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((Al continued from somewhere))

Al thought about what it was like to be a dead person. A person that was about to die. A person suddenly, dying. Al had to put himself in the situation of people who were facing death. He had to think about their last moments.

Starring down a barrel. Seeing things underwater before drowning. Just a sudden pain before you die. Not being able to breathe.

Al imagined being JFK, John Lennon, MLK. A soldier in a World War. Blinded, but hearing an explosion before not feeling anything anymore. A student who was previously already killed in an SOTF. A person who died cause he got cancer. A person who was killed in war. A person who was killed by terrorists. A student, killed in a school shooting. A person who died at Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Tschernobyl. An old person dying due to a stroke. A fly that flew into the wrong house. A cat that was drowned by the owner, because they already got too many kittens.

It hurt.

He imagined what it felt like to die, how everything went black.

It hurt.

Empathy hurts.

But he needed to think positively, look at the bright side. Alessio was alive and he was glad that he was.

But he still thought about how it was to be Cameron. What kind of pain she experienced, if she could have stopped the bleeding. He thought about Astrid, seeing a bookshelf before being knocked out. Henry. Poor Henry. And what about Cameron? What were her last thoughts? Cameron and Henry and Astrid were great persons. If Al did not love Vanessa so much, would he have spared them? Talked with them? Cam was also beautiful, but not as beautiful as Vanessa, who is beauty itself. Would he have crushed on her if he had not crushed on Vanessa? What kind of pain do you experience when you bleed out? What is it to die in your sleep like Astr-


Empathy hurts. Alessio needed to distract himself from overthinking. He needed to distract himself from regretting anything. He needed to stop himself from being an emotional pussy.

He was strong and old and experienced and dangerous.

So Al leaned against the wall and put out his rubik's cube. That was a good way to distract himself. He was into the game of solving the cube without giving much thoughts about his victims. Focus on the cube. Alessio just solved with his left hand, his right one was still bloody and not comfortable to use for solving.

But then, after just a couple of minutes, he was bored with the cube, he did not want to solve it again and again. He was nervous, he had time pressure. It felt like it was getting dark, as if the day was going to end. As if he was not productive and wasted time he could use to survive. To do something. But instead he distracted himself from the very dark situation he was in with a silly cube. He put the cube back into his pocket and eyed the room.

He needed to scavenge for useful stuff to kill with. He had no weapon. He just had a fake gun. He needed to build traps. He needed to kill safely. Yes, his wound at the right hand is not bleeding anymore, but if he had a gun, there would have been no blood in the first place. Or rather, his blood.

There was an item that was extremely interesting to him. A straitjacket. He could use that to trap people. Shove them into a dangerzone. He had no clue, he had to try. He had no idea what to do with it. Use it to drown people. That's a possibility.

Yes, that was a plan. He grabbed two jackets. Looked into his bag. It was like Minecraft. He needed to clear his inventory. Transfer Henry's items into his bag. Put the straitjacket into his bag. Made sure he had everything he needed to have.

Alessio felt clean and organised, even when bloodied. Now he needed to find a good location to execute...something or someone.

((Al continued elsewhere))