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Sierra obediently parked herself on the old, somewhat damp log as her tiny, shaking hands attempting to balance both her head and Josie’s water. If she wasn’t crying, she was throwing up—just one thing after the other. She was beginning to think she’d never be able to pull it together. Omar was out there. Somewhere. Somewhere out there he was surviving and doing what he had too to find her, he wanted the same thing as they did. They could die together, it didn’t have to hurt. But instead of pushing herself like she knew he was, here she was—sitting on a log and puking her brains out.

Don’t blow it. Just go find him, don’t waste anymore time.

Sierra pulled her chest to her knees, burying her face in the rough denim. She didn’t want to see anyone, nor them her. An unfamiliar masculine voice joined in with the feminine ones, but even then Sierra didn’t emerge from her home-built shell. Part of her just didn’t care anymore, not on the island. This wasn’t like St. Paul, she didn’t want to make new friends. It’d just hurt having to say goodbye.

She just wanted to be with Omar and Josie, the announcement only strengthening that resolve. With anyone else, she’d have to worry about who’d stab them or shoot them or whatever, people were playing and changing. Even she felt herself changing, she wasn’t like this before. She’d always trusted people, she absolutely loved making new friends and learning about people and now she couldn’t even trust harmless people like Janet and Ema. People she would’ve been friends with. And just the pressure of knowing. Knowing you were gonna die and people you loved were gonna die, it was all just pushing down on her, harder and harder until she just wanted to scream.

Josie did it for her, however. Shrill, anguished screams filled her ears as Josie called for Janet. Sierra’s heart instantly began pounding at her chest, instinctively wanting to burrow deeper into her cocoon; as if the Boogie-Man couldn’t see her if she couldn’t see him. Josie was still screaming, each word ringing louder and louder into Sierra’s ears.

Please stop screaming, please stop.

The terror coursing through her body was overwhelming, the whole of her body quaking beneath it. She wasn’t even sure what was happening, whether it was Janet who was in trouble or if it was Josie and she was screaming for Janet to help her—nothing. Which is exactly the amount she wanted to see—nothing. Bits of flesh and blood tearing away from her friends body, her face being bashed in with a blunt object; she clenched her eyes tightly and began rocking back and forth in a futile attempt to shake Josie’s screams from her head. The plastic bottle gave to her strength, bending and crinkling under her grip. She wanted her Mom, more now than ever before. She wanted her Mom to cover her ears and stop the screaming, she wanted her to do what Sierra couldn’t and be brave and help Josie. The closest she had was Skanky, and he was nearly as useless as she was.

And then it was silent. As silent as it would ever get, with the ambient pops of gunfire sounding from all over the island—each quite possibly ending a life. Each having a chance of taking Omar away from her.

” Sh.. She's dead,”

Josie’s voice.

She’s dead?

She’s dead.


It was clearer than day. But, despite it being verbally asserted, part of her didn’t want to acknowledge it. She’d been preparing herself for the inevitable and now that it was tangible, she didn’t want to believe it. People don’t just die like that, they don’t, right? It felt like it was just a few seconds and she was… gone. Just like that. Without even saying goodbye, she was gone. Just like that.


Sierra peered out of her shell and over her shoulder, watching Josie carefully. Her body still refused her commands to get up, to do something to comfort her friend. The bo—Janet… was probably down there. If she didn’t see it, she didn’t have to believe it. It wasn’t real if she didn’t see it.

She grimaced slightly, flinching as Josie assaulted the tree before walking back towards her and… Steven Hunt? He was just as dazed as Sierra was, just as confused and scared too, probably. Not the place to make friends though, even despite Josie’s greeting.

“Joze, we thtill have to find Omar,” Sierra barely whispered, casting her gaze downwards. She knew it wasn’t the time, but he could end up like Janet if they didn’t hurry. As much as she wanted to stop and cry over her, they just couldn’t.

She was dead.

And for that, Sierra envied her.

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Josie took a deep breath and looked into the distance, a hand nervously twirling her hair. It was a nervous habit that she could never break -- hair-twirling. It sort of revolted her, the act of twirling her own hair. It reminded her of some brain-dead cheerleader, but here she was, curling a strand of crimson hair around her finger, over and over. She looked over at the log bridge, the river, the dirt road that led to somewhere. Maybe more death, maybe to another fabulous location as illustrated by their provided maps, or maybe even Micky Fucking Dee's. It honestly wouldn't surprise her.

She still couldn't shake Janet's death from her mind, and it made her sick. No, not Janet's death. That didn't make her sick, it was the fact that Janet was applied to her brain like one of those goddamn temporary tattoos -- hideous and won't come off easily. Josie tried to convince herself that Janet died in a civil way. She was sure that others on the island had witnessed much worse. Josie decided to count herself lucky. She drowned. No blood, no gore, no decapitated heads, no mess. Drowned. I don't think I deal with blood that greatly anyway.

