Knotted hair and lazy lonely people

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The blanket was too hot, the sun was glaring through the window shades, she could feel the strands of hair on her head tying themselves up, yet Venice still did not want to leave her bed. Today, a Tuesday, happened to be a staff development day at her middle school, which meant the student population had the day off. Which would be fine, if she had any idea what to do for today. Both of her parents were at work, so she was alone at home this day. She looked at her alarm, whose snooze button was starting to stick due to how many times it had been pushed, and saw it was just past twelve O'clock. She slapped the off button, and unplugged the machine for extra assurance that it wasn't turning back on. Venice figured if she had to start the day, she might as well start now.

"We better still have coco puffs..." she muttered to herself.

Before she stepped down the staircase, Venice noticed the hand-rail made of slick wood. She always wanted try riding down it, like in the movies or television, but her parents said it was dumb and that she would hurt herself. But her parents weren't here, so they had no power. At first, Venice tried laying on her belly and sliding backside first, but that ended up hurting her stomach and chest. She then tried sliding down sitting up sideways, but she almost ended up hitting the floor at the very end.

She grabbed the box of cereal from the top of the fridge and the carton of milk from inside it, made her cereal, and began to eat her breakfast. Venice looked outside the kitchen window that was right above the sink and wondered if any of the other kids in the neighborhood would come over to hang out or watch TV or something that involved Venice not being by herself.

"Hopefully, I can get my hair brushed first."

((Venice Pennington-Johannes -Memories- continued in Lonely Hearts Club))
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