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I guess that people don’t want to talk about ACT because talking about it makes it real. That’d be my guess. Like, you don’t see anyone really talking about it, not like those terrorists in Guinea or the kidnappings in Mexico. Those problems are like… they’re local. And America, they’re the least ‘local’ place there could be - the entire world is America’s sandbox, you know? So like, if someone kidnaps a kid or whatever in the sandbox, it’s like - eh, sandbox rules. That shit happens, sand gets everywhere, it’s messy. Sandbox problems. But the ACT… that’s some heavy bullshit. That’s our turf, man. That’s not some snotty brat knocking over a sandbox, that’s not spilled milk. That’s someone coming into your house through the back door you forgot to lock and stealing your family’s heirlooms. That’s someone just running over your shit, over and over, going through your underwear drawers… and that’s scary, you know? That’s scary as fuck. We’re taught from a young age, like… we’re taught from when we’re kids to fuckin’ hide under the covers from the bogeyman. Because like, you turn off your flashlight and you hide under the covers - boom, you’re safe. That shit is a shield. And for us, now, ACT is in our closet, and it’s opening the door, and rather than face the ACT we’re collectively pulling the blanket over our bodies and shutting off the fuckin’ flashlight. That’s what we do, man. That’s human nature. What better way of dealing with a problem than to completely fuckin’ ignore that shit? -- Darnell Stevens, Comedian in an interview with The Huffington Post
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