Josie shook her head a final time and looked over at Sierra. She was expecting Sierra to react.. well, differently. She thought Sierra would be as hyped up and upset as she was. Because, well, Josie didn't get upset or hyped up! She rarely raised her voice above a normal level, unless it was to yell or berate someone. Sierra was the emotional one, and Josie was the one who didn't give a fuck. Or.. she thought that's how it was. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe it was all backwards, and Josie was losing herself.

She had no idea. It was a thought that both terrified her and interested her. Maybe losing oneself wouldn't be so bad afterall.

Josie's mind focused back on Sierra who hadn't acknowledged the body at all. Did it even exist? Was this actually an M. Night Shyamalan movie, and the plot twist was there is no body? Had she just imagined Janet drowning? Or had there even been a Janet or.. Oh shit, she couldn't even recall the other girl's name. It had all just been part of her imagination! Wait, was it Ema? Right, Ema. She felt slightly comforted that she could remember the other girl's name, but that didn't prove much. She was about to ask Sierra to confirm her own sanity, but then...

God, she's like a robot.

Of course she had to mention Omar Shot-Warren-With-His-Own-Gun Burton. The more she stewed on the Warren, the more her mind convinced her that it wasn't some accident. It was possible, sure, but how many accidents occur with taking someone's gun and killing them with it? Her resolve was rock-solid -- Omar Burton was guilty until proven innocent, not the other goddamn way around. She wouldn't let him get near her with a ten foot pole until he proves his innocence! Which.. he probably wouldn't be able to. It would be so easy to lie here. So easy to conjure up a story that tells of one's innocence. So easy to be all, 'Wah wah, that Danya man lied about me.'

I dunno. Sierra doesn't want to hear my suspicions right now. The last thing she'll want is for me to call Omar a killer. I'll play her silly game.

"Yeah, let's find Omar. He'll know what to do," Josie said in a natural sounding voice. She offered a smile and patted her best friend on the shoulder. "But we won't find him here. Let's head out." Pulling out a map, she gazed at it in search of the best location. She put a check mark with her pen on the northern cliffs. Been there, done that. Now, she placed a check mark by the logging road. Where else should they go?

If Omar really was a killer, he'd probably be somewhere with lots of other people. But where were other people? She had no way to figure this out. He could be anywhere! This was like Find Waldo or whatever. She didn't mark out the possibility that Omar could be dead by the time they reached him. And then what? ...Sierra would have no hope. After Omar's death, Sierra would probably rethink the whole cliff-side suicide pact.

Okay, Sierra. Josie decided she would play her game. She would find Omar (or steer away from him to the best of her ability without Sierra realizing it). She would find that little scumbag, and if he tried anything funny, Josie would break his fucking neck with her bare hands.

Fuck you, Omar!! I don't care how much you love Sierra, I'm not letting you near her! I'm the only one she needs! Not some killer!

Placing her things back in her bag, Josie shouldered her bags along with Sierra's and took a few steps forward. She peered back and motioned for her to follow. "C'mon, Omar's awaitin'" And she was off to search for something pleasant. Something that wasn't dead or rotting or murderous. Something great. Not Omar.

((Josie Vernon continued in But I Might Die Tonight))

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Vacant was really the only way to describe Steven Hunt at the moment. No considerable emotion or his usual chaotic mess of thoughts. Just vacant. Steven wasn't home, the world could call back later.

He picked up the duffel bag he dropped out of shock when the girl fell into the river, and quickly strode away in no particular direction. Anywhere but here was acceptable.

((Steven Hunt continued in In Theory, This Should be Easy))

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Sierra removed herself from her log, the nausea that had cemented itself within her begged that she rethink, the knot in her throat almost bubbling to fruition as she made way after Josie. She couldn't stop, she couldn't keep dragging her knuckles and praying that Omar would find them soon.

Not after Janet was gone in the blink of an eye.

Sierra passed a side-ways glance toward Steven as he too made to leave the area, not sure if she should've said something. Was there anything to say? It killed her that she could barely look him in the eye, how could she even manage to say anything to him? She was just a rotten, selfish girl who couldn't even pull herself together, let alone another person.

Guilt lingered in with the nausea ballooning inside, heavy feelings of regret washing over her as she watched Steven walk away for what was possibly the last time they'd ever meet. She hadn't even said a word to him, nor Ema or Janet for that matter. Part of her wondered what could have been, if in some alternate universe they would have had a different destiny.

Maybe they'd get another chance one day.

She'd make it up to them.

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