposed to kill all of my classmates."

"Really?" Johnny replied, yawning softly. He looked rather bored of Brad's dreams. This made the boy grimace.

"You don't exactly seem too excited John."

"Yeah, well... maybe that's cuz I don't care?"

Brad smirked. "Y'know, you can be a real ass sometimes. Anyway... there was this huge part... a shootout. I've got this damsel who just got shot by the bad guy, and I have this gun in my hands-"

"What model was it?" Johnny inquired, causing a long pause.

Brad stared, then shrugged. "How the fuck am I supposed to know that? It's not like I'm a wiz about this kind of stuff."

"Just asking, is all..."

"Whatever. Anyhow, I have this gun in my hand. I've loaded it, I unlock it... then I say this cheesy B-movie line. 'I don't think I could kill my best friend, but this guy certainly isn't a friend of mine.'... or something around those lines. It was just so strange: It felt so real. I actually was beginning to think that it was reality... but it's gotta be a dream."

Johnny didn't say anything. He just stared at Brad for a moment. Then smirked. "Don't count your hens before they fuckin' hatch"


The pasty-faced Mexican laughed at how Brad wasn't catching on. "You aren't too bright. Here, let me write it out for you: THIS is the dream. All of that shit: the gun, the girl, the whole shootout... that shit was the real stuff. You're just hallucinating from the fact that you shot someone innocent... you're a pussy like that, you know."

"So... this is a dream?"

Johnny nodded. Brad just stared.

"Well. that-"

This was when Brad's dreamland came to a crashing halt, leaving him with a huge throbbing in his arm and with no breath at all. He gasped loudly, air seeming to be only an arm's length away. A fish out of water. That was the metaphor he would have used if it wasn't him that was suffering. The only thing that he really needed to do to complete the look was to flop around a little bit. He had some sensibility in him, so there was no chance he was going to do that. His whole body shot up, regaining his breath as he tried to get his composure back.

Terrie was holding a gun up, looking rather shocked. Brad felt... confused. She couldn't even touch the gun a minute ago, and now she was ready to rock? Brad smirked. Wow... she has alot more backbone than I thought. That was when Brad noticed something else that was out of place. A body, to be precise. A dead one.

Everything became a picture from then on. Brad turned his head around to look at his surroundings. First he saw Will, ducking for cover on the ground. Then he looked over to see Ianto Murphy, a welcome surprise to the group. However, he saw another girl around the area, one that he couldn't identify at the time. She seemed rather scared though, for reasons Brad couldn't identify. Lastly, he saw another man in the distance. Someone he had never seen before, but he seemed scared as well. He was holding a gun. Brad's eyes lit up. He looked over at Terrie, then back over to the other boy. There was only one thing he could say in such a situation.

"Wh-What in the fucking hell is going on?!!" he forced, a mixture of confusion and fear on his face.

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March 19th, 2008, 7:50 am #35

Ianto sighed a bit as he glanced about, looking for anything in the general area that could be of use to helping seal up Christian’s wounds before the other boy bled out, so caught up in it he didn’t hear the approaching figure until it was right there with them. Almost spinning in his place against the ground and breathing out a sigh of relief at the sight of just who it was—he wouldn’t say he knew Kristin well, but he knew her enough to know she wouldn’t—couldn’t be the type of person to play a game like this, and the more help at the moment the better, more so with the way things seemed to be going.

And even more helpful was that the other girl seemed to notice that they needed the help and quickly moved to start assisting in helping Serenity out, glancing over toward Terrie with a bit of a smile before turning back to Christian and pressing a bandage against the boy’s shoulder wound-purring pressure down on it to help stop up the bleeding for the time being, glancing down to where Will still seemed busy trying to remove the bullet from the other boy’s side, tilting his head a bit and hoping that the bullet wasn’t in there too deep else him sitting there and digging about could cause more damage than help.

But before he had much of a chance to voice his concern, his voice was overwhelmed by the sounds of three loud gunshots and a horrid scream.

He almost didn’t want to look over there because he didn’t want to see what had happened, his gut twisting at the thought, eyeing Will as he seemed to move and try and cover himself as Ianto finally forced himself to glance toward where the scream had come where, where Kristin and Serenity had been sitting, though now the only one left was the shocked Serenity, Kristin body now laying limp against the ground and a disfigured person now present being the clear murderer of the girl now lifeless against the ground. Taking in a small breath at the sight of Terrie grabbing and raising a gun, demanding an explanation on matter how visibly shaken she was as well.

