Taking up a large section of the first floor, the gymnasium is very well lit and maintained. This is where gym class is held. There are several retractable baskets hanging from the walls, for smaller class games of basketball or for larger competitions. There are also some bleachers here, which can be compressed to stacks along the walls when not in use. Off to the side of the gymnasium is a mat room, for wrestling and private practice. There is also a large storage room, where athletic equipment and tables for table tennis are kept.


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(Ryan Caloin start. This is the ZDL lock-in)

"Glad to see most of you made it," Ryan said. "We got soda and pizza-" he indicated the nearby table. "And we got nerf stuff." He gestured to the pile of nerf pistols and the handful of nerf swords." There were a decent number of people here, maybe enough to play some variations, and God he was looking forward to it.

"For those of you who are new," he said. "Zombie Defense League plays zombie tag. Start out with a small number of zombies, everyone who's tagged also becomes a zombie. If you hit a zombie, he goes down for ten seconds and can't take another step towards you if he was attacking. Note that, if he jumps at you or is within arms reach when you hit him and tags you, it still counts, as long as he doesn't take another step after you hit him. If you want to be a bitch about-"

"Ryan," Mr. Carcoffer said, frowning at him.

Ryan rolled his eyes. "You can survive for a long while by hiding," Ryan said. "Me, I prefer to go out in big last stands that don't really accomplish anything. I'd love for you to join me." He smiled. "So. Who wants to be a zombie?"
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V6 Players

Tara Behzad: "They don't get to decide how I die."

Lizzie Luz: "I don't want to go."

Alex Tarquin: "No more masks."
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G053 Karen Idel, DECEASED: Game over.

B040 Tyler Lucas, DECEASED: I had fun. You?

B046 Xavier Contel, DECEASED : "G-gotta...trust people, Arthur. G-g-gotta try. C-can't be afraid."
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B054 Raidon Naoko (DECEASED): "Dying like this isn't so bad..."

B072 Simon Grey (DECEASED): "I never was a hero, but, God help me, I tried."

B079 David Meramac (DECEASED): "Running towards nothing. Running from nothing."

G072 Mirabelle Nesa (DECEASED): "I'm a weak little girl who couldn't save anyone, even myself, but god damn it I beat you and god damn it you are going to remember that because I am Mirabelle Nesa and I am a hardened goddamn warrior and I am not going to fucking give up now!"