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Name: Jack Johnson
Gender: Male
Age: 18
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Guitar/Music, Football, History, Cooking

Appearance: Jack is listed at a generous 5"10", 174lbs. His build is athletic but without a lot of muscular definition. He has a head full of medium length, thick black hair that is commonly found bundled under his favourite Seattle Seahawks ball cap. His eyes are a mossy shade of green, framed by a prominent nasal structure that gives his eyes a minor sunken look. His nose is, as mentioned, prominent. It has a sort of tapered form to it ending in a point. His nose combined with his sharp chin gives Jack a very hawk like look to his face. His face also features dark stubble which Jack keeps slightly more visible than a 5 o'clock shadow length. Jack's mouth is proportionate to the rest of his face while featuring two thin lips. Clothing wise, Jack is a jeans and hoody guy, with a slight penchant for flannel and plaid shirts.

Biography: Jack has lived in Seattle his entire life. Ever since he was younger, he has felt a strong bond with the city. This is mostly due to the football fanfare and the bustling downtown core. With Jack's family living in the downtown core, his parents occupy professions you would expect of people living in those nice high-rise apartments.

Jack's father Paul is a marketing executive for Starbucks. Despite holding a very white-collar job, Paul is a down-to-earth family man who holds his wife and son to the highest priority of his life. Paul does his best to accommodate Jack financially in regards to Jack's interest, feeling a sense of pride in being involved in Jack's life; a feeling that was not felt by Paul with his own father. During Paul's 5th year at Starbucks, he met one of the new HR secretaries. This woman was the person that Paul would fall in love with and marry.

Rachel Johnson has a different outlook on parenting that sometimes leads to clashes with her husband. Rachel disagrees with Paul investing so much money into Jack's interests as outside of guitar and football, the investments usually show no returns. The end result is Rachel often left feeling like the bad guy of the two parents.

Jack's relationship with his parents is quite normal. Despite what he views as his mom being overprotective, he loves both of his parents equally and has made it a goal of his to make future whatever he does in the future will make the both of them proud.

At the current time, Jack's future plans involve attending the University of Washington to study History, with a specialization in World War II studies. He's also hoping to earn a football scholarship to the school. His position is that of a Safety and while he does have the skills to earn the scholarship, the recruitment scouts have concerns that he may be undersized to deal with the overall size of players in the PAC-12 Division. If a pro football contract doesn't materialize out of his playing, Jack's plan is to take his History degree and go one of two ways; go all the way scholastically and get a Ph.D. in History to become a professor, or stick with his bachelors degree and become a high school History teacher, preferably while staying in the Seattle area.

In school, Jack excels in History, Home Economics, and English. History is his main passion, as the knowledge of how and why the nation developed. Home Economics was a class he originally took for an easy A but he soon found that he enjoyed the cooking aspect and this translated into his life outside of the classroom. In his free time at home he constantly in the kitchen with his mom experimenting with new dishes and attempting to perfect Johnson family staples. He is most proud of a spice blend he concocted for use as a dry-rub for chicken and beef. While he does love his cooking, it will always be just a hobby. When asked why he'd never want to make a career out of it, Jack's response has always been that he believes himself better suited as a football player or in education.

Jack's main social group is comprised of his football friends and a few people that he's known since elementary school. Outside of his friends, socially speaking Jack is an acquired taste for most people. He has a social persona of being slightly brash and vulgar, which he uses in the majority of his attempts at humour. This persona is the main reason he is an acquired taste for most people.

Jack also plays guitar for a local band called "Rule 34". The genre of music can best be described as pop-punk, with a sound similar to bands like Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals.

Advantages: Jack is naturally athletic and does have a durability factor in that he can take a decent amount of damage and fight through the pain. Through his experimentation with different herbs and plants in his cooking he has some basic recognition of edible wild plants and the like.
Disadvantages: As mentioned, with Jack having that acquired taste kind of personality, it could be difficult for him to find any allies if he doesn’t find his friends. He is also undersized compared to most of his Seattle Space Needle sized male classmates, so he would have a natural size disadvantage in hand to hand combat.
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