Reaching out and grasping his own weapon, swallowing somewhat at the thought of using it but decided quickly unless he wanted to lose anyone else right now he might just have too.

Flipping the safety that he had placed on earlier he sifted where he sat against the ground and lifted it and took aim on the disfigured person whose name he felt he knew, after all he had to look over the list of kids going on the end of the year trip daily, tisking somewhat as he noted that Brad had—thankfully—woken up from his fainted state, twisting his attention away though and focusing in on the other boy, eyes unable to help sifting down onto the corpse of Kristin for a split-second before glancing to Serenity with a frown, hoping that the boy wouldn’t turn his gun on her next… he really did not want to use this, but he wasn’t going watch another person die.

Glancing between both Terrie and Brad as they spoke, and then focusing back on Kristin’s killer, remembering the manual he had read when he first woken up concerning his weapon, cocking it into place as he kept his aim on the boy. “Don’t think I need to repeat what’s already been stated from these two, but what the hell!?”

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March 21st, 2008, 4:36 am #36

It is Viktor versus the world. You might get along with it for a while, but something is bound to come along and screw things up.

The gun stayed pointed at the air for a moment before it lowered, slowly. It wasn't visible, but his hands were shaking. He'd just shot someone. It was to help others, but... he shot someone! It was messier than he thought it would be, brain matter scattered across the ground. The shots continued to echo in his mind, far longer than they had audibly.

Have I made a mistake? Was she harmless? How did I know what she planned? In a place like this, a knife would be her only protection...

Viktor's eyes shifted from person to person, anxiously wondering how he was going to get out of this one. There were two guns pointed at him. His own weapon was lowered, and there was no chance to even bring it up to fire. For all he knew, he had just killed one of their best friends.

If it was one of their best friends, I wouldn't be standing here now...

Without moving a muscle, Viktor began to speak. It was difficult, but he managed to get enough words out so that he wouldn't be preforated by the two pointing guns at him. The one seemed to be at least calm enough to reason with... The other... Well... He hoped by reasoning with the calm one he could convince the other, if not, he would be quickly shot. That would be bad.

"I....she.... not.... this... girl.... This girl, she wasn't a friend! She had a knife, I saw it behind her back! I thought... I thought s-she was going to hurt one of you, so I shot her! I wouldn't kill anyone for no reason! I am not sick... not a sick person! I am not a sick person, I tell you!"

The scarred Russian anxiously explained himself, desperately begging for his life. The boy wasn't even sure if they'd be able to pick up all that he was saying. The brain damage meant that yes, he could talk quite quickly, but to put sentences together took a great deal of time altogether. It was hard to tell if he was feeling genuine fear. Granted he had survived being nearly burned to death, and no degree of pain could ever top that. The idea of dying in this competition was, however, frightening. The boy had gone through enough hardships already, when was it finally going to stop?

When I stop being such a disgusting lunatic.

Viktor felt a bad taste in his mouth. Some of the things he had done in the past sickened him, made him hate himself, and turned Viktor into even more of a brooding, scheming individual. He had blamed the innocent for all that he'd done, but this time he had no one to frame, only two firearms pointed directly at him.

Though admittedly he was just a really big jerk, i'll have to make sure I don't cross his path... If he still lives.

"Please, I beg... I beg you, don't, don't kill me! I was only trying to help you, I know you have wounded, and I saw her before she approached you. She was making like she was going to hurt you, with that knife of hers! I'm telling the truth! If you knew her, were her... friend.. I am so sorry, but you have to understand, I was only doing it to help you all!"

The short, horridly burned Viktor took a step closer, the gun now tucked into a pocket in his large plaid shirt. His appearance was incredibly odd, even on an island where people were prone to don sailor suits. He wore bright, hot pink running shoes, topped off with an even more intense pink on the laces, light blue, almost white jeans, topping off the whole outfit with a signature black, red plaid shirt. Both of his large hands were gloved for no obvious reasons. These, coupled with the scarring on his face and his oily, ponytailed hair, did indeed give him the apparance of a dog-raping psychopath; just like the rumors people only half-jokingly spread around.

