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As Kammy stood in front of a mirror, twisting this way and that, trying to figure out if this outfit was going to risk her modesty, she tried to recall exactly how she'd been wrangled into this. It'd started off with seeing a flyer for the musical. Then Kammy had offhandedly commented she hadn't actually seen the stage show. And then there was a slightly indistinct blur which she thought consisted of Michelle saying that it was great and that they should totally watch it - and that she couldn't believe that Kam, theatre kid that she was, had never seen Rocky Horror.

Which all was fine and made sense. Kam just felt like she was missing a couple steps between that and now, where she was wriggling into a maid outfit. There had been some putting her foot down about wearing white, cause heck, Kammy sure as heck had heard about THAT little titbit. The outfit... it was... it was MOSTLY okay, it wasn't revealing particularly, she just felt like she was maybe showing a little too much thigh. Kam's feeling that the costume was probably designed for someone who wasn't quite as wide in the hip as her and-

Kammy. Calm down. Deep breath. You're going to a costume show. About a transvestite. Most everyone will be dressed up. Nobody is gonna care about a little leg.

Exhale. Okay. She was good, this was a stupid thing to worry about. The only way it could possibly be bad is if she somehow ran into her parents, which wasn't likely, seenas Kammy's home was on the other side of town and they didn't go out in the evenings too much anyhow. Besides, Kam had already received the Look of Disapproval (tm) from her dad when she said she was going to Michelle's place. Dressing as a maid probably didn't come close to as high a ranking on the Scale of Disapproval (tm) as that.

She'd done a pretty good job on the make-up, anyhow. Kam didn't like applying it very much, since she had to use it so often for drama and so on, but this was an acceptable case. She looked good, she decided, as she turned to the side again... maybe Magenta was a role she could look into trying out some time. Something to think about.

"Michelle?" - her girlfriend had been bustling around behind her for a while, Kammy had lost track. "How're you looking?"

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