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Irene asked Alice a question, but it was hard to pay attention over the sounds of panting and footfalls. The period was almost over, thankfully, because Alice wasn't sure how much longer she could take this. There was a very good reason exercise was not Alice's favorite subject.

"Good...job." Alice wheezed out, eyes locked on the clock. Only a few more minutes left and she'd be out. Irene's jubilation at remembering Alice's name was par for the course at this point; she certainly seemed nice, and Alice hated to judge nice people, but Irene was certainly...out there.

"I got...trig and, uh...some art classes, and AP English 11, and US History..." Alice said, still catching her breath. "You?"

Just then, the coach finally called for them to stop and get changed, and Alice breathed a sigh of relief before returning to the locker room to change. "Later." She said breathlessly to Irene.

((Alice Baker continued in Rays on Pinion))
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Irene had been dumb enough to do was challenge someone who was physically her equal to a contest where he held the clear upper hand. Jerry was on a hard and fast approach vector. Soon the moment of reckoning would come. It was the Final Countdown. Du du du duuu. Du du du du du. Du du du du. Du du du du du du-


Fury was the only Jerry in this period, right?

That ended anticlimactically.

"Disappointing..." Irene mumbled to herself, almost failing to catch that Alice had said something. "Wait, good job? What'd I do?" What had she done? Most of the period was already a blur to her, the sands of time having eaten away at the integrity of her short-term memories. Something about besmirching the memory of Issac Newton and the broad side of barns. She'd shouted something at Fury. Made an ass of herself before Alice. All in all a typical school period for Miss Djezari.

So much time lost achieving nothing. She'd been eager to take the time off to let her mind wander when she'd been injured earlier, but when she had been ready to start doing something for real distractions had been abound. Had she even looped the gym one full time yet? Irene composed a prayer for all of the gods she wasn't sure of believing in, that she would find a good use for all the energy she hadn't burned in this class. Nearly lost Alice's thread of the conversation,. Again.

"AP Calc, APUSH, AP English- must be different teachers?- AD Stats..." That last bit had been an in-joke. Hint hint, League of Legends, hint hint. Ramsey called out the end of the run, and Irene was already resolved to sprint the entire way to the locker room, blitzing ahead of most of the other guys and girls ambling out of the gym. "Cya Alicia!"

((Irene Djezari continued in The Theatrics Formula))
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