They just don't have the whole story... It's not dogs, damnit.

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March 21st, 2008, 5:34 am #37

(got permission from Meg to GM Terrie. This is going to be kinda shitty, since I had to go and rewrite the whole thing.)

... is it too late to pass out again?

Brad really had no clue what was going on, but he was beginning to get some ideas. From the way that everyone was looking at the boy, he must've done something wrong. It kind of scared Brad in a way, but from the way he had only shot one person made him feel as though... well, that he was trying to save them rather than trying to kill him. It wasn't in his own nature to prejudge others just because of their past experiences... well, he tried not to anyway.

But when he finally noticed that he was staring at his burned skin... well, it just scared him like nothing else. Frankly, he wanted it out of there, and this boy wasn't exactly the only reason why. It was getting very dark out, and there was a bad feeling in his chest that told him that if they stayed here any longer, there was going to be a complete repeat of the night before. For all he knew this boy was as crazy as the last guy they met, so Brad was ready to leave all of this behind him.

He looked over towards Serenity and Ianto, then over to Christian (who certainly seemed like he needed some medical attention, since he didn't seem to move one inch from the place that he was when Brad passed out). "Listen..." he turned his attention over to the boy, shooting him a grimace, motioning towards the body that laid next to Serenity. "I don't know what the hell happened here, but I'm guessing you shot that other girl... and if she really were a threat to us, then one of us would have been gutted by now... and if you were really trying to help us, then you wouldn't have fucking shot her."

Brad took Terrie's open hand into his, pulling her up with him. "We're getting the hell out of here. This place isn't safe... I'm sorry about your friend, but we have to leave her."

He looked down at Christian again, sighing softly. "Hate to order you about Will, but could you carry him out of here? I'd offer to do it, but I'm feeling kinda dizzy... We've got to find a haven where we can rest... we've spent all day here."

He gave another glare at Viktor, feeling disgusted from the sight of the boy. Brad walked into the distance, pulling Terrie along with him.

(Terrie and Brad continued elsewhere... somewhere much better, most preferably somewhere with cable. :D)

((Brad and Terrie continued in 18 and Life))

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March 22nd, 2008, 5:10 pm #38

Will stood up. Evidently, he was still alive. With a look of bewilderment on his face, he surveyed the scene. There was a girl, lying dead on the ground with her head blown open, three people with gunshot wounds, Ianto and Will being the only ones not injured severely. Then, there was the strange Viktor Kurchatov standing nearby, a revolver poking out of one of his pockets. He didn't know him well, but he knew enough about his personality that he could be potentially dangerous. Right now he was pleading for his life, saying that the girl on the ground was dangerous, that she had a knife and was going to stab them.


All he'd seen was somebody trying to help. If she'd had a weapon at the ready... who didn't? There were so many dangerous people on this island it would be stupid not to. Will knew people. She seemed a little strange, but that could be attributed to being kidnapped and forced to kill people on a deserted tropical island. This guy, Viktor... werido. Not someone Will would trust, regardless of the circumstances.

Looking back at Christian, who seemed to be stirring, he walked towards Viktor, palms towards him, to show he meant no harm. A deranged look was plastered on Viktor's brutalized face.


The boy nodded.

"Viktor, buddy... I understand. You're scared, we all are. It's too bad she's dead, but nobody can do anything about it now. Settle down, okay? Listen... we've got wounded people here... we need all the help we can get. The fact that you didn't shoot the rest of us, tells me that you're a good guy, who's just scared out of his mind. If you can keep yourself together, would you help us?"

He nodded again, looking reassured. Will held out his hand.

Naive little prick.

"I... I will help, yes, I will help you Will."

But before he could shake Will's bloodstained hand, the Icelander drew it back and sharply elbowed him in the face. Viktor fell like a ton of bricks. He was small, only five foot-seven, which let the marginally stronger Will overpower him. Disoriented, he got off the ground again, reaching for his gun, only to be met with a sharp kick to the face. This time, he was out cold.

"Stay down."

Will knelt down to Viktor's unconcious body and removed the revolver from his pocket, carefully as if to avoid touching Viktor, like he was diseased. Pressing what he correctly guessed to be the little button that popped the cylinder out to the side of the gun, he removed the three empty rounds and dropped them on Viktor's chest, and then loaded in three new ones. Stoicly he removed the box of rounds from Viktor's pack and placed them in his own. Not only would it be great to get this gun off of Viktor, they could use another gun in the group. With Christian injured as badly as he was, they needed all the firepower they could get. The gun was heavy in Will's hands, and he was suprised that Viktor was able to fire it.

