Loretta Moreno

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Name: Loretta Moreno
Position: Spanish Teacher
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Appearance: Standing at 5’6”, Ms. Moreno has a very slim figure. Her lightly tanned complexion compliments her brown eyes and straight black hair, which she often keeps tied back into a professional ponytail. These traits, combined with her sharp features, make her one of the better looking teachers at Cochise High.

Eager to make a good impression, Ms. Moreno sticks to a professional attire at work. She usually sports airy blouses and a matching pencil skirt, finished off with a smart pair of pumps. In colder months, she swaps the skirt out for trousers.

Biography/Personality: Ms. Moreno only received her teaching degree in the previous year, so Cochise High is her first real teaching job, where she replaced the previous Spanish teacher upon his retirement. While Ms. Moreno was known for her pleasant personality throughout college in spite of being something of a workaholic, her nerves have gotten the better of her so far.

She attempts to project a positive, friendly attitude to the class, but the truth is she’s something of a pushover. Though she often tries to make the class fun, working hard to invent new ways to approach the curriculum in an enjoyable manner and letting the students immerse themselves in their practice conversations, she’s also easily thrown off with excuses or resistance, often offering a half-hearted shrug if students don’t feel like participating appropriately.