Keep Cam and Carry On

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May 2nd, 2017, 9:17 pm #1

((Vanessa Stone continued from Resident Evil))

Cams was on the other side of the door.

She was holding her breath, staring at the unassuming wood, trying her best not to flinch. This was the whole reason she’d come back to the asylum, after all. Facing those demons, coming to terms with her best friend’s murder, trying to get some closure. She wasn’t trying to forget, she was just trying to process.

Her hand wasn’t going anywhere near the handle. It hovered by her side, Cam’s bandana still wrapped around her wrist. She’d pulled at it from time to time, gripped it when she got tense, but it was never coming off. It moved when she moved, it was alive as long as she was alive.

Sentimental, but she needed that.

She inhaled through her nose, still not reaching for the door. She thought about her goal: payback on Alessio Rigano, whatever that meant. She thought how little progress she’d made, not finding even a single lead to go on. Apparently this fucker had dropped out of thin air and started killing everybody.

She thought of Kimiko too, that other serial killer. After their talk, what would happen next? She couldn’t really know, she guessed, but the uncertainty still bothered her.

Was that really it, though?

What she’d said to Kimiko, about not being a monster, about not killing people, was what she’d meant. So what was she doing, hunting down Alessio like a dog? She knew, even if she was avoiding the idea, that she was probably going to try to kill him.

She swallowed. Even if that was her plan, she wanted to keep the thought aside. Deal with that shit when it came up. Cams deserved it, but that didn't make it easy.

She looked back at the door again, looked down at the handle. Looked at her wrist and the bandana.

In the end, she turned and walked away. Going to see the body was a stupid idea.

((Vanessa Stone continued This Nearly Was Mine))