"I always wanted a hand-cannon."

But as dangerous as Viktor seemed, Will wasn't going to kill him. It wasn't his way, and Viktor seemed like he had meant what he said, for the most part. He wouldn't stop anyone else from hurting Viktor, and the fact that he'd decided to shoot somebody in the back of the head without any discretion... Will simply couldn't trust him. Though admittedly, he might as well be signing his death sentence, leaving him here defenceless, but after looking at the girl's body on the ground, he didn't think much more about it.

"Hate to order you about Will, but could you carry him out of here? I'd offer to do it, but I'm feeling kinda dizzy... We've got to find a haven where we can rest... we've spent all day here."

Breaking from his brief triumph over that parasite Viktor, he looked back to Brad, who had been speaking to him as he took down Viktor. It looked like Christian was waking up, so Will rushed over.

You can still get off this island Christian, man... I can't fucking imagine what your sister, your parents... are going through now. You'll get back Christian, you will...


Agony. All Christian felt, was agony. Then, he passed out. It was strange... when people always said you could see things, in your mind, when you're unconcious... Christian never did. He'd had surgery before, he'd been knocked out before, all he saw was an almost constant blackness, the complete abscence of light, emotion, anything. This time, for whatever reason, was different.

Christian dreamt, of a vast plain, seemingly endless. Filled with grass, and nothing else. The sun was setting, the sky clear. And he just sat there, admiring the sunset, in this endless field of... happiness. But then, when the sun finally dipped beneath the horizon and the moon took it's omnipresent place in the sky, figures began to appear. Many of them. Some, he recognized. Blood Boy, donning his signature smiley-face mask. Gabriel Theobaldt, still as monstrous as ever. Jason Foley, alive and well, standing beside Christian. Will was there too, and he thought he spotted Adam Dodd amidst the crowd of people. But... it was strange. They were all standing on two different sides, like in the old wars where soldiers would stand in lines facing each other. Then, he realized, that was exactly what it was. They all seemed to be brandishing weapons. Swords, knives, axes, guns, bombs... all ready to attack. Christian himself held a shotgun, and aimed it directly at Gabriel, who was gritting his teeth in anticipation for the attack. Suddenly, the group exploded into a flurry of violence, people falling left and right. Just as Christian was about to unload a shotgun shell into that giant freak, he was struck. Two bullets, into the waist and shoulder. He collapsed limply on the blood-soaked grass.

The scene above him faded away and he was met with reality once more. The wounds didn't seem to hurt nearly as much as before, and he saw that large, makeshift bandages had been tied around them, hopefully stopping the bleeding. Still, the seething, nagging pain wouldn't let up. Carefully, he tried to get up, seeing Will come back over to him, a large gun in his hand. Moving quickly, he helped Christian off the ground. He felt really, quite groggy.

"We took the bullets out and patched up your wounds for the most part... do you feel like you can keep up? We're about to get outta here, things aren't going too well here."

"Yeah, I see that. I can walk, yeah. Who shot me?"

"Brad. It was an accident-"

"Thanks for shooting me, y'dick!"

"-he won't do it again."

The two jokingly conversed before picking up Christian's bag, and following Brad and Terrie out of there. Christian called out to Ianto and Serenity, as he gingerly picked up his daypack with his good arm. Christian didn't know the guy well, but a sense of trust seemed to be about him, and he hoped he'd tag along. Serenity, well... they couldn't just leave her there, in the state she was in. Hopefully Ianto would escort her along, because it seemed like she might just sit down and start rocking on her knees in a corner any moment now. A bizzare, scarred boy lay unconcious on the ground, and a girl he noticed when he got up lay on the cold dirt as well, but with her brains blown out of her skull. Christian didn't ask what happened there.

((Will and Christian continued in Der Metzgermeister))

Viktor lay on the ground, figuratively kicking himself for trusting that boy who had came up to him, and figuratively kicking himself harder for putting the gun away. Now, he drifted through his thoughts like a bubble drifts through the air. Eventually the only thing occupying his mind, were images of cats. It was comforting, yes. Uplifting, yes. Horrifyingly unnerving as well. He would awake half an hour later, but until then dreamt of small felines.

