Lewis Jones

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Name: Lewis Jones
Position: French Teacher
Gender: Male
Age: 39

Appearance: Monsieur Louie is a rather short and slight African-American man, standing 5'6" and weighing 140 lbs. He keeps his black hair cut close to his head, and wears a small mustache, which he sometimes allows to grow into a full goatee. Monsieur Louie has a narrow face and a wide smile, and he tends to gesture animatedly when he talks. He tends to dress semi-casually, favoring long pants and short sleeved button-downs, including a collection of Hawaiian shirts he breaks out from time to time.

Biography/Personality: Monsieur Louie grew up in New Orleans, and lived there until Hurricane Katrina displaced him in 2005. At that time, he fled to stay with relatives in Kingman, and ended up falling in love with the area. He began applying for jobs, and within a year had landed a position as the French teacher at Cochise High. Monsieur Louie grew up around French-influenced culture, and became fascinated by the language, studying it throughout his high school and college careers. He has been to France several times, and has considered moving there upon his retirement, should he have finally had his fill of Arizona.

In class, Monsieur Louie is warm but demanding. Students in their second year of French and beyond are allowed to converse only in French in the classroom, and his curriculum is designed to push students towards using the language frequently, featuring oral exercises, writing projects, and presentations over tests. He's not afraid to mark students down for poor performance, so despite his friendliness and willingness to joke around with students, his reputation is very dependent on how much effort students put in; those who try tend to love him, and those who don't tend to quickly stop taking French class.