((Viktor continued in Der Metzgermeister))

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March 22nd, 2008, 11:54 pm #39

Serenity snapped out of her stupor when Brad, Terrie, Will, and Christian fled the area. The boy who had shot Kristin was lying on the ground. This was Serenity’s chance to follow. She pushed her self up with her uninjured arm and stood on shaky legs. Her eyes were red from the tears she had spilt over the many deaths she’d witnessed as well as the pain in her own body. She looked at the dead body of the girl who had tried to help her once more, before slowly walking in the direction of Ianto.

She looked at him sadly and moved her head in the direction of the others retreating forms. She dared not speak, as if her own voice would betray her. She began to follow after them, her good hand holding her wounded stomach again. She was no longer ready to die for the cause. She was no longer ready to help everyone she could.

No… Now all she wanted to do was curl up and die. She’d let Kara die… She’d let Kristin die…. She didn’t deserve to live anymore, lest she let another friend die as well.

((Continued in 18 and Life))
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March 25th, 2008, 3:46 am #40

Keeping the gun raised and pointed on the other boy with the gun, he wondered briefly just if he was going to be able to pull the trigger and stop the kid if he tried to attack anyone else, though as he sat there crouched on his knees against the ground with a rifle pointed at one of his classmates he couldn’t help noticing how visibly shaken the boy seemed to be. Swallowing somewhat and glancing from him over to Serenity and the corpse laying in front of her, hating that at any moment that other boy could turn on her and shoot at her, or shoot at one of them and Ianto found himself in a conflict as to if he could actually pull the trigger and fire back if something did happen.

But the longer he watched Viktor, the stronger the conflict became because the other boy looked visibly shaken over what had happen—what he had done, then again who wouldn’t? He had a hard time believing any of these killers could just move on without a second thought concerning the person they killed, then again Adam Dodd had managed too… and looked where that put him. As Viktor began speaking his thoughts where broken and forced back on the boy, returning his aim on him and watching for any sudden movements—but oddly enough instead of lashing out and trying to kill someone else, he watched as the boy tucked the gun away.

Gun remaining raised and focused on him, listening to the words being spoken with a small frown—unsure of what to believe because the now dead girl was being helpful, she had been nice from what he remembered, now she was just a crumpled mess on the ground, dead eyes staring off into the distance and blood staining her clothes and the ground.

Sighing somewhat Ianto allowed his aim on the boy to shudder a bit before dropping away somewhat, glancing toward the now awake Brad as he seemed to quickly recover and handle the situation in his own way, explaining his thoughts to the other boy before promptly taking Terrie and removing her from the scene, Ianto watching this lightly before glancing back to the boy. Finding himself partly tempted to want to follow, but with Serenity still over there near him he wasn’t to sure what to do, simply remaining still for a moment longer as both Terrie and Brad took their leave of the group, distracted by the scene as Will moved to stand.

Ianto had to admit he was highly curious about this, biting down on his lip and tilting his head as Will seemed to be trying to be nice to the boy, unsure of this—because he certainly wanted to try stopping anymore of their classmates from being killed, but now that he had just watched two people die in front of him he just wasn’t sure of his thoughts anymore, sifting on the ground and trying to keep his legs from falling asleep as he watched the scene in a curious manner. About to sigh over the fact things seemed to be going well, well until Will decided that ramming his elbow in Viktor’s face and sent the disfigured kid toppling over onto the ground.

Of course Viktor tried to move but this time was met with a kick to his face, Ianto hissing somewhat and almost wanting to kill him to stop-but once again fell silent as he dropped the aim of his rifle and clicked the safety on and deciding now that this would be the perfect time to be getting out of here before more people showed up following the gunshots, getting to his feet and gathering his things as he watched Will help Christian out of the area, Ianto watching this before noticing Serenity limping by. Sighing a little and fixing both his rifle and daypack onto one shoulder, taking a final glance back over the scene with Viktor and the girl… eyeing her daypack, and apparently weapon amongst it all with a small glance, in the end deciding to just run and job to check up with Serenity, “Nee, let me help ‘ya out.” He muttered, trying to do so and be careful of her wounds.

[[ Continued wherever everyone else is headin~g. ]]